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Simple Plan

Pierre Bouvier(lead vocals)
David Desrosiers(bass, vocals)
Sebastien Lefebvre(guitar, vocals)
Chuck Comeau(drums)
Jeff Stinco(guitar)

Artistfacts for Simple Plan

  • Simple Plan was put together by 5 best friends in Montreal Canada. Their style is Pop-Punk. (thanks, Melissa - Toledo, Ohio)
  • If he wasn't in the band as the lead singer, Pierre Bouvier has been quoted that he would've been a marine biologist. (thanks, Taylor - Longwood, FL)
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Comments: 7

I just love Simple Plan, I feel vry relaxing when listening to their sngs.....Kashina - Port Louis, Other
Simpl Plan is the Best..... I love that groups...Kashina - Port Louis, Other
Simple Plan makes so much sense in the song "Crazy." They can sometimes be whiney, but most of their songs i LOVE!Erin - Pittsburgh, Pa
I love simple plan and their music its awsome and alot of people can relate to the songs.Beans - Philadelphia, Pa
I think I am thew only one who notices the similarities betweenn the lead singer's voice and that of Weird Al Yankovic.Alex - New Orleans, La
hi my name is alyssa thanks for making this site so u could see how much i love ur group
byebyebye from alyssa
Alyssa - St Jerome, Ca
Simple Plan is my favorite band ever. I love the music and the lyrics. The guys are sooo funny and sooo nice! They rock!!Melissa - Toledo, Oh
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