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Plastic Fantastic Lover by Jefferson Airplane

Album: Surrealistic PillowReleased: 1967
  • Her neon mouth with a bleeding talk smile
    Is nothing but electric sign
    You could say she has an individual style
    She's a part of a colorful time

    Super-sealed lady, chrome-color clothes
    You wear 'cause you have no other
    But I suppose no one knows
    You're my plastic fantastic lover

    Your rattlin' cough never shuts off
    Is nothing but a used machine
    Your aluminum finish, slightly diminished
    Is the best I've ever seen

    Cosmetic baby, plug into me
    And never, ever find another
    And I realize no one's wise
    To my plastic fantastic lover

    The electrical dust is starting to rust
    Her trapezoid thermometer taste
    All the red tape is mechanical rape
    Of the TV program waste

    Data control and I.B.M.
    Science is mankind's brother
    But all I see is draining me
    On my plastic fantastic loverWriter/s: MARTY BALIN
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 9

Dragster slang "plastic fantastic" refers to a funny car. could they have been just singing about someone who loves funny cars?George - Vancouver, Canada
This song is about a dildo. yes it is. yes.Josh - Westborough, Ma
The live version... listen to Kaukonen and Cassady. One of the greatest lead and bass guitar jams in rock music. And Balin's vocals are at their best. He could belt it when he wanted to.Larry - Medina, Oh
Jefferson Airtplane was one of a kind - they only /devolved/ going to Jefferson Starship then "The Starship"Cyberpope - Richmond, Canada
Norm: Well, the liner notes from Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship Greatest Hits (a 2-CD compilation from 2002) said the song was about a stereo system. Evidently one of these two albums has it wrong.Joshua - La Crosse, Wi
To set the FACTS straight, Plastic Fantastic Lover is about a television set. Check out Marty Balin's quote stating so in the liner notes of 2400 Fulton Street, the 1987 compilation. Now that I think of it, I have Marty Balin's autograph on the liner notes of that CD!Norm - Orlando, Fl
The live versions definitely rock harder, but I love the groove they get going on the album version. Plus, closing the album with it works to great effect given the way that "Embryonic Journey" flows into "White Rabbit", which climaxes and settles into this. Gotta love early Airplane.Mark B. Stoned - Desperate Hot Springs, Ca
The live versions were a lot better, I think.Meredith - Chesapeake, Va
Excellent song to end a classic album.Mark B. Stoned - Desperate Hot Springs, Ca
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