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Oct. 17, 1972

Artistfacts for Eminem

  • His real name is Marshall Mathers. "Eminem" comes from his initials, M.M.
  • He flunked the 9th grade and eventually dropped out of school.
  • Eminem has two daughters: Hailie Jade and Laney. Hailie is his biological daughter and Laney is Hailie's cousin (Eminem's ex-wife Kim's sister's daughter) who Eminem adopted. He sings about them being sisters in the song "Mockingbird" and they are both featured in the video for the song as well. (thanks, Jaimie - Telford, England)
  • Eminem was a member of the Detroit rap group D12 before he was famous. He still records with the band and released an album with them in 2001.
  • He was sentenced to probation, community service, and a fine for two incidents on the same day in 2000. In the afternoon, he pointed a gun at the road manager of The Insane Clown Posse; that night, he pistol-whipped a man he saw kissing his wife outside a nightclub.
  • He had trouble getting a visa to perform two shows in Australia in 2001. The Australian Prime Minister tried to keep him out, calling his songs "sickening and offensive."
  • For a while, he had a cartoon called "Slim Shady World" on the Internet and on DVD. He provided the voice of the title character.
  • Eminem's first album was released on a local label in 1996. Called Infinite, 1000 copies were pressed and it flopped. The following year, he released The Slim Shady EP, which found the ear of Dr. Dre and led to his deal with Aftermath Records.
  • His drugs of choice in his younger years were ecstasy and mushrooms. He says he only did cocaine once, and that was when he wrote and recorded a verse for the 1998 Kid Rock track "F--k Off," which appears on the explicit version of Rock's album Devil Without a Cause.
  • D12 member Denaun Porter (Kon Artis) produced most of Eminem's first album Infinite.
  • Eminem's first ever UK gig was in Islington and setup by Paul H of Hiphop.com. (thanks, Drew - London, UK)
  • Eminem has a younger half brother named Nathan. they are 14 years apart.
  • His mother, Debbie, was the target of many of his lyrical darts as he dissed her on songs like "My Name Is" and "Cleanin Out My Closet." She filed a lawsuit against him and they remained estranged throughout Eminem's rise to fame, but in 2013 he apologized to her on the track "Headlights," where he raps about how she didn't deserve his vitriol.
  • People often picture Eminem as always in trouble with the police. His first arrest came when he hit a police car with a paintball gun, which was portrayed in a scene from his movie 8 Mile. (thanks, Narowin - Lincolnshire)
  • Eminem's win for Best Rap Album in 2004 for The Eminem Show made him the only rap artist to win three times (previously in 2000 for The Slim Shady LP and in 2001 for Marshall Mathers LP). Instead of offering an acceptance speech when he won in 2004, he reeled off a long list of rappers who inspired him, including Ice Cube, Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J, 2Pac and Dr. Dre. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • EM considers Chris Rock the funniest man alive. His favorite character of his is Pookie from the movie New Jack City.
  • When he writes his lyrics, he starts at the corner of the paper and writes downward instead of writing on the lines. (thanks, Elma - Chennai, India, for above 2)
  • He drinks massive amounts of Diet Coke, but not out of cans. In his studio, he has a fountain dispenser, because there's no aspartame in the fountain.
  • He loves vintage video games, and is especially good at Donkey Kong. The movie The King of Kong is one of his favorites.
  • Starting in 2002, he became addicted to prescription drugs. He tried rehab in 2005, but it didn't take. In 2007, he overdosed on methadone and set out to get clean. His sober date is 4/20/2008.
  • He adopted his ex-wife Kim's daughter from a previous marriage Whitney, and the daughter of Kim's twin sister.
  • Despite his profanity-laced songs, Eminem does not allow swearing in his home. "I'm a parent; I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound as a person like walking around my house [saying] 'Bitch, pick this up!' Profanity around my house, no," Em told 60 Minutes news anchor Anderson Cooper in 2010.
  • Eminem used to spend many hours at night studying the dictionary so he could expand his vocabulary for his rhymes.
  • A 2015 report by Musixmatch named Eminem as the artist with the biggest vocabulary in music, using 8,818 different words across his work. The lyrics site analyzed the top 93 best-selling artists to determine who uses the widest range of language in their tunes. Eminem was also found to have the overall highest words per song ratio of 1018.5.
