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Too Shy



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This synthesizer-driven song finds lead singer Chris Hamill (who goes by "Limahl") trying to convince a girl to open up to him. It was Kajagoogoo's first single, and it was a huge hit in England. In America, MTV launched in August, 1981, and over the next few years many British bands with interesting looks had some success in America simply because they had videos available for the station to play - in Europe there were outlets for music videos before they became viable in the States. Some of these acts, like Duran Duran, had staying power, but others like Haircut One Hundred and Taco were one hit wonders in America. Kajagoogoo is very much in the later category, although they had several more hits in their native England, including "Ooh To Be Ah" and "Big Apple."
Lead singer Limahl left after Kajagoogoo's first album, and the band continued without success as "Kaja," while Limahl carried on as a solo act, scoring a hit in 1985 with "Never Ending Story."
Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran got the band signed to their label EMI, and Rhodes produced this track with Colin Thurston, who produced Duran Duran's first two albums.
This song appears in the computer game The Sims 2: Open For Business in the Sims' language, Simlish. (thanks, Blake - Manchester, TN, for above 2)
The girl in the video is Ali Espley, a Canadian model who later married the comedian Dennis Miller. She was a friend of Limahl, which is how she got the gig.
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As I understand it, the original band performed live for the 2010 UK Rewind festival, which I saw on the Palladia cable channel. I only vaguely recalled the song from living through the 80's but they did a fantastic live version for the festival. The bass-line is fantastic and ageless. Good job, Nick.
- michael, modesto, CA
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