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James Taylor

March 12, 1948

Artistfacts for James Taylor

  • He played the part of God in the opera Faust, by Randy Newman. Newman played the devil, and Don Henley played the title character. (thanks, Jeff - Haltom City, TX)
  • He and his third wife have twin boys born in 2001 from a surrogate mother. (thanks, jessa - Brampton, ON, Canada)
  • His mother is Classical Soprano star Gertrude Woodard and his father is Doctor Isaac Taylor. He has 3 brothers: his older brother Alex (Born in 1947, Died in 1993) and his younger brothers Livingston and Hugh, and he has a sister Kate. All of his siblings are musicians just like him and all have recorded an album. In addition to the twins, he also has 2 children: a daughter named Sally and a son named Ben, both of whom are also musicians. (thanks, Annabelle - Eugene, OR)
  • James Vernon Taylor was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His family moved to Chappel Hill, North Carolina in 1951. James' older brother, Alex Taylor has a son named James Richmond Taylor. Alex sadly lost his life on March 12, 1993, James' 45th birthday. (thanks, Annabelle - Eugene, OR)
  • Taylor's producer through much of the 1970s was Peter Asher, formerly part of the 1960's English duo Peter And Gordon. Asher "discovered" Taylor while Taylor was living in London and Asher was working for the Beatles' Apple record company. Asher moved to the US to produce Taylor and later, Linda Ronstadt. (thanks, Ken - Louisville, KY)
  • He married Carly Simon in 1972. Their marriage lasted 11 years. In 1985, he remarried to Kathryn Walker.
  • He and his family spent their summers on Martha's Vineyard, which is where he met Danny "Kooch" Kotchmar, and the two began playing music together.
  • As a child, he studied cello, but in 1960, he started teaching himself how to play guitar. Three years later, he headed back to New England to attend prep school at the Milton Academy in Massachusetts. When he was 16, he formed a band with his brother Alex and quit the Milton Academy. He also moved to New York and began experiencing severe depression. He checked himself into a Massachusetts hospital, where he was treated for depression and began writing more intensely.
  • In an attempt to kick what had become a heroin addiction, he moved in 1968 to London, where he got a record deal with The Beatles' Apple Records and recorded his first album. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 4)
  • Garth Brooks is a big fan, and named his first child Taylor in honor of James.
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Comments: 8

Saw him twice in Hershey Pa. Love this man. Does any one know the backup Singer that recorded with him on tour and on Cd. This guy also recorded a cd of his own. I loved the way they sang it together. Lost my CD. Canot find it anywhere. Would love to hear it again. Can't Wait to see James again.
Constance - Newport, Pa
Met him once on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and asked for an autographed. I was amazed that he was so kind. I told him his music was an important part of my life and thanked him for the autograph. He said, "Nothing to it," with a big smile and shook my hand.Richard - New York City, Ny
Checked himself into a hospital for severe depression. I think I read that it was drug-related and during the 1970's.Tim - Fort Worth, Tx
To Chuck in Boston, How far from your home does Livingston Taylor live?Annabelle - Eugene, Or
He also has a brother Livingston, who lives nearby to wear I live im MassachusettsChuck - Boston, Ma
Sweet Baby James! James Taylor! He's the guy for me! I love his sweet singing voice! And I think his songs are Coooooooool!Annabelle - Eugene, Or
my brother went to see james taylor in concert and he told all his friends he was seeing JT...they all thought he meant justin timberlake and hes normally a 70s rocker so they're like...uh??Jeanette - Irvine, Ca
Was married to singer Carly Simon but they have since divorced.Nate - Fort Collins, Co