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Steven Tyler(vocals)1970-
Joe Perry(guitar)1970-1979, 1984-
Brad Whitford(guitar)1970-1980, 1984-
Tom Hamilton(bass)1970-
Joey Kramer(drums)1970-
Jim Crespo(guitar)1979-1984
Rick Dufay(guitar)1980-1984

Artistfacts for Aerosmith

  • Steven Tyler once said, "I must have snorted all of Peru." Perry and Tyler were known as "The Toxic Twins" because of their drug habits in the '70s. Among the tales of their indulgent revelry: chainsaws brought to hotel rooms to facilitate their destruction, extension cords so they could see the TVs explode when they threw them into swimming pools, cases of vintage wine finished off on a regular basis. Their performances suffered as well. As Joe Perry explained: "A lot of times we really sucked, but we'd stopped giving a s--t."
  • Tyler's real name is Steven Tallarico. His first band was called The Strangeurs, but they had to change their name because of a band called The Strangers. They became Chain Reaction, and Tallarico became Steven Tally. After Chain Reaction split up, he formed Aerosmith and became Steven Tyler. His first choice of stage name was Tyler Britt, but their manager talked him out of it and suggested Steven Tyler.
  • There is an Aerosmithsonian in the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. It consists of Tyler's microphone stand appropriately draped with scarves, one of his stage outfits made by Teresa Tyler, as well as boots that Joe Perry wore, denim jacket and pants (embellished by Teresa Tyler) worn by Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry's guitar, and Joey Kramer's drum head. (thanks, Maddie - Chicago, IL)
  • They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.
  • Their Greatest Hits Album is a diamond record, meaning it has sold over 10 million copies.
  • In their early years, they could have made a lot more money as a cover band, as club owners preferred acts that played recognizable hits. They were determined to play their own material, however, and took lots of high school dances and other low paying gigs while they built an audience and developed their repertoire. They were very tight for cash in these days.
  • They inspired the "Rock And Rollercoaster" at Disney's MGM Studios. Speakers in the headrests pump Aerosmith songs as the ride goes.
  • The entire band entered rehab in 1986. They made a very successful comeback when they got out.
  • Tyler's daughter, Liv, is a popular actress. She was born in 1977 to Bebe Buell, a legendary groupie who also had affairs with Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, and Todd Rundgren. She told Liv that Rundgren was her father, and Liv didn't find out the truth until she was 11.
  • Aerosmith is the 5th best selling band of all time. They passed AC/DC in 2002. (thanks, Frank - Brandon, Canada)
  • Jennifer Anniston thinks Tyler is hot. When she was with Brad Pitt, she said that Tyler was the only guy she would leave him for.
  • Tyler was originally the band's drummer. He left for a short time, and then returned as the frontman.
  • In the 1970's, Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia called the band the druggiest people he'd ever seen.
  • Aerosmith appear in the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as the FVB (Future Villain Band). It is considered one of the worst movies ever, but they got to kill the Bee Gees.
  • Other occupations Tyler considered include gigolo, gourmet chef, and park ranger.
  • They were the first big Rock band to appear on The Simpsons as themselves. They were in the Flaming Moe episode in season 3. As part of the deal, Aerosmith's manager had to be drawn in as well, which he was. (thanks, Laurence Crook - Cirencester, England)
  • Joe Perry got his first guitar when he was 6; it was a ukulele that his uncle made for him.
  • Tom Hamilton collects WWII paraphernalia. (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England, for above 2)
  • Arrowsmith is the name of a 1925 novel by Sinclair Lewis, but it has nothing to do with the band name. Joey Kramer came up with "Aerosmith," which was rejected by one of his previous bands.
  • William Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, officially declared April 13 to be "Aerosmith Day" in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The first Aerosmith Day was observed in 1993.
  • Aerosmith pays for admission-free Thursdays at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art.
  • The members of Aerosmith are originally from the south shore of Boston: Medfield, Medway, Millis, Holliston, Westwood, basically anywhere along Route 109. (thanks, Tim - Dallas, TX)
  • The members of Aerosmith have the doors to their dressing rooms decorated including a sign on Joe Perry's door that says "The Admiral is on Board." (thanks, Kevin - Grand Forks, ND)
  • Steven Tyler has a daughter named Mia, who is a well known plus sized model. She is half sister to Liv. (thanks, Heidi - Niagara Falls, Canada)
  • Rick Dufay, who replaced Brad Whitford, was thanked by Joe Perry at Aerosmith's 2001 induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for "Committing career suicide." Dufay made the suggestion to Steven Tyler that he reunite the original band for the sake of Aerosmith and especially Tyler.
  • Ray Tabano, who was a member of the original Aerosmith lineup before being replaced by Brad Whitford, designed the band's logo, which can be seen on the covers of Aerosmith's early albums, and the current Aerosmith wings logo. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2)
  • In Rolling Stone magazine April 21, 2005, Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Slash said: "Guns n' Roses were asked to open for Aerosmith on their Permanent Vacation tour. We went to their manager's hotel room, and while he was in the bathroom we ordered $1,500 worth of room service and trashed the place. But they must have liked us a lot, because they put us on the bill anyway, and I've known them ever since." (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • Their backstage demands can be a bit decadent. One of the requirements on most of their tours is a V.I.P. Guest Room decorated in Eastern Indian style.
  • In 2002, Tyler found out he had hepatitis C. He was also dealing with a condition called Morton's neuroma, which crippled his toes. This led to a relapse, as he became addicted to pain medication and began doing cocaine again. An attempt at recording an album in 2008 with producer Brendan O'Brien failed, as both Tyler and Joe Perry were back on drugs.
  • The legendary music executive Clive Davis signed the band to Columbia Records in July, 1972, paying them a $125,000 advance. Aerosmith was the last act he signed to Columbia, as he soon moved on to Arista Records.
  • In the mid-'70s, Steven Tyler lived with a 16-year-old girl named Julia Holcomb, whose mother signed guardianship over to Tyler so he could move her to Boston. Tyler got her pregnant, and while he was on tour, their apartment caught fire. She escaped, but when she was being treated at the hospital, she says Tyler convinced her to get an abortion, which she did.
  • Steven Tyler was a member of the judging panel for American Idol during the program's tenth and eleventh seasons. Asked by Howard Stern why he took the gig, Tyler replied: "I took it because I was pissed off at the band. I fell offstage and nobody called me and I was also on drugs, so I held the grudge. You know, those guys suck, but I love 'em to fu--ing death."
  • Aerosmith played their first ever concert at Miscoe Hill School's gymnasium (it was then known as Nipmuc Regional High School), in Mendon, Massachusetts on November 6, 1970. They got the gig through Joe Perry's mother, who worked at a nearby school. She knew someone at Miscoe Hill and helped set it up.
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Comments: 38

