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Chris Difford (vocals, guitar)1974-
Glenn Tilbrook(vocals, guitar)1974-
Jools Holland(keyboards)1974-1980, 1985-1990
Gilson Lavis(drums)1977-1983, 1985-1993
Paul Carrack(kayboards, vocals)1981-1983, 1993-1995
John Bentley(bass)1980-1983, 2007-
Simon Hanson(drums)2007-
Steve Nieve(keyboards)2011-

Artistfacts for Squeeze

  • The original lineup for the band in 1974 were Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook, Jools Holland and Peter Gunn. The lineup has changed constantly since the band first formed, but both Difford and Tilbrook have remained throughout.
  • Squeeze has a longstanding connection to The Velvet Underground. They are named, facetiously, after the 1973 Velvet Underground album titled Squeeze; John Cale of VU produced their first EP and most of the first Squeeze album.
  • The band's 1985 album, Cosi Fan Tutti Fruitti is named for the Mozart comedic opera Cosi Fan Tutte and Little Richard's infamous song, "Tutti Frutti." The album contained complicated double tracked keyboard parts that were impossible to recreate on stage with only one keyboard player. To combat this issue, the band sought out keyboard player Jools Holland's brother, Chris, to assist in the parts.
  • Throughout the band's history, the vast majority of songs and music have been written by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook.
  • After Jools Holland left the band permanently in 1990, the band didn't immediately replace him. Instead, they used session players. One of those session players was Bruce Hornsby, who had already won two Grammy awards.
  • During the early days of their career, Squeeze shared the London music scene with other bands that would go on to have success, most notably Alternative TV and Dire Straits.
  • In 2010, Squeeze released the album, Spot the Difference, which contained re-recorded versions of older songs as well as an invitation to fans to "spot the difference" in the meticulously redone versions of their classics.
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