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Macy Gray

September 6, 1967

Artistfacts for Macy Gray

  • Her real name is Natalie McIntyre. Macy Gray was a friend of her father's who lived nearby. She liked the sound of it, so she used it as a stage name.
  • Her marriage to Tracy Hinds ended in 1998, the same year she signed a record deal and started working on her first album. She had three children with Hinds: daughters Aanisah and Tahmel, and son Cassius. Gray's musical output slowed down as she focused on caring for her children as a single mother.
  • Macy studied screenwriting at the University of Southern California.
  • She struggled for years before becoming a successful solo artist. She was 30 by the time she hit it big. She feels her age and experience helped her handle the stardom.
  • For a while, she was the lead singer in a Rock band. They recorded an album, but it was never released.
  • She grew up in Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • They didn't know each other, but Marilyn Manson (known then as Brian Warner) grew up in her neighborhood.
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Comments: 2

She was hired as a studio singer backing serveral pop stars before she herself brougth forht a big hit.
Besides, she appears as herself performing a live concert in the movie Spiderman.
And she contributed her hit single I try to the romantic movie with jennifer aniston Picture Perfect.
Thorsten - Heidelberg, Germany
She sounds like Tina Turner swallowing razors and some whiskey, also she sounds like she's high on crackNicholas Thompson - Landover, Md