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Not Now John by Pink Floyd

Album: The Final CutReleased: 1983Charted:
  • This follows the album's theme of Roger Waters' anger at British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands war. This song is about how Hollywood cynically and unforgivably glamorizes war. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    S.D. - Denver, CO
  • This is the only track on The Final Cut where David Gilmour sings lead.
  • It was released as a single, with the lyrics "f--k all that" redubbed as "stuff all that." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mark - Ottawa, Canada, for above 2
  • A rare copy of a Japanese 7-inch single for this song sold for $3,050 on the online auction site eBay in July 2013.
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Comments: 13

Hearing the girls in the background echoing the tacky lyrics always made me laugh.Esskayess - Dallas, Tx
has to be one of david's most underrated solos. amazing and timeless.Javi D. - New York, Ny
i actually get a kick out of the backups; you almost never hear that style utter such profanity. not that i'm 7 years old and ooh look a dirty word, it's just amusing, that's all.Stu - Philly, Pa
I love the passion in this song. Its so intense...but yeah, I think it could do without the female back-up vocals.Shamomo Apolo Onono - Liverpool, Oh
intense...great song, except ive never liked when they add the dramatic female backup vocals, even in Dark Side. makes it sound too corny. very reminiscent of The Wall, especially when roger starts yelling at the end.Chloe - St. Louis, Mo
IMHO, the song also refers to the dumbing down of the masses over the past few decades. "Television is the opiate of the people", and all that, (used to be religion and that's raising its head again). "Give them what they want"; (these days' it's stuff like reality TV and the ridiculous and overbearing obsession with celebrity) and they won't/can't be bothered about the important stuff that happens (erosion of civil liberties as part of the reaction to "The War on Terror", irresponsibility [i.e. overweening greed] in the financial world that led to the current recession/depression, etc. etc).
Give them the bollocks they want (having groomed and convinced them that it's good) and let them drink themselves stupid so they won't give a shit what their "leaders" do.
A cynical view, perhaps, but I think it has merit...
Steve - Westc;liff On Sea, United Kingdom
I think saying "John" Waters means all Englishmen as John's the most spread name in Britain:/ But I don't know any facts, I just think so:/Ani - Yerevan, Armenia
Hm...maybe. It sucks that they changed the lyrics to "stuff all that" in the single. I hate it when people redub things like that! They tried it with The Doors too, but didn't succeed!Sibella - Pretoria, South Africa
I think this song is amalgamation of Waters dissatisfaction with The Wall (film) and his contempt for Thatcherism in Britain. Basically, I think the John character is just a generic name for someone who gets reluctantly sucked into the agenda of forces that are bigger than him (i.e. Hollywood / government).Jack - Queens, Ny
Whose John? If anyone knows, please post a comment and tell me, because I'm quite curious.Sibella - Pretoria, --
Roger also sings lead on the last verse.
Good song from a very good album.
Kalle - Stockholm, Sweden
The Final Cut is a Roger Waters solo album in all but name. Richard Wright, the band's keyboardist, had earlier been sacked by Waters and this is the only LP which does not have his input (the only Floyd member to appear on all albums being drummer Nick Mason).Mark - London, England
Pretty good song, with a nice guitar solo. Some excellent background shouting by good old Roger.Bryan - New York, Ny
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