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Steve Rothery(guitar)
Mark Kelly(keyboards)
Pete Trewavas(bass)
Ian Mosely(drums)
Steve Hogarth(vocals)1988-

Artistfacts for Marillion

  • Originally, they were named Silmarillion, after the book by J.R.R. Tolkien. When Rothery joined, they changed the name. They decided to drop part of the name every time someone left (eventually getting down to "Lion"), but later decided against it. (thanks, Luis Aurelio - Lagos de Moreno, Mexico)
  • Their original vocalist was Fish, whose real name is Derek Dick. He got his nickname from taking marathon baths when he was a teenager. Fish lives on a farm in Scotland, where he has his own recording studio called The Funny Farm.
  • Hogarth was formerly the singer for an English band called How We Live.
  • Ian Mosely used to be Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett's drummer.
  • Their biggest hit was "Kayleigh," in 1984.
  • In 1997, the band toured the US solely on money raised by it's fan club. Online, they raised over $50,000 for the tour.
  • They hold the unofficial world record for the fastest pressing of a DVD of a live performance. They played a show on a Friday night during a fan weekend, and fan's could pick up their copy before they left Sunday morning.
  • Their fan club is called The Web, after a single from their first album, Script for a Jester's Tear. Their online fan club members are called Freaks, after a B-side from their second album.
  • They have their own recording studio, called the Racket Club. (thanks, Andy - Indiana, PA, for all above)
  • They were originally asked to do the soundtrack to the first Highlander movie, but their agent wouldn't let them work on a side project until their current album was finished. Queen got the job instead. (thanks, Andy - Indiana, PA)
  • In 2004, Drum magazine named Ian Mosely one of the 10 most influential progressive drummers of all time, joining names like Neil Peart. (thanks, Tom - Olympia, WA USA, WA)
  • For their album Marillion.com, a request was sent out before the album was released asking for photos from the fans to be included on the album cover. 732 fan faces appear on the final sleeve. (thanks, Andy - Eatontown, NJ)
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Comments: 8

My sister was almost named after this song. I love the song! I used to think that Kayleigh and Lavender were the same song...Olivia - Philadelphia, Pa
I named my cat Kayleigh after the song. Although I now have a 4-year-old son, my cat Kayleigh was my first "baby." I love Marillion and love the song Kayleigh. I find it interesting that I have never met anyone who has ever even heard of Marillion. Thanks to Dave Stewart for introducing me to some of the best music ever created!Charlene - San Diego, Ca
kayleigh was marillions biggest hit .But it was from the"misplaced childhood" album from1985,not 1984.Fugazi was the 1984 album,with singles assassin and punch and judy.
David Hughes - Alfreton, England
A few inaccuaracies regarding Fish:

At no time did hwe even consider replacing Peter Gabriel in Genesis. The first post-Gabriel album, 'A Trick of the Tail' was released in 1976 at which time Fish was working for the Forrestry Comission. Shortly after, he met Peter Gabriel after a gig in Edinburgh which inspired him to begin singing.

He didn't join Marillion until 1980 (in the 'Market Sqaure Heroes' biography, by Mick Wall, Fish actually mentions that the day he left Scotland to drive to Aylesbury in order to join Marillion was the day John Lennon was murdered.0 Prior to Fish joining, original bassist Doug Irvine was providing vocals and sang on a couple of demos that are available.
Jim - Mansfield, England
Did you know Fish was tried out as lead singer for Genesis after Peter Gabriel left.
They checked out a whole bunch of vocalists only to find out their drummer surpasses them all. So Phil Collins got the job.
Thorsten - Heidelberg, Germany
Recent Marillion CD´s (with Steve Hogarth as lead singer) failed to create the divinely woven emotional and musical atmosphere that is characteristic for their old masterpieces like 'Script for a jester´s tear' and 'Fugazi'.Thorsten - Heidelberg, Germany
Beautiful is truly the most most beautiful song I have ever heard.Dan - Special Towne
In 1986, I named my daughter Kayleigh after the song ;)Rebecca - Cityofbrotherlylove, Sc
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