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Guns N' Roses

Axl Rose (William Bailey)(vocals)1985-
Slash (Saul Hudson)(guitar)1985-1995
Duff McKagan(bass)1985-1997
Izzy Stradlin(guitar)1985-1991
Steve Adler(drums)1985-1990
Matt Sorum(drums)1990-1998
Dizzy Reed(keyboards)1990-
Gilby Clarke(guitar)1991-1994
Tommy Stimson(bass)1998-
Chris Pitman(keyboards)1998-
Richard Fortus(guitar)2001-
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal(guitar)2006-2014
Frank Ferrer (drums)2006-
DJ Ashba(guitar)2006-2015

Artistfacts for Guns N' Roses

  • Rose was married to Erin Everly, the daughter of Don Everly, from April 1990 until the marriage was annulled in January, 1991. They met in 1986 and had a very tumultuous relationship that ended in court proceedings and allegations of abuse. In a 1994 People magazine profile, Everly claimed that Axl beat her repeatedly and even removed the doors to their home so he could keep an eye on her. She sued him in 1994 after she was called to testify in a lawsuit brought by Axl's ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour, which alleged similar abuse. Everly later dated David Arquette before disappearing from public life.
  • Rose and Stradlin formed the band. They took their name from two bands they used to play in, L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose.
  • Axl Rose had a persistent stalker. Her name is Karen Jane McNeil, and she claimed to communicate with Rose through telepathy.
  • "Axl Rose" is an anagram of "Oral Sex."
  • Slash played on Michael Jackson's albums Dangerous, Invincible, and HIStory. He also played at Jackson's 2001 reunion shows in New York City.
  • Their first gigs were in Seattle. About 100 miles outside of Los Angeles, their van broke down, so they hitchhiked to Seattle, where they played 5 sparsely attended shows.
  • Slash got his nickname from a family friend because he was always in a hurry.
  • In 2001, Rose reformed the band with all new members - he was allowed to keep the name because he owns the rights. He played with various versions of the new group over the next few years, working on Chinese Democracy, which was finally released in 2008.
  • Slash's first guitar was a one-stringed acoustic. When he was 15 his grandmother gave him a electric Les Paul copy. (thanks, Alex - Little Rock, AR)
  • Early in their career, they lived in a small apartment in Los Angeles they called Hell House because of alcohol, drugs, girls and all manner of sin. (thanks, Micha - Opole, Poland)
  • Before taking up guitar, Slash was mainly interested in BMX riding and competed at a professional level. (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)
  • McKagan's pancreas exploded in 1994 because of his severe drinking habits. He has been sober ever since and now sticks to non-alcoholic beer.
    After this incident, he started taking economics classes to better understand his residuals, and he became an expert on the subject, getting his own monthly financial column for Playboy.com in 2009. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • The "Guns" part of their name comes from Tracii Guns, who is a guitarist that was with the band when they first formed, but left before they settled on a name. Guns later formed the band L.A. Guns.
  • Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin were both native from the small town of Lafayette, Indiana, which Axl has described as very "close-minded." Asked about small town values, Axl replied: "That's a load of s--t."
  • Steve Adler was the first to leave the band, getting kicked out in 1990 when his drug abuse got out of control. He sued the band, claiming he was owed royalties and that the other members exasperated his downward spiral. At the trial, a lawyer asked Duff McKagan about "The Spaghetti Incident," referring to the drugs Adler kept in a refrigerator when the band was rehearsing in Chicago. That phrase became the name of the band's 1993 album. The case was settled, with Adler receiving $2.5 million.
  • In the summer of 1988, they toured as Aerosmith's opening act. It was a thrill for G N' R, since they idolized Aerosmith, and the bands got along great. At first, a system was put in place to keep the bands separated, since Aerosmith had been through rehab and their management didn't want them around drugs and alcohol. As the tour progressed, a mentor relationship formed among the bands, as Aerosmith saw their young selves in Guns N' Roses. By the end of the tour, Guns was getting more media attention; Rolling Stone sent a crew to do a story, and Aerosmith was dismayed to find out it was Guns N' Roses who would be on the cover, not them.
  • Before he joined Guns 'N Roses, Axl Rose was so hard up for cash that he joined a UCLA medical study where he was paid $8 an hour to smoke cigarettes.
  • Slash told UK's Metro newspaper that Guns N' Roses 1989 concert at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas was the worst gig he's ever done. He recalled: "It was horrific. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and the band didn't have enough experience to handle it properly. It was a huge disaster in front of 65,000 people. We fell apart on stage. It's stuck with me ever since."
  • Slash's father, Anthony Hudson, is an English artist who created album covers for musicians, including several for Joni Mitchell. Slash recalled to NME: "I remember as a kid him having all the artwork spread out around the lounge in our house when he was working on them."
  • Axl Rose has developed a reputation for being temperamental and difficult to work with, but those who worked with him often praise him as well, noting his talents as a lyricist and singer. In our interview with Matt Sorum, he said: "When we got to the studio, we had a great experience together, and he was always very kind to me up until the machine got crazy. When the machine got crazy, everybody got crazy. He's one of the greatest, most talented frontmen I've ever been behind. I've never seen anybody be able to hold an audience of 50,000 people like he can."
  • According to information put together by Concert Hotels.com, Axl Rose has a greater vocal range than any other popular music singer. The Guns N' Roses vocalist has sung notes that span more than 5 octaves, and just a few semitones under 6 octaves. They range from the high of an F1 (in "There Was A Time") to the low of a B flat 6 ("Ain't It Fun"). This is a greater range than Mariah Carey who has managed to span the slightly smaller gap between F2 and G7 on her recordings and Prince whose has reached both a B6 and an E2.
  • Some of the band members keep up collections in their spare time. Axl Rose collects antique crucifixes, and Slash collects snakes.
  • Axl Rose does a voice for the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2)
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Comments: 78

