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May 21, 1988

Artistfacts for Adele

  • Her first two albums were titled 19 and 21, named for how old she was when she wrote them. The first one chronicles the rise and fall of her first serious relationship, and the next one tells the story of the next guy she fell in love with, which also didn't end well.
  • She gets very nervous before shows, and usually doesn't eat before a performance for fear of a reversal. Her other big fear is flying: she says she's convinced she's going to die whenever she gets on a plane.
  • Adele got a big boost in America when she performed Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder on the October 18, 2008 episode of Saturday Night Live which featured Sarah Palin, who was running for Vice President at the time.
  • Her wiener dachshund named Louis Armstrong was her constant companion during her 2011 tour.
  • Adele says she's not concerned about her appearance, as she has more important things to worry about. Said the singer: "I don't make music for eyes, I make music for ears."
  • In an effort to get over her nerves, she created an alter ego named "Sasha Carter," which is a combination of Beyoncé's "Sasha Fierce" and June Carter Cash.
  • The guy who was the inspiration for most of her 21 is 10 years older than her. They lived together for close to a year at her place in London.
  • Her influences include Etta James, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill.
  • The 21 album was just the second ever to sell over 1 million digital copies, and in 2011 it surpassed the first: Eminem's Recovery. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • Adele recorded the theme tune for the 23rd James Bond movie, Skyfall. It won Best Original Song at the 85th Academy Awards, the first Bond theme to win an Oscar.
  • Adele attended The Brit School, the Selhurst college whose alumni number Amy Winehouse, and Leona Lewis. She recalled: "It had free rehearsal rooms and free equipment and I was listing to music all day, every day for years. The music course was really wicked. There was no dancing or anything like that. No jazz hands."
  • During her second year at The Brit School, Adele's resolve to be a singer was given a little extra boost, when Shingai Shoniwa, the vocalist with The Noisettes, moved in next door. "She's an amazing singer. I used to hear her through the walls," Adele recalled. "I'd go round and we'd jam and stuff like that. Just hearing her and her music really made me want to be a writer and not just sing Destiny's Child songs."
  • She received fan mail from ex British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. His thank you note praised Adele for keeping Britons' spirits up during the global economic crisis, in which he called her "a light at the end of the tunnel."
  • Adele had three entries in the the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records:
    1. She was named the first female to have two singles and two albums simultaneously in the UK Top 5
    2. Her 21 LP established a new record for Most Consecutive Weeks with UK #1 album for a solo female with 11 weeks at the top of the charts
    3.21 also broke the record for Most Cumulative Weeks for a solo female at UK #1, after it spent a total of 18 weeks at the peak position.
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