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Sigur Rós

Jon Thor Birgisson (Jonsi)(vocals, guitar)
Georg Holm(bass)
Kjartan Sveinsson(keyboards)
Orri Pal Dyrason(drums)

Artistfacts for Sigur Rós

  • The band is from Iceland. "Sigur Ros" in Icelandic means "Victory Rose." It also happens to be a very popular girls name in that country. The lead singer's (Jón ór Birgisson) little sister is actually named Sigur Ros as well.
  • Their songs are in Icelandic and the lyrics are a made-up gibberish language that they have created and called "Hopelandic." Jon Jonsi Birgisson told Uncut magazine: "I don't like to go into much detail about the songs, but as a broad rule the faster ones are the happy ones and they are mostly about achievement. And the slower ones are sad, and they are mostly about failure."
  • Three of their songs were featured in the soundtrack to the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky. (thanks, Shannon - Kathleen, GA, for all above)
  • On their first album Von Sigur Ros painted the studio in exchange for recording the album.
  • The string quartet that plays with Sigur Ros is called Amina. Most of their arrangements are improvised.
  • Birgisson has been blind in one eye since birth. (thanks, Dane - Kaneohe, HI, for above 3)
  • Jon Thor Birgisson explained the band's Hopelandic language to Q Magazine: "It has a structure that I do sing the same things all the time, but there's no grammar," he said. "When I sing the songs that are in Hopelandic I am singing the same words, the same sounds. It's more similar to English than Icelandic in some ways, it has a similar flow, but you can't translate it."
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Comments: 5

It should also mention that Jonsi is a vegetarian. Also, not all lyrics are in Hopelandic. Many are, but some are actually in Icelandic.Kaitlyn - Brick, Nj
JFY: They have a new ablum coming out mid September (17th I think). Should be good-- i think the tracks have names this time.. heh.Lexie - St. Louis, Mo
This band rules but you gotta love it!Michel - Appingedam, Netherlands
I love the info provided. Rare bands are sometimes hard to find info for. I'm glad this website has been able to help me. Thanks!Stephanie - La Mirada, Ca
I can't believe that bands like this are on here, and yet ones like Stve Miller Band, Supertramp, The Yardbirds, and Thin Lizzy aren't.Cody - San Antonio, Tx
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