i think whoever but this on here MY F***ing music teacher has to keep talking trash about Aerosmith, he's like, "OH NO! You're wrong! Aerosmith were just people who could make noise, they had other people write their songs!"

NO! That's part of being a rock musician you HAVE to make your own music and Aerosmith were damn good at it. Freaking old people don't know good music when they hear it!!!!! is f--king cool
Quintin - What Cheer, Ia
i really love aerosmith me and my mom whent to see a concert during thier coked,loked,and ready to rock tour. it was awsomeLexi - Aledo, Tx
One of my friends form years back knew an engineers who worked on two of Aerosmith's eariler albums. Maybe I post some stories I was told one of these days. Interesting stuff. OK. I'll mention one of them. I heard one of the guitar players was too wasted to play some of is parts so the producer had to use a fill in. Crazy stuff like that.Rockheadz - Scarsdale, Ny
Don't get me wrong! I still love the "old" Aerosmith.Robert - Waltham, Ma
Music Teacher is correct. Like so many pop bands, record executives hired musical collaborators to write songs for Aerosmith. What is more, some of the solos that appear on earlier albums were written and played by unnamed guitarist. See Wikipedia Train Kept A-Rollin' for proof. Unfortunately, the names of other guitarist have yet to surface.Robert - Waltham, Ma
What's this I hear, Airk? Your music teacher talking trash about Aerosmith?!?! Why I oughta...

Anyway, Aerosmith is definantly one of the greatest influences on rock music EVER. They played around with stuff. I mean their music wasn't always the same old song and dance (Yes, pun intended.) And you gotta admit, for a 60, going on 61 year old, Steven is pretty hot! :D Everyone says when old musicians try to make a comeback, their old stuff is always better. But, if you ask me, Aerosmith just keeps getting better and better! Ah, man, Jeff, you ruined it for me! I wanted to see Aerosmith kill a bunch of disco-goers! :D lol.
Jenny - Indianapolis, In
MY F***ing music teacher has to keep talking trash about Aerosmith, he's like, "OH NO! You're wrong! Aerosmith were just people who could make noise, they had other people write their songs!"

