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Heart To Heart by Kenny Loggins

Album: High AdventureReleased: 1982Charted:
  • This was one of the Loggins' biggest hits that wasn't featured in a motion picture. In it, a man is in a marriage or relationship that may be heading south, but he doesn't know what to think or whether it can last. The lyrics are very ambivalent yet passionate, a difficult combination to achieve. >>
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    Mike - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Michael McDonald sang backup on this.
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Comments: 5

Aug 15,

Sara, how do you NOT hear McDonald's distinctive voice in the Background Vocals? If that's not him, it's not him on Christopher Cross' "Ride Like the Wind", Steely Dan's "Peg", Loggins "This is It", and I'm sure that's him the background singing at every drivethrough at Fast Food Places I can hear background vocals coming through the speakers:):).
Markantney - Biloxe
Sorry Sara, but Michael McDonald not only co-wrote Heart To Heart with Kenny Loggins, but also sang background vocals on the recording.Rev.christopher - United States
In an interview, Kenny Loggins said he wrote this song about his parents seperation and their impending divorce.Shirl - Bay Area, Ca
The song is similar to I Gotta Try which appears on the same album and was also ironically a Mike McDonald original.Sara - Silver Spring, Md
The backup voices were by Richard Page and Steve George, not Michael McDonald. Both Page and George were members of the Pages later Mr. Mister. Co-written with David Foster who plays piano with Michael McDonald. It is a very swoonful pieceeSara - Silver Spring, Md
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