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Paul Simon

Oct. 13, 1941

Artistfacts for Paul Simon

  • Simon married the singer Edie Brickell in 1992. He was previously married to the actress Carrie Fisher from 1982-1983 and to Peggy Harper from 1969-1975.
  • Simon made a cameo as a Record Producer in the 1977 Woody Allen movie Annie Hall.
  • After his first Simon and Garfunkel album Wednesday Morning, 3 AM Simon left for England and established himself as a folk artist. In 1966 he was called back to the US when his song "The Sound of Silence" was released with electric instruments overdubbed over the original acoustics, and hit #1 in the US. Afterward, he created four more albums with Garfunkel: The Sounds of Silence, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, Bookends and Bridge Over Troubled Water.
  • He is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist and as a member of Simon and Garfunkel.
  • After high school, he studied English literature at Queens College. He wrote and recorded many songs during this time. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • He was very upset by the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. So much so, that he left the country to live in England for a while.
  • By 2009, he had released three times as many solo albums (15) as Simon & Garfunkel albums (5).
  • Simon got his start in the music industry working for a song publishing company called E.B. Marks, where his job was to sell songs to record companies. When he got frustrated and left the company, he decided to self-publish any songs he wrote - a move that turned out to be very lucrative.
  • Simon has never written a memoir or participated in a biography. In 2016, Peter Carlin released a comprehensive novel about his life called Homeward Bound that was years in the making. Carlin told Songfacts: "You don't have to listen to much Paul Simon music to understand that they are the work of a complicated and sometimes troubled soul. Sometimes he does things that remind us of his darkness, but he has also created music and lyrics that remind us that no matter how dark things can seem, there's a beauty and generosity that exists around us, too."
  • He hosted the second-ever episode of Saturday Night Live, in which he staged a reunion with Art Garfunkel. Simon also starred in a taped comedy bit playing basketball against NBA great Connie Hawkins. The SNL cast, including John Belushi, got very little screentime and were not pleased with Simon, but the show went over very well and producer Lorne Michaels had him back on many times. He met his future wife Edie Brickell when she performed on the show in 1988.
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Comments: 14

The DVD Concert in Central Park is amazing! Simon & Garfunkle sound great, and it's good to see them together.Joann - Boston, Ma
One of Simon's closest friends is television producer Lorne Michaels. Simon was a frequent guest and guest host on Michaels' "Saturday Night Live" in the 1970's.Ken - Louisville, Ky
Also, in the same music video You Can Call Me Al, he was opposite SNL Alum Chevy Chase who played the trumpet with the bell just above his SImon's head, while Simon I believe was playing either a guitar or a saxophone underneath him...Chad - Machesney Park, Il
Yes, he does have an new album called Suprise. If you go to http://www.paulsimon.com/ you can hear some tracks. It is a great album.Peter - Tacoma, Wa
paul simon has a new album out called "surprise", i think...Sara Mackenzie - Middle Of Nowhere, Fl
Hey Peter I'd be careful saying Paul Simon has the greatest voice of any musician. Your puttin him up against Elvis, John Lennon, Dennis DeYoung, Steve Walsh, Steve Perry, Art Garfunkel, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury to name a few. Whereas he does have a GREAT voice I'm not so sure I'd say greatest of any musician. Now if you were to tell me he was one of the greatest SONG writers of alltime, I might agree with you.Ben - Baltimore, Md
On May 13, 2006, Paul was on Saturday Night Live singing a song I hadn't heard and people I hadn't seen. He played acoustic guitar. I really liked the song, but it didn't make much sense.Peter - Tacoma, Wa
Paul Simon has the greatest voice of any musician. He can sing high ("Crazy Lve Vol.II) and low (You Can Call Me Al). It has a really good tone quality that hasn't changed from when he recorded "Mother and Child Reunion."Peter - Tacoma, Wa
I wonder, does Paul Simon have any relation to Carly Simon? Are they Cousins? Are they Sister and Brother?Annabelle - Eugene, Or
Paul met Art Garfunkel in their 6th Grade graduation play, Graduation Play, Alice in Wonderland. He was the White rabbit, Art was the Cheshire cat.Mike - Germantown
Great Music! No way around it.Patrick - Washington Dc, United States
He also appeared in The Rutles; Eric Idle's Movie parodying the career of the Beatles, he plays himself being interviewed about the Rutles as did Mick Jagger.Dave - Eastbourne, England
On the music video called You Can Me Al, he's the little guy.Jolie - Bellwood, Il
Starred in and wrote the 1980 movie "One Trick Pony". He also recorded the soundtrack for the movie.Nate - Fort Collins, Co
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