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Sex Pistols

Johnny Rotten(vocals)
Steve Jones(guitar)
Glen Matlock(bass)1975-1977
Paul Cook(drums)
Sid Vicious(bass)1977-1979

Artistfacts for Sex Pistols

  • Sid Vicious is credited with inventing the "Pogo," where you bounce up and down to the music. This eventually led to moshing.
  • Sid's real name was John Simon Ritchie; he and John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) were part of a gang called The Johns. He got his new moniker when Rotten's Hamster Sid bit John Ritchie's finger; he yelped and said "Your Sid was vicious."
  • Sid Vicious died on February 2, 1979 of an overdose of heroin his mother had bought for him. It was likely an intentional suicide as Sid was extremely depressed about his role in the death of his girlfriend, groupie Nancy Spungen. The couple were the subject of the 1986 film Sid and Nancy.
  • After Johnny Rotten left The Sex Pistols he formed a new band, Public Image LTD (PiL) and reverted back to his original name, Lydon. (thanks, Sam - Bristol, England)
  • In 2004, John Lydon appeared on a British reality TV program set in an Australian jungle called I'm a Celebrity, get me outta here! He caused controversy by saying the C-word live on British TV. (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)
  • In 2005, they were voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In true punk rock form, they refused to attend the ceremony and sent a note to Rolling Stone magazine voicing their displeasure with the institution ("Next to the Sex Pistols, that Hall Of Fame is a piss stain"). Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner read the note in its entirety at the ceremony.
  • Johnny Rotten was known to wear a shirt that said "Pink Floyd sucks" as Punk was rebelling not only against society, but also the complex progressive music which Pink Floyd were a perfect example of. David Gilmour (guitarist of Pink Floyd) has said that when he met Rotten that the Sex Pistol singer apologized for the stunt and admitted he was a fan of Pink Floyd. (thanks, Benny - Sac, CA)
  • They were known first as The Strand, then The Swankers before settling on The Sex Pistols.
  • Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols is the only studio album they released. All others were live albums, compilations or movie soundtracks. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2)
  • In November 2007, The Sex Pistols reformed to play five nights at Brixton's Carling Academy and also gigs in Glasgow and Manchester. They also played on The Craig Fergurson Show and The Jay Leno Show.
    Also in 2007, they rerecorded "Anarchy In The UK" and "Pretty Vacant" for Guitar Hero. (thanks, Andrew - Thrapston, England)
  • When the band was conceived, Steve Jones was the lead singer. He moved to guitar when original member Wally Nightingale left, which left an opening for a frontman. Rotten got the job when he auditioned for their manager Malcolm McLaren by lip-synching to the Alice Cooper song "I'm Eighteen."
  • Johnny Rotten has described the band as "musical vaudeville" and "evil burlesque," admitting that their image and stage shows are as important as their music. Alice Cooper was a big influence on him.
  • John Lydon revealed to the Scottish Daily Record that Mick Jagger paid for Sid Vicious' lawyers when Sid was under arrest for the murder of Nancy Spungeon in 1978. "I don't think Malcolm lifted a finger," mused Lydon. "For that I have a good liking of Mick Jagger."
  • In our interview with John Lydon, he talked about how being outspoken has been both a blessing and a curse. "I can end up my own worst enemy - just by speaking as I find," he said. :Sometimes, the truth hurts. But it needs to be told."
  • John Lydon and his wife Nora almost died in the December 21, 1988 Lockerbie bombing - they were booked on Pan Am Flight 103, which was destroyed by a bomb, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew. However, according to Lydon, "she didn't pack her case in time, so we canceled."
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Comments: 22

the sex pistols are the greatest band i have ever seen live and the album the best i have ever heard john lydon is such a funny frontman to watch but every thing he says about is true long live punk cheers to johnny and the boysAndrew - Thrapston,
the sex pistols are the greatest band i have ever seen live and the album the best i have ever heard john lydon is such a funny frontman to watch but every thing he says about is true long live punk cheers to johnny and the boysAndrew - Thrapston,
To Ziggy: Wrong. They also had Spunk, The Great Rock & Roll Swindle, The Swindle Continues, Flogging A Dead Horse, Filthy Lucre Live, Pirates Of Destiny, There Is No Future, and Extended Versions. Yes, many of these contain some of the same songs in different versions, but they are, in fact, different albums. Never Mind The Bollocks was just the only major label.Jason - Seymour, Tn
John Lydon plays guitar left-handed becase of a stab wound to his right. He got jumped by a gang of facists because of the song God Save The Queen.
Sid's name wasn't John. He took that name in for himself in order to give the group's title "The Johns."
If you would like to get technical, Rotten's shirt said "I hate Pink Floyd."
And one last thing, I saw a comment on here where someone said something about a rumor of none of the Pistols being able to play. Not true. Sid was the only one who couldn't play. And he just wasn't that great. He could play some of their songs.
Jason - Seymour, Tn
the greatest band to ever come accross the U.K THE SEX PISTOLS- punk music will never be the same!

