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Dave Evans(vocals)1973-1974
Bon Scott(vocals)1974-1980
Angus Young(guitar)1973-2014
Malcolm Young(guitar)1973-2014
Mark Evans(bass)1973-1977
Phil Rudd(drums)1973-1984, 1994-
Cliff Williams(bass)1977-2016
Brian Johnson(vocals)1980-2016
Simon Wright(drums)1984-1994
Stevie Young(guitar)2014-

Artistfacts for AC/DC

  • The Young Brothers and Bon Scott were all born in Scotland. They formed the group after moving to Australia.
  • Bon Scott died on February 19, 1980 after a drinking binge the previous night. A friend named Alistair Kinnear took him home, but Scott passed out in the car. Kinnear couldn't move him, so he drove home, reclined the passenger seat, and covered Scott with a blanket. The next day, Kinnear found Scott motionless and drove to the hospital, where he was declared dead. The coroner's report stated the cause as, "Acute Alcohol Poisoning and Death By Misadventure."
  • Three teenagers were crushed to death at their concert in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 18, 1991, when the crowd rushed to the front to get the best seats. The band did not know of the deaths, and played on to avoid further problems. They were devastated when they found out some fans were killed.
  • Bon Scott's real first name is Ronald. When he moved from Scotland to Australia, they made fun of him by calling him Bonnie Scotland, which shortened to Bon Scott.
  • AC/DC is an English term for bisexual. The band did not know this, and has spent a lot of time trying to demonstrate that they like only women. They chose the name after Angus and Malcolm's sister saw "AC/DC" on a sewing machine - an abbreviation for "Alternating Current/Direct Current." (thanks, Jim - FT Thomas, KY)
  • George Young, Angus and Malcolm's older brother, was in the popular Australian group The Easybeats. He produced most of AC/DC's albums.
  • They sometimes had trouble getting into their own shows because they looked just as scruffy as their fans.
  • In 1989, the US military blared AC/DC music at General Manuel Noriega's compound in Panama for two days straight. The dictator surrendered.
  • Angus performs in a schoolboy uniform. This tradition started soon after the band formed when Angus would go directly from school to band rehearsals.
  • A staple of their live shows in the late '80s was a bit where Angus would get on the shoulders of a roadie who would wander into the crowd while he played. Returning to the stage, Angus would then mount Bon Scott, shredding from his frontman's shoulders. The downside to this bit came if Angus didn't get a good saddle - he was known to yell "Me balls! Put me down" if he got pinched.
  • Brian Johnson races cars as a hobby. He used to be a paratrooper. (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)
  • There is an AC/DC tribute band called Hayseed Dixie that plays their songs in a Bluegrass style. There is also an all-female tribute band in Seattle called Hell's Belles.
  • Before donning his trademark schoolboy uniform, Angus Young performed in gorilla, Zorro, and Superman outfits.
  • Malcolm Young claims he gave up the lead guitar position in favor of drinking.
  • Before joining AC/DC, Scott was in bands called The Spectors, the Valentines, and Fraternity. Brian Johnson was member of hard rock group Geordie. (thanks, George - Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • A 1976 review of AC/DC's first release in Rolling Stone declared, "Hard Rock has unquestionably hit its all-time low." They didn't appear on the cover of the magazine until the October 30, 2008 issue, but in 2003 Shania Twain wore an AC/DC T-shirt (and not much else) when she made the cover.
  • Malcolm Young was originally in a band called The Velvet Underground (no relation to Lou Reed's band). (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)
  • AC/DC is a scientific name for converting electricity. For electrical equipment to work AC must be changed to DC, a rectifier is needed to do this. So you can relate this to some of their songs and album names. (thanks, Andrew - From under the Lemon tree in the forest of Love.)
  • You will not hear any effects on any guitar during a performance, which is rare for bands today. Angus and Mal use Marshall stacks; typically 100W super leads live, and JTM45s in studio. (thanks, Dave - Latham , NY)
  • AC/DC's lyrics usually deal with some combination of drinking, sex and rock. They never play ballads and steer clear of any political songs.
  • On May 26, 1988, the Australian postal service released "Australian Rock 'N Roll" stamps featuring 12 artists, including Angus Young. On his schoolboy backpack you can read, "It's a long way to the top." (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2)
  • Dave Evans recorded the band's first two singles, "Can I Sit Next To You Girl" and "Baby Please Don't Go," before leaving to join Newcastle glam rockers Rabbit. Unlike AC/DC's grungy image, Evans dressed more glittery, which was a source of conflict. Evans' last gig with the band was in September 1974. Bon Scott was his replacement. (thanks, Jo - Newcastle, Australia)
  • After being put off for several years by their signed band, AC/DC, one day the producers of Atlantic records visited the studio where the band was making their fourth full album Powerage. The producers put their foot down on the band and told them they must come up with a ballad for the album. All the current bands at the time were climbing the charts with rock ballads and Atlantic wanted to cash in.

    The band told the record company that they honestly did not know how to make ballads. They said they wouldn't know even how to begin crafting such a song. The producers brought in an expert to sit down with the band and the expert said all they needed to do was think of the last time a girlfriend they had did them wrong and then just write about it.