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Comments: 72

One of the best MC's out there, next to Biggie, Tupac, Nas, and many others. Raps abt real s--t, not the sugarcoated media "rap" these days. Not trying to look for recognition just trying express himself through words. Not gonna lie abt his old rap being more intense but Eminem fans gotta realize and respect that he's clean now trying to live a better life. Best of luck to Mathers inspiration to all of us tryin' to pull through some tough times. -he's made some mistakes but he's only human, but at least he's man enough to face them today"Anne - Los Angeles, Ca
i work at band b lanes in fayetteville n.c and would love to meet someone that is kinda close to my age 47 that might be able to help me to be alittle more like eminem . dress like him help me get alittle more of an attitude like him(if possible and would love to try and get abody like his about 175 lbs or even alittle less.hair i;m not sure about but would be cool also can anybody help i no it's funny coming from someone my ageBob - Fayetteville N.c., Nc
I usually hate rap...but I love Eminem's songs, because he expresses his felling's into his music...when I listen to him, he makes me actually fell good about myself...I will always love Eminem over everyother rapper, and no one can tell me other wise...Alyssa - Red Lion, Pa
eminem's new album is going to be called relapse. NOT KING MATHERS. THATS WHY HIS MIXTAPE WAS CALLED "before the relapse". NOT before king mathers. jordan from Kansas City if you are going to post something on songfacts make sure its correctTrevor - Bristol, Nh
He is coming out with a new album.
i think its called king mathers or somethin
Jordan - Kansas City, Ks
Soul Intent: Eminem (M&M back then), MC Proof, DJ Buttafingaz, and Manix.
D12:Eminem, Bizarre, Proof, Killa Hawk, Fuzz Scoata, Kuniva, Eye Kyu, Kon Artis, and Swifty.
Killa Hawk, and Eye Kyu left, and Fuzz Scoata was kicked out for dissin Bizarre.
Tru - Post Falls, Id
Omg!!! he went everywhere but Saskatoon,Sask all my life ive been waiting for him to come but no he didnt yet...Hannah - Saskatoon, Canada
hes like the elvis of rap!Paul Marlo - Perth, Australia
I love his lyrics and I respect him as an artist. Hes fun to listen to every now and them he just got way to popular way to fast. as for all the 'lo's,' and 'let's' hating emienem. I personaly think you juggahos have nothing better to do than yell 'whoop whoop' at each other and sing music that has no talent what so ever. but yeas, your just pissed em pointed a gun at that dude. thanks, Slipknot rocks
stay sic! -sic
Natas Sacrisity - Spokane, Wa
i love marshall mathers he is the best, ronnie wasnt marhall's cousin he was his uncle get ya facts right (- SarahK, baldwinsville, NY) *R.I.P Proof* think bout you 24/7 love you to bits XXXNikole - Kent, England
Eminem admits in his song Stan that most of the crap he says in his songs isn't true. He says right there, but not in this exact quote that what he says sells, so he does it.Matt - Milton, Pa
yall are just wanna be rappers or just wanna be eminem lovers. but eminem is aight but i'm not obssesed with him like that but rapping is not my life and it won't ever be i love rock and always will be but i will listen ot himm evey now and thenLeanora - Waldron , Ar
In response to what Mike from Germantown MD said, i think that rap is more than getting up infront of a microphone and talking really fast. it's a variety of feelings and ryhmes. you have to be really talented and brave to let people know the true you and Eminem does that. i personaly love eminem's music. If you don't like rap, i'm cool with that but i just don't think that it's right for you to go saying bad stuff about something you don't even know about. if you don't like rap, you shouldn't be on eminem's page anyway. FANS ONLY!! NO HATERS!!!Mollie - Warminster, Pa
em is a great rapper and an even better lyric writer-the way he flows is amazingMike - Norfolk-close To Omaha, Ne
I personally think Eminem is an fantastic artist. I loveee eminem. Some people may not like him because some of his lyrics are very offensive and violent but then again some of his song's are indeed very good and worth to listen too. Eminem talk's about real life thing that people yourself and I can relate too. He talk about situation and the thing's he go though and he isn't afraid of what people think of him, he just want to express himself. Eminem has been through alot and to be honest with you EMINEM IS A GREAT ARTIST, NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. its okay that some people hate eminem but you shouldn't post or say negative comments about somebody, I mean you aren't all that prefect or good yourself so need to understand that eminem is a good artist and you aren't him and you haven't been in his place or anybody else place that has gone through the situation so I wouldn't be talking. and AGAIN I LOVE EMINEM!Sandy - Chicago, Il
I love Eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love him because he dosnt rap all about how rich he is or how much he can buy,he raps about whats real,about waht he is goin through in his life.people only dislike him because he says whats on his mind.he is not afraid to say anything.I LOVE EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rachel - Waterford, Mi
