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Danny's Song by Loggins & Messina

Album: Sittin' InReleased: 1972
  • Although Anne Murray made it famous in 1973, taking the song to #7 in the US, this is more associated with Kenny Loggins, who wrote the song for his brother's son Colin while in high school along with "House at Pooh Corner." Dan Loggins was his older brother - he had another brother Bobby, who passed away from a heart attack in 1992.
  • This was first included on an album called "Gator Creek" a funk/ pop group. After Loggins met Jimmy Messina he rewrote the song for female singers like Anne Murray and Vicki Carr. The Anne Murray version only had two verses, which is why Kenny sings it today with those verses. At his concerts he usually has audience members sing along with the chorus.
  • Most people recognize the song by the chorus, "Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey," as the title does not appear in the lyrics.
  • Dan Loggins later wrote "Vahevala" and "Sailin' the Wind" for Loggins & Messina. It was the B-Side for their single "Nobody But You."
  • Anne Murray's next single was the Loggins & Messina favorite "A Love Song," which L&M wrote in 1973 for their third album. Murray's version went to #12 in the US.
  • Vicki Carr, Lynn Anderson, Teresa Brewer and the Indigo Girls have all recorded this song, and Anne Murray recorded a new version on her duets CD with Martina McBride. It's unusual for so many female artists to cover a song originally performed by a man. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sara - Silver Spring, MD, for all above
  • The song was covered by The Swon Brothers on NBC's The Voice in 2013. Their version landed at #66 on the Hot 100 after they sung it in the semi-finals.
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Comments: 15

I don't understand why some people believe the lyrics are "quiet and shy." If you listen to the lyrics, it sounds nothing like that. It's Beta Chi. Also, Kenny wrote the song for his brother Dan, who was getting married to a woman named Sheila (which is why it isn't grammatically incorrect when he sings "He will be like She and me," as he was referring to Sheila). He wrote "House at Pooh Corner" when he was still in high school.Renee - Chatsworth, Ca
It's not BetaChi its quiet and shy.....probably reflecting on being somewhere new for the first time and not knowing a lot of people where he was at...e.g. college.Shawn - Rochester, Ny
Dan Loggins was my fraternity brother in Beta Chi at Cal State University in Los Angeles in the mid 60's. Hope this sheds some light on this subject.Stan Friar - South Pasadena, Ca
I have always believed the lyric to be "I was Beta Chi" i.e. I was in a fraternity and look at me now. And it doesn't matter if the real Beta Chi didn't start til 1985, I believe in this song it was a fictional fraternity.Zeech - West Palm Beach, Fl
I think when he says "Beta Chi", and agreeing on Sinc's feeling that the Alpha and Omega were omitted, If you are neither Alpha or Omega as a person, you are incomplete. Some folks feel they are incomplete without that person they are mean to spend their lives with. He could be saying he was just incomplete without her.Curtis - Westerville, Oh
Our alphabet consists of the letters A-Z. Without the A and Z the alphabet would be B-Y. The Greek alphabet without Alpha and Omega would be Beta-Chi. The phrase is evocative and open to our interpretation, but I have no doubt that the person to whom the song was written understands it well.Sinc - Vancouver, Bc
Whatever your lyric interpretation, this is one of those Special Songs. You know, right up there with Paul Stookey's Wedding Song. A perfect marriage of word, music, and emotion that commemorates one of life's passages.Guy - Woodinville, Wa
I'm insanely confused about this lyric myself. The only thing I can come up with is that he had a secure future ahead of him, a paid-for education, the approval of his parents, and was most likely going to make a lot of money with his education. Maybe he spent his time with well off people and his social circle was very shallow and materialistic. Maybe because their education was paid-for and perhaps their majors chosen for them, they really didn't care about the future, only parties, events happenning at school, and relationship drama. Perhaps he was never in love before and it made his priorities change. Then when he knew he was going to be a father he abandoned his comfortable life and the approval of others to work for a living and provide for his family. Just a guess ... I have no idea if this is what it means at all.Melissa - Windsor, Canada
Some people hear the "beta chi" line as "Seems as though a month ago I was a bitter guy ... ."
It sounds like "beta chi" to me, but to me that makes no sense. If it did mean "seems like a month ago I was a frat boy," then the "Never got high" line would seem to be a non-sequitur. ; D
And if it was the Christian fraternity, that might explain the "never got high," but why would that make Danny "a sorry guy?"

I suspect either "beta chi" is some kind of slang that I'm not in on or it's a "mondegreen" (like "there is a bathroom on the right").

Genie, Seattle
Genie - Seattle, Wa
Todd, there's no possible way the Beta Chi lyric is correct; that fraternity wasn't started until 1985!Bob - Farmington Hills, Mi
Some sources claim Anne Murray wrote it first? Is there a clarificationSara - Silver Spring, Md
Recently Anne Murray did this as a duet with Martina McBride on her "Friends and Lovers" album.Sara - Silver Spring, Md
Those are basically the right lyrics - "Seems as though a month ago I was Beta Chi, Never got high, Oh, I was a sorry guy." I think he is referring to how quickly time passes - it seems like only yesterday I was in a college fraternity and now I'm married and going to be a father. The frat could be Beta Upsilon Chi aka Brothers Under Christ, the largest Christian social frat which give further meaning to the "Never got high" lyricsTodd - Atlanta, Ga
Well of course many female artists have sung songs by the opposite gender... Of course Kenny's is the best!Sara - Silver Spring, Md
I checked on the lyrics, because I have never understood what he's saying on the second verse...

"Seems as though a month ago I beta chi,
never got high,
Oh, I was a sorry guy. "

I don't think that's correct.
Philip - Akron, Oh
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