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Joey Ramone (Jeffry Hyman)(vocals)
Johnny Ramone (John Cummings)(guitar)
Dee Dee Ramone (Doug Colvin)(bass)1976-1989
Tommy Ramone (Tom Erdelyi)(drums)1976-1978
Marky Ramone (Marc Bell)(drums)1978-
CJ Ramone (Chris Ward)(bass)1989-

Artistfacts for Ramones

  • Most of their songs are about two minutes long - partly because they didn't do guitar solos. In concert, when a song ended, they did a 1,2,3,4 count-in and went right into the next one.
  • Joey Ramone died of lymphatic cancer in 2001. He was 49.
  • They were one of the first successful and influential punk rock bands. They were regulars at the club CBGB's in New York City. CBGB stands for Country, Bluegrass, Blues.
  • In 1979, they starred in the movie Rock And Roll High School. In the film, students try to get tickets to a Ramones show and end up taking over the school.
  • Joey was an avid online stock trader in the late '90s. He was a big fan of cable network CNBC, and wrote a song named after his favorite anchor, Maria Bartiromo. There were plans to have him sing it on her show, but he never recovered from his cancer.
  • In 2002, they became the first punk band inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Some punk bands that were eligible that year but did not get in include The Clash and The Sex Pistols.
  • When Joey Ramone died, the surviving members vowed to never perform together again.
  • Most, if not all of the Ramones songs were hugely inspired by the '60s girl group The Ronettes. Joey Ramone even did a duet with Ronnie Spector for a solo album. (thanks, Jeff - Kendall Park, NJ)
  • Dee Dee died of a heroin overdose in 2002. Johnny Ramone died of prostate cancer in 2004.
  • They appeared on an episode of The Simpsons where they perform at Mr. Burns' birthday party. They sing Happy Birthday to him and afterwards, Mr. burns says to Smithers: "Have the Rolling Stones killed!" (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)
  • One of the reasons the Ramones ended was because Johnny said that he didn't want to be one of those bad old bands. He loved The Rolling Stones but said that in their older days, The Stones failed to play as they once did in a land filled with LSD and hippies. (thanks, Josh - Rockaway, NJ)
  • Marky Ramone was fired in 1983, shortly before completion of the Subterranean Jungle album. He was replaced by Richie Ramone until 1987. Richie wanted money from T-shirt sales, and Johnny refused, so he was replaced for a few disastrous shows by Clem Burke of Blondie (as Elvis Ramone), before Marky rejoined. (thanks, Glen - Hollywood, CA)
  • In 1997, four species of trilobites were named after members of the band: Mackenziurus johnnyi, Mackenziurus joeyi, Mackenziurus deedeei, and Mackenziurus ceejayi.
  • When Joey died, The Misfits removed their own content from their website and replaced it with a picture of Joey. Social Distortion did likewise, displaying a photograph of Mike Ness and Joey Ramone as tribute. (thanks, Katie - NSW, Australia, for above 2)
  • When Dee Dee quit the band, he released a few rap albums under the name "Dee Dee King." He rapped in German on one song.
  • The band name came from Paul Ramon, which was a fake name Paul McCartney used when The Beatles (known then as The Silver Beatles) were touring Scotland in 1960. Doug Colvin was a big McCartney fan and was using the name Dee Dee Ramone when the band formed. The rest of the group thought it sounded like a cool name, so they decided to use it as their band name and aliases. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • Joey Ramone suffered from Marfan Syndrome, which results in elongated limbs. (thanks, Jordan - Brooklyn, NY)
  • Before their concerts, the Ramones would rehearse their entire set (unplugged) backstage.
  • In 1978, they opened some shows for Black Sabbath's Never Day Die! tour. It did not go well. In his Songfacts interview, Marky Ramone described one of the shows: "After about five or six songs, we got booed, we got every kind of coin tossed at us, and any other thing you could imagine, and we just said, "F--k you," and we left the stage. We gave them the middle finger and walked off."
  • As quoted in the book England's Dreaming, Revised Edition: Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond, manager Danny Fields says the Ramones first album cost six thousand dollars to make, explaining, "The album was just making a statement. like the picture on the cover, you put them in the alley behind CBGBs and make sure it's in focus. They had invented themselves, and they could have probably done the album for six hundred dollars."
  • They never appeared on Saturday Night Live, although they did have an offer. In 1977 when the planned musical guest, the Sex Pistols, couldn't get into the country, producers asked the Ramones to fill in. They turned it down, and the gig went to Elvis Costello, who left his mark by stopping his performance and launching into a song he wasn't supposed to play.
  • The Ramones T-shirt has become a ubiquitous garment. It's estimated that more Ramones T-shirts have been sold worldwide than the band's albums.
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Comments: 20