Even though some of Eminem's music is really offensive, I respect what he is doing. I don't hate rap, bedcause there are good rappers out there. At least Eminem doesn't rap about sex all the time.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
Some rap is good! Mike I get your point, but you don't seem that familiar with rap, if you think all of it is bad. I can see why though because most of the rap out today is extremely lude. Those rappers who make that kind of music shouldn't be making music. Eminem at least has something to say about what he went through. Classic rock is my favorite kind of music, but I can see why people are eminem fans.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
first of all i absolutly love em. even though my parents hate him its understandable. I think all those ppl who hate him are idiots come on how many people can make a empire from absolutly nothing and as much as i luv his songs he's a genius for going behind the sceens i mean come on look who's he's produced what i can't wait for is WHO'S NEXT?D - Fay, Nc
what up peeps its Rabbit here.When i first heard the song mockinbird it made me cry, because of the message he's conveying to his two daughters. Also when the song "When I'm Gone" comes on it reminds me of my best friend Steve who got shot outside a club in London... RIP STEVE XXx Also to the family of d12 rapper proof, I@m so sad to hear the news. Luv Yall XxXxHayley (rabbit) - Aberdare, Wales
what would all you haters do if Eminem left the music industry?. Now that proof has died Em says he wants to take time out and be in the background instead of rapping he wants to be out of the spotlight and start producing.Hayley (rabbit) - Aberdare, Wales
if all u haters would put as much effort into life as u do into hating rap music and em i think u will find u might actually get some where in life so stop hating and do something constructiveJacob - Tweed Heads, Australia
if all u haters would put as much effort of hating rap music and em i think u will find u might actually get some where in life so stop hating and do something constructiveJacob - Tweed Heads, Australia
I Personally hate Rap and think all rappers should be in jail. Eminem and 50 Cent especially. Since when is rap "music"? It's just two notes from a machine repeated over and over while the moron at the microphone is'nt even singing! He's talking. Any idiot can geat up to a microphone and talk really fast while "phat beats" are coming from the Machine, I repeat MACHINE behind him. I don't see what kids and teens and some adults even see in these menaces that are called rappers. In my area, we have a Top 40 station that plays mostly rap and It drives me crazy! If I hear one more idiot convinced he's so gangsta just rapping word like "ho", "da club" and "whore" one more time, I am going to scream so loud that people in the next town can hear it. I HATE RAP!Mike - Germantown, Md
I kinda like the song "When I'm Gone." I heard it on MTV and the radio and decided that it kind of has a good message to it.Raven - Millville, Ut
eminem is the best rapper ever! i dont listen to rap much but when i heard some of em's songs i was like wow he's the 1st rapper that i ever heard that is good. he doesnt sing about girls, bling, money, and clubs. he sings about real life stuff and his feelings. i can relate to some stuff he says. i can feel what he's tryna say. i think no1 can ever replace eminem, not in amillion years! i just cant get over the fact that he is retiring. its sad. but hopefully he'll come back soon. i think eminem is inspiring and determined to do anything. he lets is emotions go and thats a good thing. even tho em dropped outta skool doesnt mean he's dumb. just cuz he says in a song that he wants to kill some1 doesnt mean he's gunna do it. em is just a regular human just like us. he makes mistakes sometimes just like everyone else. and even tho he may sound angry in his songs, outside of the public eye he is a nice guy. he is also very sweet to write songs about his daughters too. and yeah he's had a tough life just like most of us and the best thing is to let out your feelings and thats what em is doing. i think eminem's so brilliant. i think em is the best rapper out there and always will be. i love eminem so much, i also know alot about him. i think eminem has became at the top of the chart and he'll stay there. he has come a great way and now has currantly left us off with curtain call which may be his last album.Nikki - Brampton, Canada
Eminem is the best rapper ever! He's the only rapper I listen to. He's even the best white rapper (Better than Vanilla Ice). He doesn't sing about girls, money or clubs like other rappers. He only sings about real life situations.Jeevan - Brampton, Canada
Eminiem is the best singer that has ever lived and that is the way it will always be. I love the way he includes his daughters in his songs. Is he really going to retire.If Eminiem does retire I will probably never listen to music again.Rap will not be the same if he retires.

