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Chuck Berry

Oct. 18, 1926

Artistfacts for Chuck Berry

  • Berry is a Rock and Roll legend; hero to Keith Richards, among others. He has a reputation for being prickly, but by some accounts his is quite personable. Years of getting burned by promoters and journalists left him untrusting.
  • The 1987 movie Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll is about Berry's life.
  • He joined The Sir John Trio in 1953. The piano player, Johnnie Johnson would continue working with Berry and collaborate on many of his hits. Years later, Johnson sued Berry because he was never credited on any of the songs he helped write, and never received royalties from them. Johnson claimed he did not understand his legal rights at the time, but in 2002, the judge ruled that too much time passed between the writing of the songs and the lawsuit, and ruled in Berry's favor.
  • He has a degree in cosmetology from the Gibbs Beauty School.
  • He spent time in a reformatory from ages 18-20 after a carjacking incident. In 1959, he got in trouble with the law again for transporting a 14-year-old girl named Janice Norine across state lines when he brought her up from Mexico to work in a club he owned. What's often overlooked in this story is the racism that may have played a role in his conviction - Berry's side of the story was that he fired the girl and she was retaliating against him. At one point the judge in the case referred to Berry as "this negro." He ended up in jail on these charges until 1963.
  • Berry is very mathematical, and came up with his own way of notating music using numbers instead of letters.
  • After going to prison and studying accounting, Berry became very concerned about the business side of his performances: he wouldn't take that stage until he was paid in full, in cash. Another one of his rules: the opening act could not mention his name.
  • He married his girlfriend Themetta when he was 21, and they remained together ever since.
  • The now-defunct Spy magazine ran a scathing report on Berry regarding a 1990 lawsuit involving a group of women who claimed that Berry used hidden cameras to record them in the bathroom of his restaurant. Berry denied the charges but settled the case out of court.
  • Most bands work hard to sell merch at their shows: T-shirts, CDs, etc. Berry has never done this, even though it would make him a lot of money.
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Comments: 5

he is one of the greatest artist everJose - Guanacaste, South America
I always heard he was from WentzvilleCoda - The Lou, Mo
chuck berry rocks.Camo - Abbey Road, Ri
It does not matter where Chuck Berry was born. What I know is: "Roll over Beethoven" is one of the greatest songs in rock and pop history. And I say this as a fan of classical music with Mozart, Bach and Beethoven on the very top.Erhard - Herrenberg, Germany
Chuck Berry claims to have been born in St. Louis, but Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones claims he knows "for a fact" that Chuck was born in San Jose CA. One wonders about this conflicting info. :-)Mike - Berkeley, Ca