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Eric Clapton(guitar, vocals)1966-1969
Ginger Baker(drums, vocals)1966-1969
Jack Bruce(bass, vocals)1966-1969

Artistfacts for Cream

  • Cream was the first rock supergroup. Clapton had been in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Bruce in Manfred Mann, and Baker in The Graham Bond Organization.
  • It was the Cream years when the "Clapton is God" graffiti started showing up around England.
  • Clapton broke up the band after reading a bad review in Rolling Stone and agreeing that the band had become boring and repetitious.
  • The band played together three times after their breakup. The first time was at Clapton's wedding in 1979, the second was when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1993, and the third was in 2005 when they reunited to play four shows.
  • Baker and Bruce went on to form a group called BBM with guitarist Gary Moore.
  • Clapton and Baker formed another Supergroup, Blind Faith, in 1969 along with Steve Winwood and Ric Grech. Before deciding upon a trio, Cream had considered asking Steve Winwood to join. (thanks, James - Tracy, CA)
  • Clapton and Bruce played to together in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers before forming Cream. Bruce was in The Bluesbreakers for about a month, replacing John McVie.
  • One of the names they considered was "Sweet and Sour Rock and Roll." Clapton insisted they be called Cream because they were the best.
  • Bruce and Baker did not get along. They would usually either avoid each other or fight. They had played together in The Graham Bond Organization.
  • Baker and Bruce had a background in jazz, and like many jazz musicians, the three members of Cream would improvise solos at their concerts, sometimes at the same time. They could get away with it because they were such good musicians. The band would improvise both their set lists and their musical arrangements, sometimes jamming for as long as 20 minutes on one song. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • Toward the end, Baker, Bruce, and Clapton would stay at separate hotels, getting together a few minutes before their shows.
  • Their last two shows in 1968 and their final show in 2005 were to sold-out crowds at Royal Albert Hall in London. They broke up two-and-a-half years after forming.
  • Baker built the studio in Nigeria that Paul McCartney used for the Band On The Run album.
  • While it's well established that Bruce and Baker didn't much care for one another, they only agreed to play together as a group (at Clapton's urging) as they recognized that the other was immensely talented at their respective instruments. (thanks, Ken - Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • While Disc 2 of Wheels Of Fire is labeled "Live at the Fillmore," only one track ("Toad") was recorded there. The other live tracks were recorded at the Winterland Ballroom. (thanks, James - Tracy, CA)
  • There was a great deal of tension between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, which sometime manifested in throwing objects and damaging each other's instruments during performances.
  • Cream was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.
  • Jack Bruce's real name is John Symon Asher Bruce. He was born May 14, 1943 and plays cello, harmonica, acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass and electric bass. At one point, he quit college because of his interest in Jazz. (thanks, Jordan - Brooklyn, NY)
  • Bruce died on October 25, 2014 at age 71. The cause of death was liver disease; he received a transplant a few years earlier.
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Comments: 30