-CaitlynR, Conklin.NY
Caitlyn - Conklin, Nd
Eminems songs are cool. I like Just Lose It.Skeepon - Makati, Paraguay
I like how he sings about his daughter. ithink it would be koo to spend a day with him.Katie - Lansing, Mi
eminem is the best artist since tupac, and its awesome of him to still be true to his d12 buddies and not just leave them in detroit....hes got a good heart, look at all the songs he wrote for his kids, and the work he put into the tupac cds for afeni shakur....hes a good guy!!! EMINEM ROCKS MY WORLD!Breanna - Small Town, Nd
Eminem's gonna retire from Rapping?!!? YES!!!! YES!! SALVATION!I hate Rap!It's a grunting disgrace to good music.Mike - Germantown
I dont agree with any of John Howard's (the PM of Australia) policies, except his keeping eminem the hell out of our country policy. Zeppelin ruleDanny - Sydney, Australia
eminem was supposed to be doin a tour in europe but it has been cancelled becouse eminem is ill i hope he gets better and ronnie wasnt his cousin it was his uncle. i like eminems songs and i respect him because he didnt want his daughter to have the life he had.Lauren - London, Europe
What most of you seem to forget is that rap is about more than sex, drugs and alochol. It is yet another form of expression. Yes, some artist give rap a bad name, just like some artist distroy rock and pop. Eminem speaks his mind and isn't afraid to say what he wants. We should all be so brave.Kristen - Owen Sound, Canada
Sounds like a candy.Candice - Vancouver, Canada
eminem can suck my cock... which i dont have anyway (but if i did he can suck it)Andrea - Delafield, Wi
Eminem's aight. I still think Tupac is number 1. Em is close to the charts though. Funny thing is, all you mofos over here worship him. he's aight. i like his lyrics cause it depicts the actual state of most minors. he cant sing thats for sureJay Gonzalez - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Eminem is my favorite rapper since I heard that song My Name Is. Hes the best rapper because he raps out his feelings and about the people he loves.Frank - Olyphant, Pa
I am not obsessed with Eminem though I do like afew of his songs, I watched Eight Mile and I think his cute. Why I admire him is because of his determination. There were obstacles within his path but he choose to overcome them. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. Exspecially when one starts from the bottom. Life is a challenge but its how we choose to live it that matters. As Eminem said, "if u had one shoot one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted would you capture it ot just let it slip." Whatever, path he chooses I am sure he will succeed because he believes in himself. Faith is an amazing gift if used properly. Someday both Eminem and I will meet and I could congraduate him myself.Joanne - Saskatoon, Canada
hey have you guys heard that eminem is gonna retire from rapping!! i guess that he just wants to go into the producing stuff!! it sucks though cause i really like eminem and i want to hear more music from him!! write some stuff if you know more about him retiring!Molly - New York, Ny
Eminem is possibly one of the smartest MC's in the World. Yes, he has a Violent M.O., but that's what you people eat up. Look at television and movies. HELLO?! What I love most about Eminem is his sense of humor. I've been a fan since I first heard the "My Name Is" track at a club. I couldn't help but dance along with it. I love how most of you posting comments preach freedom of speech. Except with that freedom, you're only showing your ignorance and lack of aptitude and articulation. Learn to put a proper sentence together.Jason - Vancouver, Canada
Used to date Mariah Carey, and he loves his daughters.Candice - Vancouver, Canada
I love Eminem because he speaks the truth unlike some other rappers who are only out for women and drugs and other stuff. I understand how he feels, because growing up I always felt alone. I still do, but Eminem made me feel like I shouldn't take it, and he's my Role Model. He'll outlast the other rappers for sure!Olivia - New York, Ny
eminem is the bestJojo - London, England
eminem is the number 1 rapper ever and no one could ever take over Mashall Mathers.
