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No Doubt

John Spence(vocals)1986-1987
Gwen Stefani(vocals)1986-
Eric Stefani(keyboards)1986-1994
Tony Kanal(bass)1987-
Chris Webb(drums)1986-1989
Adrian Young(drums)1989-
Tom Dumont(guitars)1988-

Artistfacts for No Doubt

  • Kanal, born and raised in England until he was about eleven, played the saxophone before the bass.
  • The first song Young learned to drum along with was "The Wild Flower" by The Cult.
  • Dumont was a heavy metal guitarist in his sister's band, Rising, before joining No Doubt.
  • The first record that Kanal bought with his own money was Men at Work's Business As Usual. Now he is a huge Prince fan.
  • Before hitting it big, all the members had day jobs. Gwen Stefani and Kanal were salespeople in the same department store, Young waited tables at a steakhouse, and Dumont ran a music equipment rental business.
  • Original No Doubt frontman John Spence committed suicide on December 21, 1987. They took their name from one of his favorite sayings.
  • All members are college-educated. Dumont majored in music, Gwen Stefani majored in art, and Young and Kanal in psychology.
  • Original keyboardist Eric Stefani, in addition to being Gwen's older brother, left the band before the release of Tragic Kingdom to be an animator on The Simpsons.
  • Dumont, who lives in Southern California with the rest of the band, is an avid surfer.
  • For a short time in the early 1990s, Young took drumming classes at Fullerton Junior College in California.
  • Kanal and Stefani were a couple for 8 years. Gwen was so in love with him, she used to drive across town when she was in high school just to look at him. (thanks, Tristan - Seattle, WA)
  • Stefani married Gavin Rossdale of Bush in 2002. They pair met when No Doubt was opening for Bush on their 1995 tour. They had three children together, but Stefani filed for divorce on August 3, 2015, citing "irreconcilable differences."
  • Adrian Young was a fan before becoming a member. He also lied to help get into the band, when they were auditioning him he told them he had been playing drums for eight years, when he had been playing for only a year and a half. (thanks, Dan - West Hartford, CT)
  • Gwen Stefani's nickname is Sunshine.
  • Stefani is dyslexic. She repeated a year of school high. (thanks, Tristan - Seattle, WA)
  • Gwen joined her high school swim team because she was chubby. Since she swam so much, she was also nicknamed "frog."
  • Gwen had a dog named Magan, who's nickname was little Lamb, which is were Gwen's clothing line name came from. Gwen would die her dog's hair to mach her own. (thanks, Alexis - Pittstown, NJ, for above 2)
  • Before their breakthrough album Tragic Kingdom was released, they were on the first Warped tour in 1995. Sublime and L7 were also on that tour.
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Comments: 8

No doubt has to be one of the quirkier ska bands I've seen. I saw them and '92 and'95, and they put on a great show!Cliff - Vancouver, Wa
if only gwen would've never gone solo.........Patrick - Humboldt, Ia
I like the song "Running." It reminds me of two characters that I made up. You know, two good friends who are being haunted and are afraid to admit that they have feelings for each other?Raven - Millville, Ut
gwen stefani was better in no doubt. i think she shoulda stayed in that band. and now shes also gunna have a kid finally. shes 36Nikki - Brampton, Canada
No Doubt was such a good band. The music they made was incredible and I had the chorus for Spiderweb as my answering machine for so long, as I'm assuming many people did. But, I'm not quite sure what happened to Gwen Stefani over the years. Shes such a sell out now with the music she makes. And whats about with the harajuku girls what follow her around? During an interview, when the interviewer went to ask them a question, Gwen interupted and said that they are not allowed to talk because they are supposed to be a figment of her imagination. She does realize that these are actual human beings right??Kayla - London, Canada
Gwen Stefani has also appeared in the movie "The Aviator" (as Ava Gardner ??)
and has her own fashion label too.
Nice to see someone having a couple of other options in case the music busniess doesn't work out.. LOL
Jo - Newcastle, Australia
No doubt was the best band ever! i really admire Gwen stefani as she has been through so much and i love her voice and i think she rocks.Go gwen!Emma - New Orleans, United States
i love the way gwen looks in videos. she is very good looking. i wish i could wake up tomorrow and look like that except i want bigger boobs.Carin - Rotterdam Junction, Ny
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