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Cheap Trick

Robin Zander(vocals)1974-
Tom Petersson(bass)1974-1980; 1986-
Rick Nielsen(guitar)1974-
Bun E. Carlos(drums)1974-
Pete Comita(bass)1980-1981
Jon Brant(bass)1981-1986

Artistfacts for Cheap Trick

  • Some of Nielsen's previous bands include: the Boyz, the Grim Reapers, and the Phaetons. Nielsen and Petersson were in Fuse together and the two of them joined Carlos in Sick Man of Europe. The singer of that group was Robert "Stewkey" Antoni, formerly of Nazz (Todd Rundgren's early group). Rundgren would later produce for them.
  • Nielsen wrote most of their early songs, and in many cases they were done from the perspective of various quirky characters he created. The band adopted an unusual visual look to match this theme, with Nielsen sporting an outlandish outfit that looked like something a TGI Fridays waiter might wear on Halloween.
  • Some of the bands Cheap Trick opened for: The Kinks, Kiss, Boston, and Santana.
  • Their first three albums did significantly better in Japan than in the US (their home country). After they recorded Live At Budokan, they broke through at home.
  • They made several music videos in the '70s, which was unusual for an American act. When MTV went on the air in 1981, they played a lot of Cheap Trick, since they were desperate for American rock.
  • During Petersson's departure, he played minor league baseball in Florida, in addition to forming a band with his wife as vocalist.
  • Nielsen has an extensive collection of guitars. He even released a book featuring some of the wackier models, some valued upwards of 100 thousand dollars. He tours with more then 25, but really uses only four or five.
  • Nielsen had Hamer build him a guitar with five necks. It is very heavy, but Nielsen says the guitar will get "more applause than I ever will." (thanks, Jeff - Seaville, NJ)
  • They created the theme song for That 70's Show, and then made the full version. It's called "Hangin' Out." (thanks, Jeff - Glendale, AZ)
  • The TV series That '70s Show got Cheap Trick to do a version of their theme song ("In the Street," originally recorded by Big Star in 1972) before the show's second season. A notable addition was the "we're all alright" chant borrowed from their song "Surrender." (thanks, Mike - San Francisco, CA)
  • Cheap Trick wrote and performed the theme song, "Baby Mumbles" for Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. It is largely the melody of "I Want You To Want Me" backwards.
  • Their manager, Ken Adamany, had played with Steve Miller in high school.
  • Nielsen, Zander, and Carlos all played on John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1980 album Double Fantasy. They are not credited and it is unsure whether the songs they played on have been released.
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Comments: 13

Cheap Trick is a group of four VERY talented individuals. It is so cool that they all came from the same place and all lived there for years. They are one of those bands that are just are good in person. I remember seeing them in person for the first time in Waterbury Conn. I nearly fainted when I saw Robin in person for the first time in his pink suit.
I miss seeing them in concert and wish they would tour this area again.l
Many bands have come and gone, but they stay together and I look forward to seeing them again soon.
Boys.........your music is timeless............
Love ya Gale.........a HUGE CT fan
Gale - Poughkeepsie, Ny
Anyone see the cult movie HEAVY METAL? They have one song on the soundtrack and is featured during the Lincoln Sternn/Hanover Fiste segment. However I don't think the song was released on any of their albums.Barry - New York, Nc
arguably the must underrated 70s band of all timeMichael - Morris County, Nj
One of the greatest ROCK bands of all time - I WANT YOU TO WANT ME is an anthem of the era and how many love songs top THE FLAME??? Seriously? Hey, I'm not even a rock-n-roll chick. I generally go for the standards, but CT can't be denied!Erin - Portland, Or
Robin & Rick were originally called in to do "kid voices" for John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" sessions...none of which were on the final album. BUT,the two DO appear on a version of "I'm Losing You",heard on the John Lennon boxed set.( vocals and guitar work. ) They also play this song in concert,currently.General Disaster - Ozcot, Ca
Re: the famous 5-neck guitar. I got to hold one of those. I have no idea how Rick lugs that around with any grace on stage at all. It weighs over 50 pounds!Ed - Westport, Ct
Bazza- No they did NOT get their name froma Ouija Board.
Their name came from when group members Tom Petersson and Rick Nielsen went to a rock concert (possibly Slade) and Tom remarked to Rick, "Hey, they are using every cheap trick in the book!" Rick said, "Hey, that's a good name for our group."
The rest is history. Tom, working with a graphic artist friend of his, developed their typewriter-styled logo, too.
Ed - Westport, Ct
Rick Nielsen's parents were involved with opera and the symphony, and took him to the symphony when he was 6 years old. One of the violinists hit a sour note, and after the concert, his parents were backstage with him and he walked up to that person and said, "You made a mistake!" His parents knew at that moment that they had a prodigy on their hands.Sarah - Quincy, Il
Cheap Trick!!! The most together group ever!!!Tom - Philly, Nj
I saw Cheap Trick for the sixth time in August of 2005. They still rock the house!Ken - Dupont, Pa
Except when they let that 70s show use their music.Mellissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
i heard they got there name from an ouija board like alice cooper?Bazza - Wongaloo Creak, Australia
Their music just keeps sounding better as the years go by.Bally - Columbus, Oh
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