Eminem's Full name is Mashall Bruce Mathers III and he was born on the 17/10/1972.
Shayne - Nambour, Australia

1. D12's orginal name was Soul Intent

2. It was the Slim Shady EP that caught Dre's attention, that later was produced by Dre and became the Slim Shady LP

3. D12 member Denaun Porter aka Kon Artis produced most of Eminem's first album Infinite

4. Eminem's first ever UK gig was in Islington and setup by Paul H of Hiphop.com
Drew - London, Uk, Europe
While i really hate rap and i dont think Eminem is that talented,(i dont find any rap talent, it aint that hard to talk fast over a beat), i do agree with him on some points and i think he is very intelligent, especially for only having a 9th grade education, and hes a good guy. im tired of these damn activists trying to shut down everyhting that they personally dont find appropriate. Free speech is a constitutional right, and eminem has never acted out any homophobic crimes. He himself said, if he makes a violent joke in a song and then the next line he means "im kidding, dont do that", people dont hear that part, they just want to shut him down for their personal reasons. Anyway, Eminem is unique, and thats why hes been around for so long and thats why hes been so influential in pop culture. if you notice, nearly every rapper that has come out since him has disintegrated because all they talk about is shooting ppl and having sex with women. Em talks about real problems facing the world and thats why he's here to stay, like it or notWill - Baltimore, Ma
I, too, agree with Lisa. I think Eminem is very talented, especially for only having gone to school through 9th grade. I, too, think that some of his songs are just too violent, but as long as he's not a thug and acts out what he sings, it's all good. What I find interesting is the smack-talk of the comments (especially the one with all the profanity). It appears that only a handful of people who leave comments have more than a 9th grade education and can put a sentence together. Just because you believe in freedom of speech doesn't mean that you should put people down with yours. The world would be a much better place if we could all get along -- and, if you REALLY think about it, Eminem tries (in an albeit indirect manner, at least in my opinion) to say the same thing in some of his lyrics.Lisa - Manchester, Ct
Thank you, Lisa. That's exactly it... you don't like Eminem's violent songs, turn 'em off. I don't like most of them (with the exception of "Kill You"... I hate the content of that song, but I love the beat and Em's rap). Eminem is actually one of my favourite rappers (not that he has much competition... I don't listen to rap)because of songs like White America and Sing for the Moment. You really can't deny his skill either.Chris - Oshawa, Canada
Eminem is more than just rap; he can appeal to all people. I'm a rock/metal fan but I can't deny his impact and talent. 50 Cent on the other hand is terible; he's a disgrace to the hip-hop world!Tom - Trowbridge, England
I am a 35 year old mother and wanted to add my 2 cents. Eminem is a very talented artist and I love the messages of Lose Yourself and Stan. I'm impressed that Eminem can make fun of himself in videos like My Name Is and Without Me. However there are quite a few songs that are just too violent to listen to. So you know what? I don't listen to those songs. It's that simple.Lisa - Lafayette, Co
Eminem is the hotest thing alive. he is such a hunk for those people that dont like eminem they can get over it eminem is the bomb.Emily - Barco, Nc
Eminem is a geenius and he is very talented. He is the greatest rapper ever.Alix - Red Hook, Ny
Carrie, I probable hate Eminem more than you do, but I think that bands like Led-Zeppelin have influenced today's music more than Michael Jackson ever will. That being said, if Michael Jackson had been wiped off of the face of the earth before anybody even knew he had talent, I don't think most modern music would be too much different.Zach - ..., Pa
Eminen is da bomb! if yall dont know that there is something seriously wrong with you! i love eminem especially "just lose it"!!!Someone - At****r, Ca
Marshall Mathers went to Robidoux a school here in St. joe mo in 1986... He was in a teachers class called Mr. Bunker.. Mr. Bunker has relieved more than a long year 30 years at robidoux junior high... And was very happy to have marshall in his class. I think Marshall Is hot...