OK here is the actual original line up:

Pre-1985 (Hollywood Rose) Axl And Tracii Combined Surnames Which Gives Guns N' Roses (Slash,Duff & Steven Where In Road Crew around This Time and various other bands)

W. Axl Rose
Tracii Guns
Izzy Stradlin
Ole Beich
Rob Gardner

After this it was Axl, Izzy, Duff, Slash & Steven
Then Axl, Izzy (To be replaced by Gilby Clarke During Uyi World Tour), Slash, Duff, Dizzy Reed & Matt Sorum.

Slash walked out in '95 (due to the unfair dismissal of Gilby and also because Axl brought in Paul "Tobias" Huge without consulting the rest of the band on either topic) and Duff left in '97.

Then you get the line-Up Axl, Dizzy, Tommy Stintson, Buckethead, Josh Freese, Chris Pitman, Paul "Tobias"Huge

Albums (In-case you don't remember them and release years)

Live?!*@Like A Suicide - 1985 (Only 5000 prints were made on Uzi Suicide Label this is either why you can't find it or possibly (depending on financial situation afford it)
Appetite For Destruction - 1987
GNR Lies - 1988
Use Your Illusion 1 - 1991
Use Your Illusion 2 - 1991
The Spaghetti Incident - 1993
Live Era 87-93 - 1999
Greatest Hits - 2004
Chinese Democracy - 2008
next album is predicted to be the end of 2012/2013 but i wouldn't hold your breath

