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Gravity by John Mayer

Album: ContinuumReleased: 2006Charted:
  • John Mayer told the Daily Mail December 21, 2007: "This song will grow up with me. You might get one of those in a lifetime. I've played 'Gravity' with both joy and sadness."
  • Mayer won the Grammy for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for a live version of this song. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 11

gravity, is about John Mayer not wanting to get to famous and big headyed, but it also doesnt want to disappear. He is comfortable where he is not, he wants to stay grounded. Gravity.Kristina - Mp, Ny
i did not know that gravity was played as a NASA wake -up call! i guess the topic is appropreate for space!Ce - Miami, Fl
had a panic attack last night, seems like it`s about something like that. Really like this song nowAri - X, Netherlands
I used to play this song on my ipod when I was trying to recover from a second herniated disk. It made me feel stronger. I couldn't walk. It makes me cry when I think about my struggle to walk again.Susan - Westport, Ma
its on four of his albums actually.
where the light is,continuum,try!,and special edition continuum.
Brittni - Mobile, Al
The song was used as a wake up call for the astronaut Pilot Charles O. Hobaugh and for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on August 11, 2007.(The wake-up call is a tradition for NASA spaceflights since the days of Project Gemini.)Maria - Sandanski, Bulgaria
pookielocks, It's only been on one album, smart one, other than a few live ones.John - Portland, Or
i absolutely hate this one and i don't understand why he puts it on every album!!Pookielocks - Ohio, Oh
One of the best lines ever: "Oh twice as much / ain't twice as good / And can't sustain / like one half could." Brilliant.Michelina - The Mountains, Co
"Gravity" is one of my favorite John Mayers songs. It is so beautifully done that it brings tears to my eyes. Anyone who says that white boys can't write or sing blues songs should give this one a listen.Sam - Lincoln, Ne
John Mayer has always showed maturity beyond is years...and this song is so soulful.....seemily from an old soul....or a person that has lived a really tough life. It is an amazing song. Well done!Sherrad - South Bend, In
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