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Fleetwood Mac

Peter Green(guitar, vocal)1967-1970
John McVie(bass)1967-
Mick Fleetwood(drums)1967-
Jeremy Spencer(guitar, vocals)1967-1970
Danny Kirwan(guitar, vocals)1968-1972
Christine Perfect(keyboards, vocals)1970-1994; 1996-1998, 2014-
Bob Welch(guitar, vocals)1971-1974
Bob Weston(guitar)1972-1973
Dave Walker(vocals, guitar)1972-1973
Lindsey Buckingham(guitar, vocals)1974-1987; 1996-
Stevie Nicks(vocals)1974-1993; 1996-
Billy Burnette(guitar, vocals)1987-1993; 1994-1995
Rick Vito(guitar, vocals)1987-1991
Dave Mason(guitar, vocals)1994-1995
Bekka Bramlett(vocals)1994-1995

Artistfacts for Fleetwood Mac

  • Christine Perfect married John McVie shortly after joining the band. She is now known as Christine McVie. They divorced in 1976.
  • Peter Green named the band after Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, but McVie didn't join the band until 4 months after they formed, as he was playing with The Bluesbreakers at the time. Green wanted to stay out of the spotlight, which is why he named the band after the rhythm section.
  • Fleetwood, Green, and McVie were all disciples of Blues guitarist John Mayall.
  • Their debut performance was at the British Jazz and Blues Festival in August 1967.
  • On their first American tour, Fleetwood Mac was billed third behind Jethro Tull and Joe Cocker.
  • When Green left the group, he declared money to be evil and gave it all away, and then got a job as a gravedigger.
  • Fleetwood was originally in a band called Shotgun Express, which had Rod Stewart as their vocalist.
  • Spencer disappeared and joined a religious cult called the Children of God (later the name of his 1973 solo album) in 1971. When he was found, his head had been completely shaved.
  • Perfect had sung with Spencer Davis and was a member of the blues band Chicken Shack when she started working with Fleetwood Mac. She had been named "Top Female Vocalist by Melody Maker."
  • Manager Clifford Davis sent out a fake version of Fleetwood Mac on tour in 1973. It was centered around Weston and Walker. The real band got an injunction and stopped them from playing as Fleetwood Mac. They changed their name to Stretch. Mick Fleetwood took over most managing responsibilities for Fleetwood Mac.
  • Welch left the group to form Paris.
  • Buckingham and Nicks had played together in Fritz for five years, and then recorded a duet album together before joining the band.
  • Nicks was always prone to throat nodes, which made touring a little difficult.
  • The Visitor LP was recorded in Ghana with African musicians.
  • The Rumours-era line-up briefly reunited to perform Bill Clinton's theme song "Don't Stop" at his inaugural celebration, but didn't officially get back together until 1996.
  • Bramlett is the daughter of Delaney and Bonnie, whose sidemen performed in Derek & the Dominos with Eric Clapton, who played John Mayall before Peter Green joined him. Five degrees of separation.
  • Mason enjoyed a healthy solo career and has been in Traffic, Blind Faith, and Delaney and Bonnie (before Bekka was born).
  • They have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.
  • Fleetwood has played drums for Spinal Tap.
  • Fleetwood was the inspiration for the muppet character "Animal." They do look alike.
  • Mick Fleetwood's signature is that on the third verse of a song, he extends his drum fill over the bar to the second beat of the next phrase. He does this in several songs: "Everywhere," "Gypsy" and "Go Your Own Way" are a few. (thanks, Dave - Leesburg, VA)
  • In their early years, Fleetwood Mac was known for raucous stage behavior, and were even banned from the Marquee club in London. One of their tricks was squirting milk-filled condoms at the crowd.
  • When you hear the names Lindsey and Stevie, you're not sure of the gender, are you? Their record company didn't know either, and mixed up the names in a 1975 ad for the band in Billboard magazine.
  • Christine McVie dated Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys in the late '70s. He had a heart-shaped garden installed at her home as a surprise.
  • Christine McVie retired from the band and moved back to England following Fleetwood Mac's reunion tour in 1997. She refused to rejoin them for any of their subsequent concert treks until she made a couple of guest appearances during their September 2013 concerts in London. It was announced in January 2014 that McVie had rejoined the band.
  • In a 2013 interview with BBC Radio 4, Stevie Nicks painted a picture of her relationship with McVie. "Both of us in a man's world, from the very beginning, we made a pact that we would be a force of nature together. And we were," Nicks said. "We had a lot of power when there were two of us. That wasn't really so noticeable to us because we just had it until she left. And then when she left I realized how much power we had when she was there, and how when she left she took 50% of the power with her… I felt powerless in many ways." (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • Lindsay Buckingham's brother, Greg, was a competition swimmer. He won a silver medal in the men's 200-meter individual medley at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.
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Comments: 24