    The expert also said that the guitar players should not play over the vocals during the verses-to let the vocals be the center point of the song. This, they said, would constitute a proper rock ballad. AC/DC said they would give it a shot, and after a few weeks the producers visited the studio to listen to the band's first ballad. After the song ended the Atlantic producers just looked at each other and shook their heads. They told the band to go on with it and walked out. (thanks, Dave - Los Angeles, CA)
  • Both Malcolm and Angus dropped out of school at age 14 years and 9 months, which was the earliest they were legally allowed to do so.
  • Their two biggest albums were released in consecutive years with different lead singers: Bon Scott on Highway To Hell in 1979 and Brian Johnson on Back In Black in 1980.
  • They have a street named after them in Melbourne. In 2004, what was Corporation Lane was renamed ACDC Lane. (thanks, Joseph - Melbourne, Australia)
  • Though AC/DC was considered pioneers of heavy metal, they didn't consider themselves such, but preferred to be called rock and rollers. (thanks, Nighthawk - Marble Falls, AR)
  • In the rider for their 2008 US tour, the band asked to have three oxygen tanks and three masks at the venue. We're not sure which three members needed the O2.
  • Brian Johnson customarily wears a newsboy cap on stage and frequently off. He explained why to PopEater: "The first band I was in was called Geordie in the early '70s. We had about three or four hits and people just assumed you were an instant millionaire and it wasn't the case at all. We didn't make much money at all and when it all finished I was worse off then when I went in so I had to get a job quick so I took the first thing I could find as a windshield fitter on the freeway. I thought that's a good idea because nobody will see me but just in case I pinched me brother's sports car driving hat and I pulled it tight over me eyes so nobody would recognize me and say, 'Weren't you the lad that was on television?'"
  • AC/DC are one of the shortest bands. Malcolm Young is 5' 3", Angus 5' 2" and Brian Johnson towers over them at 5' 5".
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Comments: 106

Since AC/DC writes songs about women, they should write a song about Pegasisters. Pegasister is an adult woman who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicAustin Rollins - Bristow, Va
Oh, and what about Chris Slade (Drums 1989 - 1994)?Zero - The Abyss, Nj
It's "Rock n' Roll ain't no RIDDLE, man!" But yeah...AD/DC Rock. No question.

On a side note, why does it say, "ANGUUS YOUNG (guitar) 1973-2014"?