I Have Loved This Band Since I Was 5 years old (No Joke) So I know A s--t Load About Them I'm Practically A Walking GNR Encyclopedia.
Gnrking86 - Ramsgate, United Kingdom
Guns n Roses got its name from a former member named Tracy Guns. Axl Rose and Tracy Guns put their names together.Joe - Norristown, Pa
No offense to you big GNR fans, but I think Axl couldn't sing for his life live at a concert. If he could sing they would be my favorite band.Vince - Long Island, Ny
3 of the song off of Sebastian Bach's new album "Angel Down" have Axl Rose singing.
I heard a cover of "Back in the saddle again"
The vocals were GREAT!! no body covers Steven Tyler and comes out winning. But it was so good.
Guns N' Roses was the preband for Aerosmith back in the 80's
Joshua - Chapel Hill, Nc
Best Band Ever!!
This year marks the 20th anniversary of GnR's first album, "Appetite For Destruction" it was a perfect record. Axl Rose's downfall that every record after that had to be a #1 hit to.
Joshua - Chapel Hill, Nc
Chinese Democracy better kick A** b/c we've been waiting way to long!!!Samantha - Missouri, Mo
I'm only 14 and I am the biggest gnr fan EVER. I only wish I could of been around in the 80's. Nobody understands me they're just in to that new rap crap and I HATE it. (Bring back the old GNR!)Samantha - Missouri, Mo
Thinking that Axl Rose was a driving force of GNR would be like stating that Bill Wyman was a huge factor behind the Rolling Stones's success. Axl is simply an a**hole who reminds me of David Lee Roth- someone that thinks that they are a 'one-man show'. David Lee Roth isn't sh!t without Van Halen- and Axl Rose couldn't lead a band of kazoo players at a grade school. The only drawback to Velvet Revolver is that Scott Weiland is about as big of a fairy as Tinkerbell- but he still can rock.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
Hi I am Lilash from Nepal, I love Guns N' Roses.
Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steve, Matt, Dizzi, Gilby Plz reunite rock world by your garden of eden.
We know that "nothing lasts forever even cold November rain". But make GNR immortal by your song.
Lilash - Kathmandu, Ca
Guns n Roses is dead without Slash.Kelly - Philadelphia, Pa
I think Axl should definitely try to get the old GnR back together it will never be the same without duff and Slash you couldn't get a better guitarist or bass player. I've heard a lot of music and I havn't found any yet!!! Axl is definitely a DICK-tator.Kennie - Roseburg, Or
GnR will never be the same without SLASH and duff they were the best.Kennie - Roseburg, Or
I'm 15 and I am GUTTED that I missed all the live shows when Guns were at their best.Jack - Yeovil ( Small Town), England
I read an article on the web and it was imposing that Seymour died by suicide. Hence the mirror effect in her casket in the video, head trauma victims use this to make their face look good. She thought her man was cheating on her in the video Don't cry but he married her anyways and after she died they came out with the song Estranged which is his life after she died and how he struggled.Denise - Shelbyville, Ky
I went to see Guns n Roses (well, Axl and his new band) a couple of months ago in London. Am SO disappointed with them. Axl kept us waiting for over two hours in an theatre with NO air con, No windows and thousands of angry punters. True, he rocked when he FINALLY came on - but its just not cricket to have kept the fans waiting for that long in such intense heat. Only caught 40 mins of the show in the end as we had to leave to catch the last tube home.
Shame on you Axl!!!
Sarah - Midlands, England
Old Guns n' roses are highly unlikey to get back together but how great would it be if they did WOW i love guns n' roses there my favorite band there raw and tough axl has a wonderful pitch and tone slash does talking guitar that speaks to my heart
Katie - Phelps, Ky
GnR might be going on tour this September. That's what l like to hear. On Serius they say Duff is the only one comin back, but if Slash came back too I would go crazy waiting to see the show. If anyone knows anything about November Rain and how the chick dies let me know. I just got Welcome to the Videos and its one of the koolest DVD's I'll ever buy.John - King Of Prussia, Ri
I agree The old Guns n Roses was the best and will always be but it will never be the same without all the original members they must agree they had some good times. And they were so popular just think how popular they would be if they all got together again.Francesca - London, England
My late teenage years wouldn't have been the same without GNR.Marlow - Perth
Guns n Roses has changed my life. I first heard Appetite about 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I still like the new GnR (even if it does change every 5 minutes) and I like Velvet Revolver (even though Scott is so up himself), but they will never compete with the old GnR which is what everyone really wants. I hope the rumours of late are true that the original band might be reforming! Oh and why is everyone so hard on Axl, I know he has acted like a bit of a jerk but I've been a lead singer an it's hard work. Besides try running a band when all the other members are constantly strung out.Li - Worthing, England
I absolutely love guns n roses. They are my favorite band ever!!! What sucks is that if it weren't for the musical revolution that was caused by Nirvana, then GNR would probably still be together. Music was changing, and that scared Axl, and he felt that they needed to change if they were going to survive successfully. That's one theory of why Axl became a dictator to the rest of the band. They really need to get back together because today's music sucks. It's all computerized. They have NO talent. None of them. Especially modest mouse, Franz Ferdinand (or w/e), and the Killers. they allll suck with their techno, prep-rock crap. why do we have to live in a decade with such sucky music?Mal - Richmond, Va
Just so you guys know, Bob Dylan wrote Knockin on Heaven's Door. But I do like their version a lot better.Blah - Edmonton, Canada
I Love Guns N Roses! I am 15 years old and I am so mad that I wasn't really old enough or born for most of their great songs when they were all still together! They are my fav band! But music now SUCKS! its all full of creepy weird horrible stuff! we need to bring back 80s and 70s music!Lacie - Whitefish, Mt
"Guns N' Roses will never be the same because it ain't the same pepole. Axl Rose should have picked a new name for his new band"
I agree. I don't like the new GNR because it's not the same as listening to their old stuff. Without Slash they're nothing
Richie - Philadelphia, Pa
Axl Rose should have picked a new name for his new band. Now compare the bands they ain't the same and they never will be unless they get the old band back together.Samantha - Windham, Oh
I love GnR. They are the greatest of all time. Axl has a great voice and Slash is the best guitarist I have ever heard just nobody in the world can play like him. Sweet Child o Mine, November Rain and Knockin on Heaven's Door are my favourite songs. Hope to see the band reunited someday. Tll then... PATIENCE.Chetan - Cardiff, Wales
Evan, Philadelphia, PA....you wanna know when Adler was kicked out...

