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Alex Call(Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar)1967-1978
John McFee(Guitar, Steel Guitar)1967-1978
John Ciambotti(Bass Guitar)1967-1978
Mitch Howie(Drums)1967-1971
Huey Lewis(Harmonica, Vocals)1972-1978
Sean Hopper(Keyboards)
Jeff Porcaro

Artistfacts for Clover

  • This Bay Area country-rock band was led by Alex Call, who later wrote the songs ''867-5309 Jenny'' and ''Perfect World." Alex also released an early MTV single, ''Just Another Saturday Night.''
  • A young Huey Lewis joined the band as harmonica player in 1972. He was in the yogurt business at the time, and began moonlighting under the stage name "Hughie Louis." In the liner notes of later Clover albums, the later pop star had already begun to tune his persona's spelling, listing it as "Huey Louis."
  • "Everyone today is used to hearing Huey sing way up there in the register, but at that time he was down in bluesy frog-tone land, Howlin' Wolf territory. He was also grunting quite a bit in between breaths on the harp, something some of us - including yours truly - do unconsciously. In the headphones, Huey heard the music, not himself making those porcine noises. But in the control room, Mutt had Huey soloed on the big speakers, drenched in a cavernous reverb. He sounded like a giant turtle having an orgasm at the bottom of a hidden submarine base. We were literally rolling on the floor, peeing ourselves. Mutt kept encouraging Huey to do more, more, more 'Just one more take, mate!' Then once Mutt had a good sequence of grunts lined up, he said into the talkback mic 'Great, Huey, come on in and take a listen.'" -from Alex Call's book 867-5309 Jenny: the Song That Saved Me
  • The band opened at an outdoor Creedence Clearwater Revival gig in 1969. Despite Clover getting drunk and high, smashing their gear, and stalking offstage after a song and a half, Creedence recommended the band to their label, Fantasy Records.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival and Clover had the same booking agent. Clover also played the Lodi High gymnasium mentioned in Creedence's "Lodi."
  • Clover recorded musical cues for the 1973 Rip Torn film Payday, in which Torn plays a country-western style struggling with booze and career failure.
  • John Hurley, writer of "Son of a Preacher Man" and other classics, acted as an advisor to the band.
  • Clover acted as backing band to swingin' '60s London celebrity Twiggy. She also recorded one of Alex Call's songs, "I Lie Awake and Dream of You."
  • According to Alex Call, guitar legend Carlos Santana once spent an entire set lying onstage with his head in Clover drummer Mitch Howie's kick drum.
  • Members of Clover backed Elvis Costello in the studio for his classic debut album My Aim is True. Huey Lewis and Alex Call weren't needed for the sessions.
  • South African producer Mutt Lange produced the Clover albums Love on the Wire and Unavailable. Alex Call describes Mutt as a hardworking "studio rat."
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