That means as of this year, Angus is no longer in the band, which is not true. (and wouldn't make sense; not that the other members in the band are not important, but AC/DC without Angus is like Van Halen without Eddie)
Zero - The Abyss, Nj
Bon Scot was NOT a roadie who got his chance when the regular singer couldn't make a show.Mark - Madeira Beach, Fl
Dear Batman. Their names are Malcolm and Angus Young. They are brothers, and Malcolm is rythym and Angus is lead. Now sir, hopefully you have grown up and realized the power of the gospel of rock and roll. "Rock and roll ain't no rythym man, to me it makes good good sense... good sense."Parker - Cardinals, La
I actually walk away with a "possibly" natural high that lasts for days after going to a AC/DC concert. My favorite memory of a concert was the "Stiff Upper Lip" tour, we were front row and our ears were ringing for days after the concert due to the cannons at the end of the show. Lol, what a overwhelmingly powerful feeling that concert left on my mind. Thank you guys for so many years of honest raw power you put into all your songs.Crissy - Saint Louis, Mo
AC/DC was the first band i actually listened to, and i was inspered ny them, but i really miss their old lead singer, cause personally i don't like the new one...i will always love their music... (\ /)
Alyssa - Red Lion, Pa
AC/DC is without a doubt, one of my favorite bands along side Metallica. I own every album of theirs and none of them left me disapppointed or disillusioned. Too bad everything after For Those About To Rock abd before Black Ice didn't get the respect they deserved.Austin - Bristow, Va
its cool that bands like metallica come to ac/dc concerts to mainly watch angus young and take notes of his energetic playing style and movement. great band, one of the bands that are still keeping that old rock n' roll spirit alive .Nick - Cairns, Australia
I first saw AC/DC in early 77 when they opened up for Lynyrd Skynyrd and what a show that was Bon Scott and Ronnie Van Zant on the same stage."RIDE ON BON SCOTT RIDE ON"Jimmy - Knox, Tn
ACDC is one of the best bands ever. Angus young is one of the greatest guitarist ever. alos Bon scott and Brian jhonson both rocked as ACDC's lead singer. ACDC ROCKS.Joe - Norristown, Pa
STOP COMPARING THINGS GUYS!!!!! page and angus,great debate but they've both got their strong points,cnt actually think of any bad ones tho lol. and ac/dc and zeppelin,agen gr8 debate but u jus cn compare them!!! i personally prefer ac/dc an i truely think they did more for rock n' roll history than led zep,so if you think differnet then dnt be shy to correct me or giv yor opinions...jus dnt be an asswipe about it ok?? =)Adam - Newcastle, United Kingdom
yh im 13,i love ac/dc to bits tbh,espeshilly back in black =D yh jus wana give my opinion on bon and brian,bon was truely amazin an yes it was a great loss,but brian was partly responsible for the bands best ever selling album,the first one he ever helped angus and malcolm write,so i cnt really compare them bcos like i sed they are both amazin =)Adam - Newcastle, United Kingdom
bon didnt want to sing in ac/dc he wanted to be the drummerJohn - Eaton, Oh
angus used to come home after school and practice his music and not change out of his uniform and his sister told him years later he need to wear that in his act on stageJohn - Eaton, Oh
I'm a christian and I don't have a problem with AC/DC, I mean my best guy friend listens to it most of the time, but I believe that if you are for Christ and you listen to music that is against Christ it does leave a mark on your soul.
You are opening a door to something that you can't see or stop when you listen to AC/DC.
Lizzie - Bloemfontein, South Africa
Legedary south african producer RJ'mutt'Lange produced these guys in their hayday !!-GO RAINBOW NATION !!!!!Dean - Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Batman...I think most of us on here know that AC/DC has two guitarists. And that there are siblings involved. I know their names too. Oh and I know which 'their', 'they're', or 'there' to use aswell. I assume that makes me smarter? And I've been a fan of AC/DC for quite awhile. But discouraging new fans is wrong. You say you're thirteen? Couldn't an older fan argue that you are only part of the 'fad' too? Oh, and AC/DC isn't a fad, moron.Melissa - Toronto, Canada
I'm 45 and was a rock and roll freak before AC/DC was popular. When I first heard them I didn't know what to think. So much more energy than anybody else at the time. And that's saying something back then. Highway to Hell was my first AC/DC album... when it was first released! :) Anyway, all we knew then that Rock and Roll was changed forever. They bar was now set so high that nobody ever has really come close to it since. I remember hearing the news about Bon. I remember first hearing Back in Black after getting out of Marine boot camp.... Music was never the same for me. With Bon or with Brian it didn't matter. They are "the boys". There maybe better technical guitarists but nobody gets my soul like an Angus solo and no riffs get my blood flowing my Mal's! I want a new album and a U.S. tour.... I'm there! Keep on Rockin' boys!Ed - Virginia Beach, United States
bon scott died after drinking to ,and passed out in the back seat of a car. He threw up in his sleep and died in his sleep.Anthony - Nashville, Vt
AC/DC rules and i don't care what anybody saysAnthony - Nashville, Vt
Batman dude what the hell? Fall Out Boy will never be anywhere close to what AC/DC is. You seriously need to check your facts bro' and if it wasnt for bands like AC/DC there wouldnt be bands like FOB. I just have to say that AC/DC is one of the greatest bands that ever played music and Angus Young is one of the greatest guitar players that ever picked up a guitar.Jason Hammonds - Kingsport, Tn
Oh and I'm back again to talk about that 'Angus Young or Jimmy Page' arguement. Well Jimmy Page is deffinatly the most smooth and talented guitarist, like White Summer, he is great, but Angus is electrified and so full of energy. Who else hops around and moves his legs to the drum beat, and goes in circles on the ground, and not miss a note. Conclusion- Jimmy= smooth, Angus=energy. It's a hard debate on whos better, but my fav. is ANGUS! Other than that, Jimi Hendrix is my favorite blues guitarist. Angus and Jimi are close, and Jimi isnt over-rated on his guitarin either, he had a different plan, if he wanted to play like someone else, believe me he could, he choses his odd ways of guitaring so get over it!Ben - New Albany, In
If only we could argue about this topic face to face so i could slap the hell outta this batman dude for putting AC/DC and "Fall Out Boy" in the same category. I'm sick of hearing AC/DC is over-rated too! Well my opinion they have the best vocals (in the Bon era) and best lead guitaring, best rhythm, and a nice simple drum beat. Most people think Angus's guitaring is too simple. Well, then lemme hear you play his riffs and solos as clean and perfect as his. I play guitar and I know what I'm talkin about. Emo sucks, Rock n Roll Aint Gunna Die!Ben - New Albany, In
Batman Youve only just started getting into music dont be so jugdemental Pink floyd, the police, the who, jimi hendrix, Ac/dc, led zeppelin these bands are classics they are more popular then elvis or the beatles to some people so listen to their music and get to know who fall out boy's idols wereAndrew - New York, Ny
I love Sabbath,Queen,Maiden,U2,Zep,Motorhead.... but AC/DC is my favour! One of the greatest rock bands at the World,no doubt. I waiting on new album with impatience. Brian done his job suprising well, but for me (and many others)Bon Scott still stay better,unique frontman. What a bitter loss!In moment of writing of this comment I drink my beer on his honour.Rock In Peace Bon, let there be rock!!Legacy User - Legacy Location
John, thank you I don't think many of us could've said it better. The boy's only 13, he doesn't know his way around music, obviously. Fall Out Boy is pretty much worthless. Guitar playing is basic power chords and the solos, if one is in the song, is basic pentatonic scales. The lyrics are quite poorly written and the songs quite inaptly named. They will never be AC/DC, heck they'll never be A Flock Of Seagulls if you want to go that far. And John, Led Zeppelin, in my opinion, is the greatest band ever. Well stated.Ben - Baltimore, Md
Batman dude stfu how can u compare real Rock n Roll with that piece of crap music your talking about. u cant even compare AC/DC with fallout boy AC/DC rules
and emo music ....well it sucks
Kaurl - Pittsburg, Ca
In response to whom is aparently the resident mentally retareded individual of this site, one Mr. Batman from Culpeper, VA, it is my personal opinion that you should be dragged out deep into a forest, and be disembowled with a wooden kitchen spoon. Saying that AC/DC is just a "fad", and we should go listen to Fall Out Boy, is one of the dumbest statements I have ever read on the internent. FALLOUT BOY is the very definention of a POP music fad, a sellout, (deleted) voiced, teenage drama outfit. AC/DC's impact on Rock and Roll is one of mammoth proportions, and will NEVER be even remotely matched by this Pop Punk/Power Pop/Emo (deleted) that is seeking to destroy music as I know and love it. AC/DC's name will forever be known in annals of Rock. Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, and all these other neutered boy bands aren't going to last.