Alexis - Cathedral City , Ca
The Sex Pistols will forever remain in history, and I have deep respect for Sid Vicious. I believe that they made Punk, and I am grateful that they had the balls to do so. . .Stormy - Ranger, Tx
I was watching when they read the note that the Sex Pistols wrote during the ceremony n which they were inducted. It was really funny.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
note to joe: their only album was "never mind the bollocks..."Ziggy Hendrix - Lindenhurst , Il
a great punk band! there best cd has too be "never mind the bulloks here's the sex pistols" awesome album with some catchy songs and some good political points.Joe - Chicago, Ar
The Sex Pistols are greatMellissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
Theres a rumor that nobody in the Sex Pistols knew how to play there instruments. The biggest rumor is that Sid Vicious couldnt play bass, and he was just picked for the roll for his hard ass punk image. Also the original bass player was kicked out because he listend to the beatles. Lastly, it is a very known fact that non of u seem to know that the Sex Pistols were only a band for 2 years, and only made one full length Album, Nevermind the Bullucks, but they released many bootlegs and live cuts. The Sex Pistols kick ass, and with there one groundbreaking album they changed and influenced the face of music.Zak - Skaneateles, Ny
Lise, his mum didn't wake up and he was dead. Another addict, Martin bought it and gave it to him. At his bail party, he and some friends shot up in a bedroom and turned pinkish. He was sort of bouncing around a while then went back into the bedroom with Michelle Robinson and collapsed on the bead. His mum placed him on his side and took the rest of the heroin. When she woke up from a nap on the sofa, it was taken out of her pocket. He fell into a coma and died.Chez - Trenton, Nj
Sid and Rotten used to busk for money before the Pistols. Sid was making his own band when Mclaren told him to come to the Pistols to play bass. The Sex pistols wrote God save Queen not because they hated England, they wrote it because they loved it and they didn't want to see it under the Queens monachy. One more thing Sid didn't want to be a junkie but heroin is the pits and he couldn't get clean.
Thanx and Pistols Rock!!!
Tim - Horsham, Australia
The sex pistols were banned from playing god save the queen in england so they played it on a boat offshore instead.Thomas - Hartford, Dc
They started Punk in England in 1976, when commercial music was spreding out and when England was having a difficult period... They were against society and against system, and because of this they didn't wash, they vomited on stage and they dressed with teared clothes.
I think they were and are still great because they rapresent a way of life, and with only three accord they made up many fantastic songs.
(Sorry for my English!)
Mara - Bergamo, Italy
Johnny Rotten hosted the Yeah Right skateboard videoZvonimir - Lexington, Ky
never mind the bollocks is the only album of theirs i have but its greatZvonimir - Lexington, Ky
i love the sex pistols and my favorite song is emiCarrie - Somewhere, Wa
Despite the fact that The Sex Pistols were put together by a record label, they were still punk. This says a lot for them, I think.Luke - Martin, Tn
The Sex Pistols rock.Lilly - Waterloo, Canada
The story about John Lydon being named "Johnny Rotten" because he had rotten teeth is bull. He was given the nickname "John Rotten" by Glen Matlock because whenever he was pissed off with someone he would say "You're rotten you are".Si - London, England
Actually sids mother did not bring the heroin for sid. There was a party and they were using heroin. Sid had just gotten out of jail and his mother knew that the heroin was to strong for him and kept it away from him. When she awoke, it was gone, and she found him dead and the heroin was gone. The reason why sid killed himself wasn't him being depressed from his role in the death of his girlfriend, but him and nancy had a death pact and as he explained in the note he left his mom, Him and nancy had a deal, she kept her side of it and was waiting on the other side for him ect.Lise - Sudbury, Ma
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