I guess Germans rape differently than the rest of the world...Zero - The Abyss, Nj
The Ramones ROCK! wish they were all still around...
I've watched Rock And Roll High School at least a million times, and plan on watching it a million more ... demerit demerit!
Daryl Rano - Scottsdale, Az
Did anybody else happen to notice that on that fact about Dee Dee becoming a rapper, it said "He RAPED in German on one song"? That doesn't sound right...hehehe...Anyway, RAMONES ROCK! I love em. It's weird cause I also like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and all that, but for different reasons. I love them for the creativity and the complexity, the Ramones I just love for the simplicity. It's crazy!Ziggy - Hell
The Ramones rock. Joey, Jihnny and Dee Dee you are missed. The Ramones still live and always will.Munch - Sunderland, Other
The Ramones will be around for awhile yet. Everyone loves the underdogMellissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
The Ramones will always kick major butt!Laura - Ontario, Ca
My favorite band EVER! :D
They're great. So funny. So catchy. So lovable. So... untalented? But that's just part of their charm.
They were all from Queens, NY. Dee Dee moved there after getting back from Germany, I think.
Yeah, Paul McCartney used the alias "Paul Ramon".
RIP Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny.
Maya - San Francisco-ish, Ca
They are so underrated. Same with the clash. So great.Micah - Huntington Beach, Ca
Joey Ramone is a father to punk rock, and changed the way people will think of music of generations to come, you will forever hold a place in our hearts and mind.Joey - Rochester, In
The Ramones are so big at my school right now, I kind of started the treand really, everybody adores them. The ramones rock!!!!Anna - Melbourne, Australia
They did get their name from Pail McCartney as Johnny clearly says in the Ramones Raw dvd.Ethan - Elizabeth, Co
What a band! I love the Ramones, and I find it hard to understand why they weren't more popular.Katie - Australia
The band didn't get their name from the Beatles. My dad (Agnar C.) was a great friend of Dee Dee (Doug Colvin)in Forrest Hills, NY. Doug came up with the punk rock sound but decided to put a 50's spin on everything. Doug thought that "Ramones" sounded really 50's. He changed his first name to "Dee Dee" so that his initals would spell DDR (Deutch Democratic Republic)being German. He spoke German fluantly; he lived there from birth until he was 14 or 15.Max - Cleveland, Oh
The Ramones self-titled debut album was released in '76, a year before the Clash and Pistols' debut albums were released. So no, the Clash and Pistols weren't eligible until the year after the Ramones. The Clash were inducted in '03.J - Here, Al
We miss you Johnny!Daniel - Cape Breton, Canada
In Pet Semetary, "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" is the song playing when the truck hits the kid.

I thought maybe there was another Ramones song playing when you first see the truck but I am not sure. The end credits only list Sheena and Pet Semetary.
Nick - Portland, Or
After the Ramones broke up in 1996, Dee Dee, CJ, and Marky would sometimes get together to play small clubs in New York City. They called themselves THE REMAINS. I don't think Joey or Johnny were ever involved in this.Aaron - New York, Ny
Stephen King is a huge Ramones fan. Many of his stories have references to Ramones songs. The band also wrote a song for the movie version of "Pet Semetary". Also, "Blitzkreig Bop" is playing when the truck driver kills the little boy in the film.Aaron - New York, Ny
I think it was just Paul Mcartney, who often used the alias Paul Ramone.Ariel - Woodbridge, Ct
I think I saw somewhere that their name was a type of tribute to the Beatles... when the Beatles checked into hotels they would sign as Ramones instead of using their real names.Joe - Philly, Pa
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