Oh, and for all those saying AC/DC is the greatest band ever, you are incorrect. They're one of the greatest, no doubt, but not THE greatest. Led Zeppelin has that spot.
John - Waldorf, Md
You know Batman from Cuelper,VA People can listen to AC/DC whenever they feel like it. They won't be retarted if they start listening to it. besides you you were only 9 four yrs ago.Laura - Las Vegas, Nv
Tom, Trowbridge, England makes a good point about the change of the guitar sound! They sounded definately better in the old days. They sold those Amps to the Angels (Legend AUst band)Aussie - Fffff, Australia
Ryley, Willow Spring, NC is exactly right Angus's age was misquoted I know members of Kantuckee (Angus' first serious band) . They is soooooo much bullsh*t about this super groupAussie - Fffff, Australia
Phil Rudd played for Buster Brown before joining AC/DC. Has Drum machine type accuracy with the sound and feel of a Live Drummer. He did not f*ck up often. Became a bad smack addict and hid like a dog in New Zealand before begging to return the band in which they uncermoniously dumped the drummer they had a bastard thing to do. Phil even once said he did not like the music he did it for the money. I suppose he will blame that one the smack!!!!!!!!Aussie - Fffff, Australia
Please Batman from Culpeper VA, don't even begin to compare AC/DC to Fall Out Boy. They aren't even close. Fall Out Boy will never sell as many records as AC/DC did. They aren't even the same genre. Rock and Emo are not the same things.Ben - Baltimore, Md
AC-DC IS AWSOME!My friend told me about last year in 2006.My mom gave me her AC-DC Live CD and I fell in love with it!My freinds say I'm absesed with AC-DC.I believe them!I LOVE AC-DC!
I'm wearing my AC-DC Thunderstruck shirt right now!Thunderstruck is my fav song!P.S Hi I'm Angela!!
Angela - Wiston-salem, Nc
All u people who liked AC/DC like 4 years ago ur ok. But if just now started liking them then ur retarded b/c all of a sudden it became a fad! its so gay becuse i will have to admit there ok...but im not a very big a fan or any thing. im only 13 and i kno more than most people do so all you people that dont even kno there guitarists they have (2) and there names or if there even related or not! so stop listening to them and go listen to Fall Out Boy!Batman - Culpeper, Va
in regards to your saying ac dc made no political songs or ballads

they did make the infamous song, "Love Song", in the 70s by bon obviously. very different and non-ac dc like.
And then again, "Hail Ceaser" can be considered political as well
Caity - Grane Prairie, Canada
Thank you for correcting me, I assume its Melissa? from Wasaga Beach. I totally forgot her. And you're right, Malcom Young was a great guitarist too. I mean, he played some of the greatest intros of all time. "Back In Black", "Highway To Hell", "Long Way To The Top" etc. He also came up with some great rhythms, my personal favorite rhythym of his is the one put to "Thunderstruck". It just goes great with the intro. True, Jimmy Page and the cello bow got old after a while but you have to admit, what a great idea. Its pretty cool. The people I left out of my list were Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Pete Townshend, and Brian May because I figured they were all givens.Ben - Baltimore, Md
And Ben, Baltimore, MD, you left out Lita Ford!
I would be actually thinking Malcolm Young, have you ever seen him play anyone? Look to the left of the stage if you ever see them, take your eyes off Angus and Brian, Malcolm is concentrating so hard its like he doesnt notice anyone else. Jimmy Page is good, I just think the whole violen-bow bit could possibly have gotten old. But yet so could the schoolboy suit...I never could make a decision.
Mleissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
I'm a huge fan of AC/DC,no affence to Brian Johnson, but i'm a bigger fan of Bon Scott, it's realy sad that he was only 33 when he died and it was only 10 days after he had performed HIGHWAY TO HELL.They say that a week or so before you die that person glows, in the HIGHWAY TO HELL footage i think Bon looked his best. (exept i think he needed to shave a bit better).Veronica - Victoria, United States
Well while we're talking about great guitarists, how about Tommy Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Chuck Panoazzo, Gary Rossington, Syd Barrett, Steve Miller, Alex Lifeson, Billy Gibbons, Slash and maybe Pat Benatar?Ben - Baltimore, Md
Jimmy Page is just the master, the only person who really compared was Eric Clapton. Jimi Hendrix was overrated, but he was very creative in his use of guitar effects. Brian May is also an amazing guitarist. Neil Young is probably the most underrated guitar player of all time, he has so much energy and dynamics in his soloing. Kurt Cobain is probably the most overrated guitar player ever, he was just sparky.Jonathon - Clermont, Fl
I'd have to agree with you guys, I think Page is a better guitarist but Angus Young was still amazing, Page was just amazing-er.Ben - Baltimore, Md
Yes there is a band that rocks like or better. Try out Jet or Jackyl.

