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February 13, 1976

Artistfacts for Feist

  • Feist is the stage name of the female Pop singer Leslie Feist. She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Though known more for her Folk-Pop sound, Feist got her start playing in a Punk band when she was in high school. The band shared its name, Placebo, with a popular glam-grunge band from the UK.
  • Feist toured with Placebo for five years, during which time she strained her voice and was told that she might not sing again. After taking a break, she joined Divine Right as their touring guitarist. Feist recorded her first solo album while touring North America with Divine Right.
  • Feist's solo debut, Monarch (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head) was released in 1999. Her next studio albums were Let it Die in 2004, 2007's The Reminder, and Metals, released in 2011.
  • Feist has performed and appeared on albums with the Toronto-based indie rock band Broken Social Scene.
  • Despite having her feet firmly rooted in punk rock, Feist is best known for her poppy, dreamy folk sound, including the hit song "1234," featured in an Apple commercial in 2007 and rocketing her into the public's collective musical awareness.
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