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When A Blind Man Cries


Deep Purple

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This ballad was recorded in December 1971, during the Machine Head sessions. Since it was not in the taste of Ritchie Blackmore, it only ended up as a B-side, on the single "Never Before," released on March 18, 1972. Moreover, the song was never performed live in his presence, but only when others were replacing him:
- On April 6, 1972 in Quebec with Randy California (Blackmore was sick).
- In November 1993 with Joe Satriani (this was during The Battle Rages On tour).
- On many occasions since the '90s: Osaka and Yokohama Japan (1993), Sunrise, Florida (1995), Paris, France (1996, at the Olympia), Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2000, at the Ahoy).
This song could be put in parallel with "Smoke On The Water," which is about the fire in the Casino at Montreux and more generally about the mission the band was on: record an album during a short break from touring. Here, the second verse evokes the place where the members set up after they were forced to relocate: "Had a friend once in a room - Had a good time but it ended much too soon - In a cold month in that room - We found a reason for the things we had to do." This room was actually a corridor in Montreux's Grand Hotel and had the shape of a T. Instruments were set up to occupy all the corners. To create a more comfortable atmosphere, they replaced light bulbs with red ones. (Thanks, P.A. - Paris, France, for above 2. Source = band interviews on an episode of Classic Albums.)
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Comments (2):

This track is my favorite from "Machine Head". I'm surprised Blackmore doesn't like this. :(
- Ani, Yerevan, Armenia
Special memories for me as I 'had a friend once,in a room,had a good time but it ended much too soon'

Great slow song from one of the best band son the planet!
- Andy, Wales, United Kingdom
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