David, Seattle, WA
David - Seattle, Wa
In the DVD family jewels, in the Show Business clip, the camera is on Bon Scott and his mouth is perfeclty still, but you can hear him singing. Also in the Jailbreak clip, one of the explosions go off and Bon forgot about the explosions and he gets a fright and nearly falls off the rock, then he starts smiling and nearly cracks up. It is hell funny. He is the only one that gets a shock, the others just keep playingLegacy User - Legacy Location
Here's what Aerosmith's Steven Tyler said, when he inducted ACDC into the Rock 'N Roll Hall of fame in march 2003.
"AC/DC became the litmus test of what rock does, Does it make you clench your fist when you sing along? Does it scare your parents to hell, and piss off the neighbors? Does it make you dance so close to the fire that you burn your feet--and still don't give a rat's ass? Does it make you want to stand up and scream for something that you're not even sure of yet? Does it make you want to boil your sneakers, and make soup outta your girlfriend's panties? (audience laughter) If it doesn't, then it ain't AC/DC." R.I.P. Bon Scott. Long live ACDC!!
Xavier - Pune, India
AC/DC is one of the best bands ever, and Angus Young sure can play guitar, but he pales in comparison to Jeff Healy, (who is blind, by the way).Cole - St. Catharines, Canada
Like Steve in Vancouver, I first saw AC/DC in 1978 opening for Aerosmith. Never heard of them before, but man, when I did, I had one word: WOW!!! They blew the roof right off the place! Still one of the best live shows I've ever seen. It was a privledge to see Them with Bon Scott and that was the only time I ever say him perform with the band, so I consider myself lucky to have been able to do so. Saw theam a few more times after that with Brian Johnson and, thankfully, they didn't miss a beat, they still put on one great show.Jim - North Billerica, Ma
Ok listen I have loved acdc for ages along with alot of other bands. They are not metal, not hard rock, not r and b,Bob - Bob Villle, Ct
I LOVE AC/DC! They actually make music (along with along of the other classic rock bands) instead of recording garbage like alot of the new artists are doing. My favorite songs are; whole lotta rosie, jailbreak, back in black, thunderstruck, for those about to rock (we salute you), and pretty much anything they've ever recorded. ROCK ON! m/Jimi - Canada, Canada
rock on acdc .. i first heard them when i was three and from then on i fell in love.. i started to play the guitar at the age of 4 and i am now in a band as lead guitarist and hopefully we will make it big one day. angus and malcom young and my influences.. they inspired me.. but you cant forget the rest of the guys in ac/dc coz they rock and always willHay..ley - .. Your Cupboard, Australia
Man, what a Band ! I would really like to know who can tell today that there is a band who ROCKS like ACDC does. An incredible band with amazing guys. Unofrtunately, i'm "only" 21 so i've never seen them on stage . But, they definitely ROCK !!ACDC => definitely a kick in the teeth!!! ;)Arthur - Paris, France
Im a Christian, and i think that you can definately keep religiona nd music preferences seperate. I love Ac/Dc, Van Halen, Styx, INXS, the Doors and Loverboy and some people say that those are controversial and people who say that rock n roll is anything more than good bands making freaking awesome music its full of it. LolMellissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
Iv lived in England all my life but iv never heard AC/DC as anything other than power term or one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Nothing about bisexuals.Ben - Rochester, England
and no one talk abouth the famous angus guitar!?! gibson sg are my favorite guitar, angus is one of my favorite lead guitar, and AC/DC are on the best, world , ever, and never rock band....ROCK N ROLL STI!Simon - St-luc, Canada
I've already posted a comment,but I'm going to again. AC/DC is my life and they are NO QUESTIONS ASKED FLAT OUT the best hard rock band ever. Rolling Stone magazine said that AC/DC,along with they're first American album,High Voltage,was an all-time low. WRONG!! AC/DC rose to the top with middle fingers held high. I'm sure they never made it to the cover of Rolling Stone because of what the magazine said about them at first. But then you get some of the talentless new bands,and they make the cover just like that. And AC/DC's songs don't all sound the same,but some of them can,but as far as I'm concerned,they all rock,so who cares!? Angus Young once said "I am sick to death of people saying we've made 11 albums that sound exactly alike. We have in fact made 12" Anyway,I love AC/DC,they are awsome,and not AT ALL overrated. Well,rock on,but only to good music(such as AC/DC) my email is packer__backer@hotmail.com with two underscores.Chris - Rock City, Sd
Now that my ramble is over, and to get back on topic, I say that AC/DC is my favourite rock band! Hell's Bells was the first song that I listened to by them, and since then I've become a fan. ROCK ON AC/DC!!Alex - P.d., Malaysia
I agree. Rock n' roll was much better than it is now. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen... Now a lot of rock is mostly just nonsensical screaming and yelling, and a twang or two on guitar. Somehow many of my schoolmates are into this stuff, and don't bother to try the old hits. I'm the only classic rock fan that I know of. Sadly, my friends are classic rock haters, even though they haven't heard the music. Also, I hate how some singers now take classic rock anthems and restyle them, then sell them out to us youngsters as brand-new stuff. It really pissed me off when my classmates insisted that We Will Rock You was by some unheard-of band, and refused to budge when I told them it was really by Queen. Does anybody here feel the same way?Alex - P.d., Malaysia
AC/DC is the best rock band ever. i have like every album they ever made.Frank - Olyphant, Pa
Chris Slade followed Simon Wright on drums for a short time and can be seen in the Live at Donnington DVD. Phil Rudd re-joined AC/DC in 1994 for the Ballbreaker sessions and is still in the band.Lee - Phoenix, Az