July 11th, 1990

his last show was June 21st, 1990 at the fourth Farm Aid in Indianapolis.....

He was an amazing drummer and if he would have stayed he would be considered in the top 7 drummer in my opinion....
Dan - Brick, Nj
GnR has always rocked. But how many listened to the music to hear Duff or Slash. It's the lead vocals that make the band. And I like Slash alot, but Buckethead is a way better player. If you don't believe me just listen to some of his solos. Too bad he left to. Keep waiting for the new album. It will be great, even the ex band members think so. Give the new guys a chance, it's not the same, but they're still great.Talbott - Medicine Hat, Canada
Oh yeah, so is rocket queen!Alex - Glendale, Az
GnR was one of those bands that made you assured that rock wasn't dead. I must have been in the dark, because I didn't know Axl was still making music. I'll go check it out.Elliot - St. Louis, Mo
I broke my brother's fingers for touching my Guns n' Roses because he was going to break my CDs. I have all of them it took me about 4 years to get them. When I get older I'm getting Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steven, Matt, And Gilby Clark tatted on my body!Ashley - Windham, Oh
I love their rock ballads; "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and "Don't Cry". Guns N' Roses really rock because their music always sticks in our heads and the lyrics in our minds for ever. That's why when some one listens to them for the first time, this first time is never the last.Rayan - Lincoln, England
It is a shame Dizzy Reed (Keyboards/Piano) is the most unpopular band member in Guns N' Roses - He is always been in shadow as he joined the band too late in 1990 and I think that Guns N' Roses could have been a better band if he was with them right from the beginning because you can record 25 Guitar parts on top of each other and still nothing can replace the Piano. Dizzy Reed is fenomenal. He is still in the new Guns N' Roses and I think that this is a good move from Axl Rose to keep him because he makes the music more complicated by giving it more texture with better quality sound effects.Rayan - Lincoln, England
Everybody who's young loves Guns n Roses. My 15 year old cousin loves Guns n Roses. My bedroom is starting to look like a Guns n Roses bedroom.Samantha,columbus - Windham,ohio, Oh
I'm 13 I love Guns N Roses. For me it ain't going to change but my family has diffrent thoughts. I have an 15y ear old T-shirt and banner from their concert in 1992. I have all of the CDs. For my 13th birthday I got a Guns N Roses DVD. I got half of my stuff from my dad and his friend. Any time I get I work on my bedroom door which has Guns N Roses all over it.Samantha,columbus - Windham,ohio, Oh
Hi, my name's Tony (TJ) I'm 13 and me and my 5 friends are probably the only people who have good taste in music, the problem nowadays is that all hard rock bands have drifted away and GNR was the last one alive! Every day on thee radio I never hear anything but punk music its like a wannabe for real rock. But now velvet revolver it may have Slash but it's drifting slowly into punk rock. And Axl said that he wanted to change the music direction. But you can't just keep wishing that GNR will get back together. Now imagine what a tragedy it would be if Aerosmith broke up!Tj - Waterdown, Canada
I love the guns n roses they make amazing songs. Slash is great too, I think he makes the best solos.Dan - Waldwick, Nj
Guns N Roses is my all time favorite band and Sweet Child o Mine is my fave song.Mia - Wellston, Mi
When's this new CD being released? I want to see if Axl's new backup band can even compete with the old band. Axl did have times when he acted like a jerk. You gotta dig the Axl dance!!!!! Slash is awesome too, what a guitar player!!!! He has the coolest sounding guitar in music!!! Velvet Revolver has good guitar playing but bad vocals!! they need to join up with Axl again. Maybe he's matured a little more with age and won't act like a jerk to the band again! I'm pissed at Sheryl Crow for destroying Sweet Child O' Mine. That was the greatest song ever!!!!Billy Storey - Boston , Ma
Gnr was great but Axl was and always will be an ass. What kind of a member doesn't even turn up for gigs on time!Jd - Delhi, India
One time at a concert Axl got to drunk and the crowd couldn't hear him so a riot started. Axl got to mad about every thing that he quit. Now slash and everyone went there too.Jarred - Daytona, Fl
Can anyone please tell me the exact date in 1990 that Stephen Adler was kicked out of the band? And in what city he played his last concert with GnR? thanks!!Evan - Philadelphia, Pa