NO! That's part of being a rock musician you HAVE to make your own music and Aerosmith were damn good at it. Freaking old people don't know good music when they hear it!!!!!
Airk - Skagway, Ak
In 1976-1980, Me and friendfs of mine, after school(and on Weekends) use too go down to what was called "The A-Wherehose". It was where Aerosmith use to practice and record there.If you look on the back Of the "Rocks" Album, It says recorded at the "Wherehouse" In Waltham, Ma.And If you look at the "Live Bootleg" Album, and read the credits, It says on the song "Come Together" "We kept this Gig so secret, nobody showed up but us". Actually, me and my friends were hanging outside listening, and drinking "Tango,and Beers". After Joe Perry left, They recorded a couple of videos there "No Surprize" and "Chiquita" and the begining and end of "Lightin Strikes".When I was 13years old they played at The Boston Garden,And I wasn't allowed to go (I was Bulls--t)! I got to sneak out and see them on there 1978 Tour(Dynamite show)!!! I've been a Loyal and dedicated fan since 1974.If you have any questions about them, ask away(I'll probally know the awnser)! Rock On my Fellow "Smith-Heads"!!Richie - Fall River, Ma
Megadeth singer told Steven Tyler that their GET A GRIP tour was gonna be their last, to which Tyler simply replied: We'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in? :DSofija - Novi Sad, Serbia
Aerosmith is by far the best band to grace the earth with their music, my favs include... Dont Wanna Miss A Thing, Angel, Pink, Walk This Way, Young Lust, Dude Looks Like A Lady, Love In An Elevator, Fly Away From Here... I pretty much like every song theyve ever written!!!!!Nate - Deltona, Fl
Aerosmith IS the Best Band in the world !!
They have been my favorite group since 1990.
I am "Drop Dead" In Love with Steven Tyler !
I have seen them "live" 4 times,in the past 6 years.
I love all the members,but,Steven is the best!!!
My Favorite songs are:"Dream On" & "Lord of The Thighs",which not many people have heard of.
Aerosmith ROCKS !!!
Doris - Buffalo, Ny
I saw them in Toronto October 2 2006. It was so good they played with Motley Crue and it was so cool. Joe Perry especially looked awesome.Mleissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
Wonderful all that has to be saidKatie - Phelps, Ky
Areosmith is one of the best bands around. I love all their songs. I have been a fan for many years. I have a big sketched picture that was given to me as a present, on my wall. It's of Steven Tyler, whom I love. I also received another gift, it was the box of fire. Very nice. They put on an awsome concert. I also like the band, Draw the Line, which is a tribute band to Aerosmith, they are fantastic.Sherry - Ridley Park, Pa
What year was the toxic twins tour?Jeff - Clearwater, Fl
i love aerosmith they are so awesome!!!!Jen - Ontario, Canada
Aerosmith are known for taking chainsaws and extension cords with them while they're on tour. Why? To trash the hotel room of course! They'd chop up the bed, tables, and pretty much anything in the romm. They'd also plug the TVs into the extension cords so when they were thrown out the windows they'd be playing until they hit the ground or land in the poolJimi - Canada, Canada
I LOVE AEROSMITH! Steven Tyler's unique and powerful lyrics and vocals + Joe Perry's powerful guitar riffs and soloing + Tom Hamilton's bass and Joey Kramer's drums = one of the best rock groups in historyJimi - Canada, Canada
I almost flunked out my senior year..coz all my portfolio pieces were about smith....you'd think writing a memior, narrative, fictional piece, and a letter the the reviewer would be more,..i don't know, about me...well, i changed that. too bad the school board didn't like it. ...really, too bad. :)Amy - Beaver Dam, Ky
Omg i love Cryin'! Thats a freakin awesome song!Mellissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
- Gregmon, Intelbuquerque, NM
This is for you!!!

JOE PERRY WAS EXPELLED BECAUSE THIS PREP SCHOOL DIDN'T EXCEPT LONG HAIR~ the principal told him he should either cut it or leave! I believe it was his senoir year! I love Aerosmith and....

And...for the person who wrote these fact Tell me something I don't know!

and for the rest of you, if you want to know more Aerosmith facts just read Walk this Way! It is such an awesome book one of my two fav. the other one is a biography on JIM MORRISON called no one here gets out alive!