Phil Rudd re-joined AC/DC in 1994 for the Ballbreaker sessions and is still in the band.Lee - Phoenix, Az
I can do the duck walk too! I LOVE AC/DC!! Ooo and Brian Johnson sang at Johnny Damon(Red Sox) Wedding.Daron - Tacoma, Wa
AC/DC is my life. You will never see my without headphones in listening to AC/DC. I have 126 AC/DC songs on my computer. Angus is my HERO! Malcolm is awsome too. They are the best rock band of all time!Daron - Tacoma, Wa
I first seen ac/dc in the early seventies when they backed up aerosmith in vancouver and they blew them right off the stage. Mind you, aerosmith was boozin and drug'in at that time. That's when i picked up the giutar. then I saw them on the Black tour with Mr Johnson and they were awesome.
I had never heard a guitar sound that crunchy or dirty like that before.
Check out the "Let There Be Rock" movie! How does Angus tune with one hand???? He is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stevo - Vancouver, Canada
Rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young is actually an extremely good lead player. However, Mal hasn't rocked out on lead for decades. It is a known fact that Malcolm was Angus' main influence.Dave - Latham , Ny
AC/DC is definitely a classic Hard Rock Band. I like Bon Scott's raspy voice. AC/DC is much better than today's music in my opinion. Modern Music like rap is just about gansters shooting each other.AC/DC is a crazy group, yhough. I love Angus Young's crazy riffs and Duck Walk. My favorite songs by mAC/DC are " Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" "Back In Black" "Billy Storey - Boston , Ma
ACDC is the best. Many say that all of their songs sound the same but they haven't heard metalicca.Phil - Niagara Falls, Canada
Hey i think that phil rudd is the hottest one in ac/dc.Kristen - Quincy, Wa
AC/DC is an awsome band. They are one of the best bands in history. I love Classic Rock and it is the only thing I listen to. Not like rap or that sort of crap. AC/DC is rocks. ROCK ON!!Chris - Rock City, Sd
i agree ac/dc is not overratedSdfsdf - U.s., Il
I don't care what anyone thinks because AC/DC is the greatest band that every walked this Earth. Its just raw, blues rock n' roll that makes you want to get up, stomp your feet, and head bang. I feel proud every time I put on my AC/DC shirt, it sends chills down my spine. (P.S. AC/DC is definatley not OVERATED!!!)Brad - Greenbay, Wi
Good job to all the teenagers listening to classic rock. I'm 15 and we got a good group of people at school that like real rock. It seems the genre is going way downhill. Why can't people play some real rock 'n' roll like the 60s and 70s? I listen to AC/DC, Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Van Halen, all that good stuff. By the way, greatest AC/DC song ever: Walk All Over You. Freakin' awesomeDavid - Pasadena, Ca
AC/DC is the best rock group in the whole entire world. My favorite person from the group is Angus Young. He's a true guitar player I'd learn from him any day.Sammy - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
my name is william kennedy and i love AC/DC they rock i have all there albums my favourite song isfor those about to rock(we salute you) and t.n.t i would love to meet angus young some dayWilliam - Derry, Ireland
I am 13 and, as Emily, can't understand why anyone would listen to music like hilary duff's. I love AC/DC, Guns n Roses, The Clash, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin,etc. More people need too get into music like AC/DC. It's so weird when people come into the classroom singing Highway to Hell and they don't even know where it came from!-hodan - Calgary, Canada
Why does everyone care about how they got their name or their costumes, all that matters is that they rock harder than anyone elseWilliam - Ocean Springs, Ms
its wierd how both bon scott and john bonham (led zepellins drummer) both died in 1980 after a drinking binge. look at their names too and see if you see anything similar between them.Ryan - Los Angeles, Ca
AC/DC in my book is the greatest Hard Rock act ever.Brian Johnson is a rock monster but no frontman can come close to the legendary Bon Scott!! We miss you Bon!I am 27 and I listen to classic Hard Rock and AC/DC is the only thing that i play on my car stereo at FULL BLAST ! lol..AC DC ROCKS...Bon's amazing screaming on Whole lotta rosie, Shot down in Flames and Brian Johnsons menacing larynx shredding growls on Hells Bells, Let me put my lovbe into you, Thunderstruck and For Those about to Rock...I wish kids nowadays would listen to something like this..AC is pure Hard Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll all great fun.. not the crap that's dished out as rock nowCyril - Bangalore, India
i LOVE ac/dc!! along with guns n roses, led zeppelin, and the beatles. im 13 and only listen to classic rock and nothing else. i cant understand how all my friends listen to hilary duff and that crap. my friend introduced me to classic rock and i'm introducing a few of my friends to it. but they're AMAZING and i dont care what everyone in my class thinksEmily - Buffalo, Ny
I have learned something new and different that I'm sure nobody did! Angus Young has false teeth! Don't believe me? Go to www.jorgenangel.dk and search for AC/DC. Look at the pictures of Angus in black and white and it'll say in the summary at the bottom of the page. And there will be a pic of him with his teeth all weird.Gabby - Aliso Viejo, Ca
I don't see why people let their religions come in the way of listening to good music. Why aren't Christians in America condemning country music or rap/hip hop?! I could point out alot of things in country music that would upset the Christians! Hm...they say rock n'roll is evil because of backmasking, some of the lyrics, the fact that all of the classic bands had somebody die from an S.T.D, drug overdose, alchohol overdose...Geez, well what about those country singers singing about cheating on their wives, having children outside of marriage, getting drunk, blah blah blah...That's against 'God's word', too! And I don't think I need to explain the problems with rap music. But all I'm saying is enjoy good music while it's around. It won't come back once it dies. Does anyone think rock really died?! I hope not...Grace - Liverpool, United States