Guns rawks! Why did they have to break up! But well what's done is done. They were great while it lasted. They really well liked in Singapore. I'm only 15 and I seriously think we are missing out on good music. The music of today ain't as good as what it was in the 70's and late 80's.Navin - Singapore, Singapore
I view Guns N' Roses the same way I view Van Halen. As far as I'm concerned, Van Halen ended when Roth left. As far as I'm concerned, Guns N' Roses ended when the band broke up. All it is now is a mere shadow of what it was. It'll never amount to the greatness it had previously achieved.Randy - Fords, Nj
Hello to Emily you're not the only girl who likes Guns and Roses. I've just turned 13 and luv e'm. November Rain rocks all the songs rock and eny1 who dosen't like them are mad. Big smiles Dixie Boo England.Dixie Boo - England, England
Guns n Roses will never be what it used to be!
I would give anything to have the boys back together for one last concert. I love Dont Cry and November Rain, (My girlfriend does too) (If Ya know what I mean!!) grrrr...
John - Castleton, Vt
Guns N' Roses R O C K S!!!
Face It...
The album are on the way, I just know...
I hope...
Don't give op!
But, Velvet Revolver is Ok to..
I think, that Axl should try to get 'the others' back in the band...
I miss the OLD Guns N' Roses...!
Anne - Erewrewrerw, Denmark
OK people. Listen to me c a r e f u l l y. Chinese Democracy is never going to come out, so just give it up already. It was supposed to come out in 2001 or 2002, and now it's March of 2005 and there's still no CD. give it up, really. Just wait for the new Velvet Revolver CD to come out.Matt - River Vale, Nj
I'm 16 love cars now. I'm at highschool (year 11 uk). I've found out my new mates (who also like cars) love Guns n Roses. My best mate loves slash and I'm growing my hair long so i can be styled as Axl. I love his attitude, that's what makes him great.Tom - Dawlish Devon Uk, England
Hey I'm 13 too and I love GnR!! Me and about 3 other people in my grade are the only ones who actually have good taste in music at my school.Emily - Buffalo, Ny
Hey Emily from Montreal, I'm 13 as well as that other guy and i love guns n roses more then him.Jacob - Adelaide, Fl
G 'n' R are the best and always will be but.... Axl is wrong for going out and making the new album no one can beat Slash's guitar and it wont sound the same.Chris - Somewhere, Australia
I love GNR! I wish that the album would get done soon. I really want to hear. I think Axl has a great voice. I wish Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Matt or Steven were still in the band.Jammie - Deckerville, Mi
I think it's awesome how Velvet Revolver is Guns n Roses and Stone Temple Pilots combined, that way the legacy of Slash can continue :DCarrie - Somewhere, Wa
I think Guns N' Roses will still be excellent cause Axl Rose is a brill lead singer - one of the best - and the other members weren't all that good apart from Slash on the guitar. Duff wasn't all that good and neither were both drummers but their music was still excellent.Thomas - Newcastle Co.down, Ireland
GnR wont be GnR in the new album it'll be Axl and a load of wannabe's, they wont compare to his ex-band members. You can't have them doing the classics without Slash doing the solo's. It can't be beaten, no matter what Axl thinks.Roslin - Somewhere, Scotland
Guns n Roses will prolly still be good, but not as good as they were with the original band members. I heard that at their MTV award show, my dad saw Axl running by some cops and someone said ''hey there goes Kid Rock'' Serious, he even took a picture! Well he lost it in his place when it burned down.Christopher - Thunderbay, Nh
I am a huge GNR and VR fan, and I plan on buying the CD that's going to be released by NGNR, to see if it's good. I won't insult it if I haven't got a real reason to. Sure Axl broke up GNR, but really what messed up GNR was Izzy leaving, after all he was their best song writer. Oh, and there were actually two other GNR members, three if you want to be technical. Two guys were with Axl, Izzy, and Duff in their "Live Like A Suicide" album. Also, in '93 or '94 the band fired Gilby Clarke and replaced him with ex Nine Inch Nails member Paul Hughe, who only helped record the improved cover song "Sympathy for the Devil".Oomomo - Farley, Ia
I really think Axl needs to change the name of the new "guns n' roses"... that or do as tom from trowbridge and beg the rest of the guys for forgiveness.

