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Billy Idol

Nov. 30, 1955

Artistfacts for Billy Idol

  • His real name is William Broad. The name Idol is based on a report card he received that said, "William is an idle student." He was going to use the name "Billy Idle," but decided an an alternate spelling of the surname so it wouldn't conflict with the Monty Python cast member Eric Idle.
  • Before going solo in 1981, he was leader of the Punk band Generation X.
  • He suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident in 1990. That's why you see him only from the waist up in the "Cradle Of Love" video.
  • He played himself in the 1998 Adam Sandler movie The Wedding Singer. He nearly landed a much bigger role when he was considered for the part of the T-1000 in Terminator 2.
  • Idol is the voice of Odin in the animated movie Heavy Metal 2000.
  • After a show in London in 1989, Idol was attacked by a fan who ran after him and stabbed him in the leg.
  • Billy is a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat, but does wear leather.
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Comments: 7

Casey, ask the fan who killed John Lennon.Alphy - Manila, Philippines
The only reason Idol is a vegetarian is because according to him, rock and roll and food don't go together.Tiffane - Kalispell, Mt
Billy Idol is a vegetarian. He became a vegetarian not due to animal rights but due to the fact of being a rocker, drinking and keeping weird hours, his stomach would get upset. So he made a conscious decision to stop eating meat to avoid the stomach problems.
He loves his leather pants ;)
Annie - Norman, Ok
"After a show in London in 1989, Idol was attacked by a fan who ran after him and stabbed him in the leg." wtf?? Why would his fan stab him? =(Casey - Costa Mesa, Ca
was in a motorcycle accident in 1990Tiffane - Kalispell, Mt
He is a vegetarian.Tiffane - Kalispell, Mt
also had a small part in oliver stones the doors movieMarlow - Perth, Australia
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