Angel - St. Joe, Mo
I think Eminem is an unsung hero he influenced my life so much(in a possitive way) every time he sings it feels like he is talking directly to me and it feels like we have loads in common.if it wasn't 4 him i'd b dead or in a gutter/homeless but now i listened to his songs i feel i'm not the only one who gets s--t in thier life and i'm not alone and i'm 200% calmer than i used to be.
Thankyou Marshall
Timee - Swindon, England
i hatehatehatehate eminem i think he is so disrespectful to everyone, especially michael jackson. id like to remind u that without michael jackson music would be so different and that everyone has problems but that doesnt mean we have to humiliate them on television.Carrie - Somewhere, Wa
If anyone calls superman, tell him Namelis said come to cleveland to find Spider-Mans domain. Warner Road! Warner Road!Namelis - Cleveland, Oh
eminem is the greatest rapper ever...i've loved him since grade5....i love this guy! he has the guts to say wutever he wants wenever he wants and i respect that 100percent!..eminem is like a rap mastermind. his lyrics are soo good and personal i can never get sick of his songs...n e one readin this im tellin u now, go buy his records it'll be the best muzic u've ever heard!
i love eminem! payce
Kels - Maple Ridge, Canada
I personaly love him. He's a great guy with alot of talent and the guts to speak his mind. Not alot of people can't do that.Alot of people don't know what it is like to be Eminem and how it would be like to live his life but it's hard trust me I know perfectly well and believe me it's not something you'd like to experience and if you do well.... ur just INSANE!!!Chelsea - Canada, Canada
Eminem is a truely talented artist, i realy respect him for his music and i admire him for having the guts to speak his mind and bear his soul to the worldChris - Peachtree, Ga
Eminem has had a hard life, just like many of us have had. He was harrassed in school, caught sh*t when he got home, and was always told he would not amount to anything. I think he is brilliant. Granted, some of his lyrics are harsh and "inhumane" but I'd rather him sing about it and express his emotions through music than act them out. Singing is a form of self-expression and no one has a right to degrade him because of his opinions and beliefs. I can't wait to see what he comes out with next!!Lori - Marion, Va
Eminem is the true test of free speech. If you can let him say what he feels and not censor him, you truly believe in free speech. How many truly pass that test?Susan - Pleasant Grove, Ut
Eminem writes all his lyrics from the top-left corner of the paper down. He also refuses to use the word 'nigger' in any his songs and despises Moby. I think Eminem is a good artist, but a real white-trash productScott Evans - Bradford, Finland
eminem is the greatest rapper ever ( besides tupac) he is a genius at everything he says and he devotes a lot of time and effort into his albums and all of his time studyin the dictionary payed off . i love him wit all of my heart and i always will jus like my tattoo will in a few years and i would give my life for this man. and for all of you out there who think im psyco, im not i just love him and everything he does and i always will.
hailie-j 12
Haley - Cleveland, Oh
Eminem is the greatest guy ever. i admire him because he goes through so much crap in his life and he stands strong. his music comes from his heart, and thats what makes him special. he shouldent be hated for saying what he feels. he should be treated better than that, he's a tough guy goin through for what he has, and standing strong.Danny - Huntsville, Al
Talent....It takes words like this and more to describe Eminem! From his music to his producing, Mad talent there! His song come at ya cause they are from the heart and from his life! So what if he offends certian ppl, that is why there is the FREEDOM OF SPEACH BABY!!! I will NEVER stop loving his music or admiring him for whatever he does! YOU GO MARSHALL!!!Michelle - Philadelphia, Pa
eminem wants 2 follow in the footsteps of his mentor(dr dre) he wants to produce...and says the only way to take him out of the studi0,is if hed die..he hopes in the future that he is recongnized as a procucerMary - Philadelphia, Pa
Eminem's best and only friend was his cousin Ronny. Ronny was into rapping and tought Eminem how to rap. Ronny always wanted to get somewhere with rapping but he died still young. Eminem was determined not to let his cousin down and he continued rapping.Sarahk - Baldwinsville, Ny
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