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Jan. 16, 1979-Aug. 25, 2001

Artistfacts for Aaliyah

  • Her full name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton.
  • She married singer R. Kelly in 1994, when she was 15. The marriage was kept quiet and revealed through court records. She lied about her age on the marriage certificate, and the marriage was annulled when her parents found out.
  • Aaliyah played Jet Li's love interest in the movie Romeo Must Die, and a vampire in Queen Of The Damned.
  • She released her first album when she was 15. It was produced by R. Kelly.
  • Some of her nicknames were "Superwoman," "Li-Li," and "Liyah." (thanks, Tahsiyn - Garfield, OH)
  • Aaliyah died in a plane crash in The Bahamas. She had finished shooting a video and was flying to Miami. She was 22.
  • She had a role in the sequel to The Matrix. She had already shot some of the scenes at the time of her death, but not enough to use in the movie. Nona Gaye (daughter of Marvin Gaye), took her place.
  • She has the same birthday (January 16th) as two other gifted musicians: Ethel Mermen and Sade. (thanks, Darrin - NYC, NY)
  • Missy Elliot and Timbaland produced a lot of her music and were good friends with Aaliyah. They called her "baby girl." (thanks, brandi moore - kansas city, MO)
  • She was rumored to have a lazy eye, but Aaliyah confirmed on MTV 2: Stripped! and in other interviews that she never had a lazy eye, that was a rumor started when she came out in 1994, because she wore dark shades all the time. But in reality, Aaliyah's eyes were fine, and if you look at the baby picture of her from Behind The Music, and if you look at pictures from age 9 on up, you will see that that was a misinterpretation. Most likely it was because Notorious BIG came out wearing dark shades and he had a lazy eye, so they figured the same was wrong with her, but it wasn't. (thanks, Jaz - Marion, IN)
  • Basketball star Kevin Durant got a tattoo of Aaliyah. He says she was his first big crush.
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Comments: 19

Yes, we all really miss her (being serious here), but i don't think queen of the damned woulod have gotten a response at all (no offense to aaliyah).Stephen - Marrero, La
They say angels only live in your hearts?
I know that you existed, even in Africa.
Your death not only rocked my boat it rocked my life
There were words I wanted to say to you when I finally met you
Now I say them in my heart and I hope that you hear me when I say?
I loved you. I love you. I will always love you.
My life you shaped with yours now I am living to keep your memory alive.

Keep on smiling down at us from your seat up in heaven?
Duduzile Diana Mlilo - Bulawayo, Africa
i so wish that aalyiah was still here because she was a beautiful woman and i wish she was here already and what if she is still alive but mabe she survive the crash people sometimes do and i hope she is aliveIrina - United States, Ny
Once upon a time
the rose that would welcome the sunshine in the morning,
and close off the world at night
wiltered in the garden.
The queen who cherished it had tears in her eyes
as the rose dipped dewdrops onto the ground;
for the Queen is the rose
whose time has come...
for her to live for all eternity....
R.I.P. Aaliyah... may you reign for all eternity... I LOVE U BABY GIRL
Krista - Wyckoff, Nj
A mericail to earth
Amazing artist
Holy Sprit
Shalynn - New Orleans, La
Though I'm Missin you i will find a way to get thruShalynn - New Orleans, La
Do u think that this woman sing all those songs(speakin' of special feelings, of attitud u must have to be "a good person",singing generally POSITIVE just like encouragin'youths to live and try again no matter what!)was so beautiful(my God!!never saw a beauty like that ever on stage, was so talented and die COENCIDENTLY!!??!?NNNOOOO!!
This woman was sent by my saviour...and she was very too perfect to be with us(good & sinners on earth),and her whole history wasn't a coencidence, the way she came in and out wasn't...God is the key...and i'm extra-shure that the day the plane went down, she did not suffer!'cus God was there sittin' wright next to here.
It's truly what i believe.I still pray 4 her and all my lovin entourage for guidance, protection so that (the day he chooses 4 us) we all rise and see again in Paradise...
Rasta Baby Gal95
Paulette Christina - Cayenne(guyane), South America
we will all miss beautiful and young aaliyah.Shayna Jones - Elizabeth, Nj
she was a nice special person when i first started hearing her music i loved her end i know she love everyone.Lashan - Charlotte, Nc
I miss Aaliyah alot. She really is an angel. She has a good heart. she was also a beautiful singer. I was really upset when she died in August. Everybody was sad. Now, alot of people are representin her by wearing teez with her on it.She was very beautiful also.Katie - Lansing, Mi
I love her angels song, i know he whole thing. She is a role model for me.Katie - Lansing, Mi
the day she died i was crying all night and i felt so bad i wantedher to be with us right now. we will allways love u baby girl and we miss u rest in peace.R.I.P AALIYAHSamantha - Roosevelt, Ny
Aaliyah was a graet artist even though she is gone i still admire her, and i anyone dindt like her she would have still respected them well miss you! were praying for you haughton family.Savannah - San Anonio, Tx
Aaliyah was the best singer and the most beautiful one. She was a true angel. I wish that she wouldn't have died, because if she was still alive today then she would be making hit songs.

I love you baby girl.
Adam - Casa Grande, Az
Aaliyah was the best!Even though she's gone.Its like she's still here!I luv Aaliyah!(#1 Fan)Tiana - Virginia Beach, Va
i loved li-li and still do i wish she was still here wit us 2day but God always knows best and maybe where she went is a better place 4 herArterreia - Vienna, Ga
i wish she was stil alive today!!!Jasmine - Cincinnati, Oh
My grand daughter is named after her . She was born Jan 18 same year Aaliyah died. What a great lossRainman - Auckland, New Zealand
She was a beatiful singer had a good heart will miss her alot.Ta'lor - Pensacola, Fl
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