However, I bought the Velvet Revolver CD and I really like it. Not as much as the old GnR stuff, but its pretty good. I'm goin to see VR in December so we'll see how they play live.

I really think that the old GnR is one of the greatest bands, along with Zeppelin, AC/DC, and The Doors. too bad they didn't stay together.
Katie - Rockville, Md
Axl killed GNR. If he was not such an arrogant punk they could have been one of the best of all time, up there with Led Zep, Aerosmith and the Stones. The window of opportunity has closed for GNR. Axl can try to make money off of the name as long as he wants. We will wait and see how Velvet Revolver does but they still are no old school GNR.Gb - Pittsbugh, Pa
Anyone here fans of Velvet Revolver? Cos you all should be!Tom - Trowbridge, England
I think Guns n Roses is really the greatest band of all time. I really wish the original GNR didn't split but I guess they had reasons. But newayz I have a hard time believeing a dude like Axl can be as bad as a lot of people say. I mean really! He has to be a genius to write the stuff he has.Bliss - Tahlequah, Ok
Chinese Democracy is out in November, allegedly.Tom - Trowbridge, England
Axl Rose has the one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard. When he hits those high notes it sounds like he got something stuck up his arse. If he is such a great frontman where is he now?Don - Pittsburgh, Pa
To Tom of Towbridge, you're absolutely right. Rose might as well change the name of his band, because, whatever it is, it ain't GNR. I look forward to not buying the next album.Paulo - New York, Ny
OK, I'm through with criticising GN'R; they are one of my favourite bands after all! So, they're great because their music conveys loads of different emotions; Slash and Duff Mckagan are 2 of the greatest musicians of the last 20 years; they're one of the few bands ever who can do great cover versions of classic songs e.g, Knocking on heaven's door, Sympathy for the devil. I really wish they'd reform though. Still in the meantime, we've got Slash, Duff and Matt's new band Velvet Revolver to enjoy. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots is their singer and their debut album, 'Contraband' is out on June 7th; I've already ordered my copy!Tom - Trowbridge, England
I don't care about Axls or Jims or Jimis personality, i just like the MUSIC!
GnR is a great band. I love paradise city.
Will - Portland, Or
They will always be G'n'R face it Tony. ya Axl is a jerk so was Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrex, Satan, Me. so like it or love it...G'n'R is backTravis - Orange, Ca
GNR rock. Slash is the best.Donal - Dungannon, Ireland
If Axl Rose is going to be a stubborn arsehole like he usually is and decide to continue with the band, then he can't call it Guns N' Roses anymore because it just isn't Guns N' Roses anymore!Tom - Trowbridge, England
They've just released a Greatest Hits album, which has been #1 in the UK for 2 weeks so far. I suppose this shows that 'Chinese Democracy' could be popular when it's eventually released but I don't think we should hold our breath.Tom - Trowbridge, England
In my view Axl Rose has two options. One, get down on his hands and knees and beg to Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven to reform the band so that they can once again be the most popular band in the world. If he's too stubborn to do this, then break up the band as it is. Without the aforementioned original members, Guns N' Roses are worthless!Tom - Trowbridge, England
What about "The Spaghetti Incident?" in 1993?Tom - Trowbridge, England
It's 2004 I'm still waiting for the new gnr album! it was supposed to come out in 1999 there hasnt been a full GNR album since 1991!Jason - Wylie, Tx
Chinese Democracy is the new unreleased Guns and Roses album, It was supposed to be released about 2 years ago.Taylor - Jackson, Mi
Another early member of the band was a guy called Tracy Guns. Axl and Tracy had different ideas, so Tracy formed his own band LA Guns. Similar story I guess to Metallica and Megadeth I suppose.Marlow - Perth, Australia
GnR was and will be the best band of all time. But AXL... you need an attitude adjustment.... big time!Holly - Trenton, Nj
Axl has a big fear of negative forces in the earth!Thiago - São Vicente, Brazil
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