"And remember the light at the end of the tunnel may be you, Goodnight"
Courtney - Cypress, Tx
Adriana you should like, be one of their groupies or something.... man, I thought I loved Aerosmith, You're nuts! Anyways... I would just like to say... thank you Aerosmith for changing my life, I'm hooked on rock now. In my book, you are greater than the Animals, Yardbirds, and CCR combined!! (all Legendary bands). "Amazing" is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my entire life.Kendall - Thomasville, Ga
try Aerosmithsonian.com or ".net" or ".org". Worth A try!Someone - Fresno, Ca
Oh MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Thank you so much AdRiAnA! I can hopefully bribe my parents or ask them nicely for tickets. You know what? I had a dream about meeting Steve Tyler at a mall in Boston. I was lost in the mall so I was scared (I'm only 12 for god-sakes)! Then this mysterious figure walked up to me and saw me scared. So he tried to comfort me. I didn't know who this overly nice person was until I looked at him straight in the mouth. And then... I found out... the person was... STEVE TYLER! I was like "O'my God! is it really you Steve Tyler?" And he nodded. It was the greatest moment of my life until suddenly, I woke up. (sob)...Abby - Oakland, Ca
This band ROX!!! But I must point out an error. Brad Whitford joined in 1971. In 1970 Ray Tabano was the Rhythym guitarist.Ryan - Bethesda, Md
I went to High School with Joe Perry. Well, not really, but we both briefly attended the same prep-school in Vermont at different times. I believe he was expelled-- not sure why. Apparently, he was in and out of a few schools in his teens.Gregmon - Intelbuquerque, Nm
I a big fan of Aerosmith.!!! I fell in love with it when I was 10 woo now Im 14.!! I wish I could see them.. Hey Abby maybe theres a tour in fall so your dream of going to see them will be come true just as mine...
I hope Aerosmith Rock N Roll will continue for ever.!!! -If you´d play in heaven i would die to see you play...
Adriana - Monterrey, Mexico
Aerosmith is AWSOME!!!!! I am a big FAN! Sometimes at random times, I think about two things, 1. Meet them (Which would be the most AWSOME thing that could happen. *faint.) OR 2. See how many apples I could fit in Steve Tylers mouth. (giggle) it's sort of embarasing to say that but hey, I'm an Aerosmith Geek. And about Steve's mouth... I LOVE it! It's so big and I love big mouthes! Hooray for BIG MOUTHS! "Love in an Elevator. Lovin' it when I'm Going Down." (Love that song) Mmm mmm mmm mmm. Boy I could talk about Aerosmith ALLLLL day long. March 26 is Seve Tylers birthday and today is March 15, 2005. So his B-Day is 11 days away (poor guy is getting old...) he's turning 57... WHY MUST A CRAZED ROCK SINGER GET SO OLD! (sob)I want to see them in concert before they get VERY old. I'm going dream on until my dream comes true... (love that song too.)Abby - Oakland, Ca
I like aerosmith,.but i prefer their earlier work compared to their latter,.songs like dueces are wild, and back in the saddle sound better to me than the ever mushy "dont wanna miss a thang"Cobretti - Oklahoma City, Ok
Ringo Starr, himself a big rock star, appeared previously on the Simpsons, but solo and he did not perform, only had speaking lines.Nickc - Ft. Wayne, In
Aerosmith is a good rock band. I saw them in 1971 in an outdoor setting in Ohio. In the beginning, they were raw and talented. Best albums; Aerosmith, Get your Wings(best album of the 70's)Toys in the Attic and finally Rocks. That's all the good stuff. If you think that Aerosmith is a great band, get your head out of your ass. These guys have done nothing good in the 80's or 90's.All they have been successful at is "snowing" the public into buying this garbage. But then, they only care about making money, not making good rock music. Doing blues covers for there new album "Yeah Tyler, that's real original." I know not many people are going to agree with me, but, like them I am entitled to my opinion.Don - Pittsburgh, Pa
'Dude Looks Like A Lady' was written about Vince Neil, frontman of Motley CrueScott Evans - Bradford, Finland
You know those people that stick their heads in a lion's huge mouth? Does anyone know if anyone's tried to do that to Steven Tyler? Just kidding! Of course, I wouldn't mind trying! As for the rest of the band, they rock!Jen - Galena, Mo
I love Aerosmith, seen them live and they're fantastic! Steven Tyler never actually left the band. He tried to combine the drumming and singing in the beginning, but they eventually recruited a new member so he could concentrate on the vocals. What does everyone think of the new album Honkin On Bobo? I think it's great, like all Aerosmith stuff! Mya.Mya - London, England
Aerosmith is definately one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite. They're ability to write and play hard rock songs and ballads is incredible. From the 70's with DREAM ON to JADED, Aerosmith is one of the bands that has withstood the test of time and proved themselves to be one of the greatest rock bands to have ever played. It is difficult to find flaws in Aerosmith. Their music continues to inspire and their live shows continue to impress.Tom - St. Louis, Mo
I'm something of a scholar on the subject of bad movies, and as such I have seen the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Sadly, they did not kill the Bee Gees in this movie. Neither did they kill Peter Frampton, who played the lead vocalist in the titular band, Billy Shears. The only character that Steve Tyler was able to kill was Billy's girlfriend. Still, this remains one of the worst movies I've ever seen 12 times.Jeff - Haltom City, Tx
Is there a site you can visit for the Aerosmithsonian?Jaime - Arlington, Tx
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