Peter Green is like the Brian Wilson of Fleetwood Mac. Same with Danny Kirwan.Dana - Woodbury, Mn, Mn
Don't forget Bob Brunning was a member of Fleetwood Mac in the very early days. He was only a member for a very short time before John McVie. He wrote a rather long book about his experience although he was short lived.George - Cornwall, Ny
I have the album BUCKINGHAM NICKS, which was released in 1973. Got it transferred to digital because it might never be issued on CD. Pretty good album, but mostly foreshadows what would happen after they joined Fleetwood Mac.Barry - New York, Nc
I can't believe that Danny Kirwin hasn't been discussed here,any true Fleetwood Mac fan should be ashamed of themselves for not mentioning him. With the exception of Peter Green, Danny was a very important member of FM. Just listen to Kiln House which was recorded after Peter's departure. His songwriting and guitar work are magnificant. He had some problems but who doesn't, His early work playing along side Peter is also very intense and he deserves alot of credit for the success of that band. I understand that he just wander's around London these day's another tragic casuality of drugs and alcohol, which has ruined the live's of so people.Jerry - Los Angeles, Ca
Is Peter Green same as Peter Greenbaum listed as Peter Baum at Jewsrock.org ?Donna - College Station, Tx
Marlow, I had forgotten another group that had 16 different members in their lineup- 'King Crimson'. Some of the members that were included in that group are Ian McDonald, who went on to play for 'Foreigner'; Bill Bruford, who incidently was a drummer for 'Yes'; John Wetton, who later became the lead vocalist/bassist for 'Asia; and Greg Lake, of 'Emerson, Lake, and Palmer'.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
Marlow from Perth, while Fleetwood Mac has had at least 15 different musicians/vocalists in their lineup, the group YES had 14. But YES also had many more of them rejoin the group- Check out their Artistfact.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
Does anyone recall a song from the 1970's entitled "Ebony Eyes"? It was recorded by Bob Welch- which I reckon is the same former band member.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
The "Fake Fleetwood Mac" was NOT "centered around Weston & Walker". No member, past present or future, of Fleetwood Mac was involved in Clifford Davies' phony Fleetwood Mac folly.Steve - Anaheim, Ca
The Muppet character of Animal was actually based on Keith Moon of The Who.Kazryn - Potters Bar, England
This band really had a lot of problems didn't theyJohnny - Los Angeles, Ca
I have to add this story from the Bekka Bramlett / Dave Mason incinarmation of this band. When I saw the band in concert with this stevie nicksless configuration, as Bramlett, a dead on Nicks impersonater if ever there was one, was onstage, a drunk was being escorted out of the Nissan Pavilion near Washington. He was arguing with the Police when he said "let me ask you a question...if I put on a badge, a hat like that, and dress up in something like that uniform .... what are you going to do to me?" the officer replied "arrest you for impersonating an officer"..when the drunk said even louder..."then you've got to arrest that woman onstage for the impersonation of stevie nicks she's doing right now if there is any justice."Scutter - Harrisonburg, Va
i dont think ive seen some many changes to the musicians in one band! AMAZING..Marlow - Perth
John Mcvie is the greatest bassist ever. They are the greatest group ever, as long as they have lindsey buckingham with them. He is what makes the awesome. The rumours album was fueled by cocaine and pure hatred for each other, while say you will is fueled by forgiveness and regret. I'm 13 and I've never heard any better music in my lifetime.Rick - Humboldt, Ia
Lindsey Buckingham left Fleetwood Mac in 1987 after a violent confrontation with Stevie Nicks. Stevie carried on to make 1990's Behind the Mask but left in 1992 after she was outraged by Fleetwood's "tell all" biography.Chris - Leeds, England
great song, love the sound. heard it on forest gump.Corey - Woodstock, Vt
McVie is an awesome bassist! Great bass on all Fleetwood Mac records, especially Rumours.Chris Labenne - Niles, Oh
Hey, Jared, I doubt Stevie's ever been to Vancouver. She was born in Phoenix, AZ. That's where she lives now. Her father worked for Armor Hotdogs and Greyhound bus. Never any brewing companies....Chris - Downers Grove, Il
I met Stevie Nicks backstage while I was working security at the Erwin Center in Austin, Tx. I remember this meeting because I was working on a crazy engineering graphing problem from school and I asked her to autograph the back of the graph paper. She also asked the roadies to bring me out some food. An incident of more than 20 years ago left a lasting impression on me. Thanks StevieBrian - Corpus Christi, Tx
Actually, John McVie is not a founding member of Fleetwood Mac. Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood tried to convince him to join their group but he was hesitant to leave the Bluesbreakers and so for a very short time Bob Brunning was Fleetwood Mac's bassist.Chris - Bluffton, Sc
Stevie Nicks Is Actually origionally From Vancouver Canada, where her father was a high ranking exec for a national brewing company.Jared - Winnipeg, Canada
The original line-up recorded "Then Play On" in 1970. They were a blues-based band. Their first gig was in the summer of 69 at the British Jazz and Blues Festival. Peter Green wrote "Black Magic Woman" which Carlos Santana turned into a number one hit. From this album came the blues/rock muscular workouts "Oh Well" a nine minute opus,"Searching for Madge" amd "Fighting for Madge." Get this album.Don - Pittsburgh, Pa
For their Rumors tour, they spent thousands of dollars on an inflatable penguin but only used it once.Christine - Chicago, Il
Stevie Nicks is from AZ and has a home in Sedona, AZ as well.Brooke - Sedona, Az
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