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March 23, 1967

Artistfacts for Poe

  • Her parents divorced when she was 16. Instead of living with either of them, she moved to New York City on her own.
  • Poe graduated from Princeton. She got a full scholorship because she was an emancipated teenager, meaning she got no financial support from her parents. She used the music studios at Princeton to develop her production skills. She formed various bands at this time.
  • She was deeply affected by the death of her father in 1993. Many of her songs are about him.
  • Poe recorded her second album, Haunted, on her computer, which wasn't common in 2000. This allowed her to lay down tracks and change them at will, which seems quaint now, but was a big deal at the time.
  • Poe was one of the first artists to use the internet to promote her music. The rise of her music career coincided with the rise of the internet.
  • Her real name is Annie Danielewski. She took the name Poe because she loves the poet Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Poe released albums in 1995 and 2000, and then ran into problems with her label, Atlantic Records. She remained very quiet in the ensuing years, as it appeared she was restricted from releasing music for any other label.
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Comments: 2

That was actually funny, Peanut!Mary - Phoenix, Az
She makes so much money now that she is going to change her name from Poe to Rich.Peanut - Pomonkey, Md
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