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3 Doors Down

Brad Arnold(vocals)1996-
Matt Roberts(guitar)1996-2012
Todd Harrell(bass)1996-2013
Chris Henderson(guitar)1998-
Greg Upchurch(drums)2005-
Chet Roberts(guitar)2012-
Justin Biltonen(bass)2013-
Richard Liles (drums)2000-2002
Daniel Adair (drums)2002-2005

Artistfacts for 3 Doors Down

  • The band is from Mississippi. They enjoy the outdoors, with Brad Arnold and Todd Harrell very much into deep-sea fishing. On the day we spoke with Brad Arnold, he and Harrell reeled in a 150 pound tuna.
  • Brad Arnold wrote many of the songs on the band's first album when he was still in high school. Their breakout hit was Kryptonite, which he wrote in math class.
  • Their songs are credited to the entire band, which keeps them insulated from disputes over writing credits. Arnold writes most of the lyrics; he shared this with us regarding his writing: "The difference in a good song and a great song, to me, is the difference in a good book and a good movie. They're both telling you the same story. They both have the same outcome. But whereas the movie is telling you exactly what to see and be heard, the book lets you see whatever your mind comes up with."
  • Many years, they'll play hundreds of shows, but they like to stay out of the spotlight when they're not on stage. The relative anonymity means they can go to Wal-Mart and not have people bother them.
  • The trouble with being a songwriter is that you can pour your heart out in a love song, but when that relationship ends, the song is still there. Brad Arnold wrote their hit "Here Without You" about his wife at the time, but they later divorced. He told us the song carries the message, "When everything is over here, when the world falls apart, I'll still be loving you... And, boy was I wrong."
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3 Doors Down is an awesome band that is highly underrated. I am waiting for them to come to Kansas again.Annette - Iola, Ks
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