AC/DC is pure unadultrated, crank it up to at least 11, subtle as a swift kick in the nads, rock and roll. Oh, they kick ass too.Gerald - Stockton, Ca
AC/DC rocks I mean if it can win a war by blasting it at someone then they must rock.Derek Raimo - Phoenix, Az
I love AC/DC, some people say they're overrated, I just hope you've listened to all of their good stuff (mind you, they have some horrible, horrible stuff) and seen them live. I didn't think much of them until SARStock in Toronto, they were amazing live. And while Bon Scott, Brian Johnson and Angus Young are getting all the credit, it's Malcolm who came up with most of their fantastic riffs (namely Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Hell's Bells, TNT, and Dirty Deeds).
Oh, and Phil is the only one who was born in Australia.
Alex - Toronto, Canada
I listen to ac/dc everyday. i have around 80 of there songs on my computer. i also believe ac/dc is overrated but they are amazing and my favorite band. my favorite songs are big gun, touch too much, send for men, ride on, and jailbreak. i dont like back in black, highway to hell, or shook me all nite long. ive heard those songs a million times just like everyone else in the world. i play guitar and the rythm for the most part is really easy, but angus usually plays and intense solo. all together, they are amazingBlake - Yardley, Pa
Angus lied about his age, hes 3 yrs older than he first quoted...i mean a school kid being sh1t hot on the guitar sold a lot of albums did it not? i first heard AC/DC then saw a video and it was the music i liked but when i saw Angus...wow it just added and all seemed so right. Oh what a load of bollock AC/DC means anti christ/death of christ or what ever, i too am a christian and do not think for 1 min its about satanism or what its called. Just good olde rock n roll.Sean - Manchester, England
AC/DC opened for lou reed on a tour in the mid-70s (not sure what year.) This didn't help the bisexual rumors, and confused the malcolm young/velvet underground thing.C.j. - Tunkhannock, Pa
There's a good female cover band called AC/DSheJosh - Hauula, Hi
I don't have 'Highway to Hell' yet; I have 'High Voltage', 'Back in Black', 'Let there be Rock' and '74 Jailbreak'. I feel Angus and Malcolm Youngs' songwriting was at its best on 'Back in Black'. When I compare it to 'Let there be Rock' the guitars sound a lot crisper and cleaner, probably a testament to Mutt Lange's skills as a producer. At the time of 'Let there be Rock', AC/DC still weren't that well known worldwide. When they got to 'Back in Black', they were one of if not the biggest band in the world. They then proved that they could replace the irreplaceable Bon Scott and become bigger than they'd ever been before. 'Back in Black' shows the resilience and determination of the brothers Young and highlights their talents as musicians and songwriters. But 'Let there be Rock' is still a harder album. As I'm a teenager, the harder the better is my philosophy when it comes to music, and this feeling is shared with many of my friends!Tom - Trowbridge, England
I think why a lot of people consider "Back in Black" a better album is that the music was a dedication to Bon Scott, who died right before they went into the studio to record in 1980. After Bon's death there was talk that the band could'nt go on without him. But, they did and that is why the album is so important to the band. I like Let there be Rock, but IMHO Back in Black and Highway to Hell are the best. Absolute pure power rock at it's best. Will blow the paint right off your car. Bon Scott--one of the best. Peace.Don - Pittsburgh, Pa
Saying AC/DC stands for After Christ/Death comes is just another feeble attempt by bible bashers to try and prove that Rock and Roll is evil. They should all learn to live a little! I'm a Christian but I don't let it restrict how I live my life; I do what I want, when I want, how I want. If God doesn't like it then it's his problem, not mine.Tom - Trowbridge, England
I think Let there be Rock is a better album than Back in Black. It's more hard rock and has Bon Scott on vocals instead of Brian Johnson. Also, Let there be Rock and Whole Lotta Rosie are 2 of the best mosh songs ever. I think critics say Back in Black is better because it has sold 40 million copies and because it contains You Shook me all night long.Tom - Trowbridge, England
I've seen alot of AC/DC guitar tabs. The brothers young would play rhythm together often to make it sound more powerful, sometimes even playing slightly different lead fills together making it sound alot more complicated than it actually is. Hands down the best guitar duo in rock, it's a shame that The Who never got another guitarist besides townshend, overdubbing guitars is cheap.Everett - Providence, Ri
AC/DC are very underrated in that a lot of people aren't really familiar with their songs; most people just know 'Highway to Hell' or maybe 'You Shook me all night long' as well. They deserve a lot more airplay.Tom - Trowbridge, England
AC/DC---- The best hard rock album of all time"Back in Black."Searing vocals,Power crunch guitar and a bass and drum bottom that sounds like a chugging engine. I've been around a long time and tune for tune there is simply no album that compares in this genre of music. Classic is an understatement. As good as Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti." Enough.Don - Pittsburgh, Pa
Butt-head also wears an AC/DC t-shirtJames - Tacoma, Wa
Bon Scott used to front an Australian band called Fraternity in the early 1970's. Fraternity were the hottest act on the live scene in Australia at the time (although they didn't play much choosing instead to hang out on their farm in the Adelaide Hills but generated a huge reputation from the few gigs they did play).

