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Michelle Branch

July 2, 1983

Artistfacts for Michelle Branch

  • She writes or co-writes all of her songs. Her influences include Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Lisa Loeb and Harry Nilsson.
  • She grew up in Sedona, Arizona, a place she says is filled with "psychic bookshops and crystals shops." Famous people like Guns n' Roses singer Axl Rose have found inspiration in Sedona.
  • When she was too young to play in bars, she played at local fairs.
  • Her big break came through a friend of her parents, who met a rock manager from Los Angeles and immediately thought of Michelle. She brought her demo over, and the guy, Jeff Rabhan, became her manager.
  • She went to Catholic school. The only part she liked was singing the songs in mass. When she was 15, she left and became home-schooled. This allowed her to spend more time focusing on her blossoming music career.
  • She says the event that made her want to become a pop star was going to a New Kids on the Block concert and seeing the way their music moved people.
  • Upon moving to Sedona, took voice lessons from Gina Bettum, who showed her how to use her formal training more soulfully. Three years later, on her 14th birthday, Branch got her first guitar and started taking lessons from Bettum's husband, Gary.
  • Michelle has 2 tattoos. She has a Chinese symbol on her lower back and a musical note on her left shoulder.
  • Michelle's heritage is Danish, French, Chinese, and Polynesian. (thanks, Britney - Calabasas, CA)
  • She married Teddy Landau on May 23, 2004. Branch filed for divorce in February 2015, after separating more than a year previously.
  • She started a band called The Wreckers with her longtime friend Jessica Harp. (thanks, crystal - la, CA, for above 2)
  • Branch and Landau welcomed a daughter, Owen, in 2005. For the next decade the singer toured with The Wreckers and wrote songs that would never be released. She had two albums shelved at Warner Bros. before she was able to get out of her contract.
  • Branch met Patrick Carney, drummer for The Black Keys, at a L.A. party in 2015. He became her producer and later on, her boyfriend. With Carney as her principal collaborator, Branch released Hopeless Romantic, her first full length album for nearly 14 years through Verve Records, a Universal Music Group company. Branch recalled to Pop Crush:

    "What happened was I went to a Grammy party in February 2015 and I didn't really know anyone. Patrick had just broken his shoulder so he was not touring, he wasn't able to play drums. And he was sitting in the corner like, in a chair with his sling. And he was like, 'Michelle?' And he called me over and he was like, 'Why don't you have an album out?' And I was like, 'Well, how much time do you have?' And I think Patrick, he loves underdogs, he loves an underdog story. And he was basically like, 'I'm going to help you fix this. I'm going to help you figure this out."
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Her baby girl's name is OWEN ISABELLE. awww!!!Yen - Colorful Colorado, Co
Isn't she pregnant with Teddy Landau?Candice - Vancouver, Canada
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