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Carly Simon

June 25, 1945

Artistfacts for Carly Simon

  • Carly is the daughter of Richard Simon, who owned part of the publishing company Simon and Schuster. When she shopped her demo tape, Clive Davis at Columbia Records turned her down and she went to Elektra. She understands how Davis could miss this one, as her father turned down publishing the book Gone With The Wind.
  • She was married to James Taylor from 1972-1983.
  • She won the Grammy for Best New Artist of 1971.
  • When Carly was in Los Angeles recording her Hotcakes album, she and James Taylor lived in the house that was later owned by OJ Simpson. She has commented that seeing it on TV during all of the coverage was quite surreal. The house has since been demolished and a new home built in its place.
  • On the cover of her Hotcakes album, Carly is pregnant with her daughter Sally. (thanks, karen - olympia, WA, for above 2)
  • She went to Sarah Lawrence college, and during this time performed with her sister as The Simon Sisters.
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Comments: 3

I have been a long time fan of Carly, but havn't heard anything about her for some time. Can anyone tell me about her?

Tom Aydelott
Tom - Pilot Grove, Mo
I Wonder if Carly Simon has any relation to Paul Simon. Are they cousins? Are they Sister and Brother?Annabelle - Eugene, Or
as a child she had a speech promblemEfrain - Brawley, Ca
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