my favorite song is STRANGE BREW, they never played it at their 2005 albert hall concert, why????Walter - London, United Kingdom
i am 45 and i have just discovered CREAM they are brilliant, they must be a very under rated band, if ever i get back into music(DRUMS) i would be interested in this type of music, amazing stuffWalter - London, United Kingdom
I am quite surprised to hear that Bruce and Baker did not get along, because their music was so amazing and unified (unlike themselves as people). Cream is incredible for many reasons but the most obvious reason is that they only released three albums! How many other bands have such density of good songs in that short time period? I also agree (although I think you people should take your time while typing due to many mistakes) that Bruce is underrated. He was the main vocalist, and a great songwriter (mostly with Pete Brown), not to mention an excellent bass player! Cream is definitely one of my favorites. They're all great musicians who are, unlike most of my other heroes, still alive.Roy - Granbania, Ma
I love Cream! Clapton's guitar is so powerful and Jack's voice is so low and sexy!!! Baker just an awesome drummer!!!!!!!!Allie - A Little Ol' Town In, Mi
Amazing band. Claton is incredible. I was speechless when I saw him earlier this year in March.Tyler - Lakewood, Ca
w00t! I finally found a Cream shirt. Although, I wish it had a tye-dyed Diseali Gears color scheme to it with the album cover on front.Allen - Bethel, Ak
I agree completely with Twister, the original "cream" of the crop. As much as I liked Clapton in Derek and the Dominos, there is no surpassing him in Cream. Clapton, Jack, and Ginger are my heroes.Alex - Chelmsford, Ma
Noel from Dublin: In Jack and Ginger's previous band, the Graham Bond Organization, they actually got into a physical confrontation on stage. As I recall, Ginger threw his drumsticks at Jack's head, and Jack proceded to smash his huge double bass into Ginger's drumset. In Cream, they frequently got into verbal confrontations which were so vile that they left Clapton in tears. The only reason they agreed to be in Cream is because they admired Eric so much (and each other, at least musically).Evan - Fullerton, Ca
Hey Jimmy do you know the extent to how bad the relationship between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker.Noel - Dublin, Ireland
Cream was and stil is a great band and I saw them live at madison square garden night 2 and they rocked. I know everything about them from A-Z and if you need to know anything about them let me know BY THE WAY: TALES OF BRAVE ULYSEES WAS DONE BACK IN THE CREAM DAYS AND WHEN CLAPTON SAID THEY HADNT DONE IT BEFORE HE MEANT ON THE REUNION TOUR. A LIVE VERSION IS ON LIVE CREAM VOLUME 2Jimmy - Philadelphia, Pa
They need to add "Politician" to the website. That song is amazing! One of Jack bruce's best vocalperformances!Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
Cream is very special to me 'cause I lost my virginity while Sunshine of Your Love was playing on the Radio. Oh, Lord Almighty, what a band!!! I don't think there will ever be a Supergroup like this!Meaner - Karachi, Pakistan
Jack Bruce and Pete Brown are very underated as songwriters. Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton get all the glory.Dan - Durham, Nh
i dont think people give jack bruce enough credit he has such an amazing voice I have the Farwell on tape and i thought Sunshine of your love rockedMartin - Abington, Pa
Love cream! My favorite from would either have to be "crossroads" or "Strange Brew."Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Cream validated Rock as a "Fine Art", there has never been a trio or group for that matter that accomplished the power, beauty and passion in live performance. They defined Power Trio along with Hendrix/Experience. The independent/unity they delivered produced a wall of sound that had no pre-existing reference. They were the epitome of Original. Remember, they were the First!!!Twister - Wichita, Ks
Live Cream by far surpassed their studio work. Their magic as a band happened during the course of their live shows and jams.Ryan - Los Angeles, Ca
i love clapton...greatest guitarist ever
cant wait til the Cream reunion concerts come out on CD/DVD
Schmitty - Vienna, Va
james my friend, you are a bit off. sunshine of my love was released in 1967 whihc was the hey dya of the 60'sSam - Philadelphia, Pa
i think cream made claptons career take offWillard - Pittsfield, Il
You'll probably all know, but just in case, Cream look like they're playing concerts in the Albet Hall, London, in May. I hope it comes off!Arthur - Morpeth, England
sunshine of your love is often played in movies and tv shows when they need to set a scene in the 70's, it's that quintessential of the eraJames - Des Moines, Ia
Ginger Baker is completely original. No one played like him, then or now.Jerry - Buffalo, Ny
Cream is a GREAT band, paving the way for many other bands and leaving us with some kick ass songsShana - Pembroke, Canada
Cream is a definite top five greatest bands pick for me. Baker, though me not be the best, is a great drummer. I think he had trouble keeping up with Eric at times but nonetheless impressive. Inspried me alot being a drummer myself.Mike - Guam, Mn
Do not forget Mr. Pete Brown, the man who wrote many of the lyrics for Cream, including "Sunshine of your Love", "White Room" and "S.W.L.A.B.R."Ron - Los Angeles, Ca
Best Cream song is "Tales of Brave Ulyssyses". You gotta dig that song.Kenneth - New York, Ny
My favourite song used to be Sunshine of Your Love until Jack Bruce ruined it on Cream's farewell concert.Janet - Perth, Australia
I think Eric Clapton is the greatest guitarist of all time and Ginger Baker is the greatest drummer of all time.Janet - Perth, Australia
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