Fraternity won the annual and national Battle of the Bands competition in 1972 (or it may have been 71 - not sure). The prize for this competition was a fully paid trip to London and record deal. When Fraternity went to London they ended up touring with Geordie, future AC/DC singer Brain Johnson's band at the time.

Brian Johnson says he remembers meeting Bon Scott on that tour but didn't realise until after he got the gig with AC/DC that the same guy was the guy who fronted AC/DC amd who he was replacing.

Small world.
Mark - Sydney, Australia
Bon Scott was a roadie for ACDC. When one night Dave Evans didn't turn up for a show, Bon stepped in as the frontman and they kept him on.

Angus' uniform wearing, here is a quote from him in an interview:

"It was originall a one-off thing. I was playing in this band before ACDC and the drummer talked me into doing something outrageous, so i dressed up like a school kid. Now, well I'm stuck with it"
Dave - Ulverston, England
I have heard so far several different reasons for Bon Scoot becoming the singer and they are all wrong!!!
Bon Scott was auditioned but not before Dave Evans QUIT. He did'nt want to perform on the stage.
Daniel - Cape Breton, Canada
the true story of the uniform! - - - Malcolm asked Angus to preform in his band. The show was right after school. so without time to go home and change he grabbed his axe and went to the show still wearing his schooluniform. not until later his sister suggested that he wore it again.Mike - Oliver, Canada
Ok, you people, it came from a vaccuum cleaner. I heard Angus say it out of his own mouth. Angus dropped out when he was 14 and joined the band when he was 18. And it wasn't Johnson who was originally a roadie. They never even knew who he was, well, not personally, they had seen him perform with Geordie, but he was never a roadie for AC/DC, it was Bon. And its rhythm and blues, not rhythm and bounce.Catherine - Calgary, Canada
Bon Scott was AC/DC's roadie, but he did not immediately become the lead singer when filling in for Dave Evans. He was asked by the band to audition months before becoming the lead singer. After he finally agreed to take the lead, they fired Dave.Dirk341 - Winston-salem, Nc
Angus wasn't in School when he joined AC/DC, AC/DC formed up in 1974, when Angus was 19, not to mention Angus dropped out when he was 15.Ryley - Willow Spring, Nc
when they shot the video for the song "jailbrake"
bon and phil had the same shirt because they acted prisoners in the video
and malcolm and mark also dressed the same as prison guards. only angus wore a white suit with blavk stripes
Ozzy - Detroit, Me
Angus and Malcolm's older brother George was a member of the 60's group "The Easybeats"Brad - North Liberty, Ia
The schoolboy outfit was suggested to Angus by his sister (The one with the sewing machine)Brad - North Liberty, Ia
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