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Steve Miller Band

October 5, 1943

Artistfacts for Steve Miller Band

  • Miller is one of the most inconspicuous rock stars in history. He loves making and performing music, but hates doing promotion or appearing in public anywhere offstage. He became one of the top acts of the '70s, but most listeners didn't know anything about him, including what he looked like.
  • Miller was born in Milwaukee and raised in Dallas. In 1966 he moved to San Francisco and formed The Steve Miller Blues Band, which was shortened to The Steve Miller Band when they signed with Capitol Records the next year.
  • He's a huge fan of blues music. When music went digital, he hired college kids to transfer his blues albums onto a hard drive, and ended up with 6000 tracks. John Lee Hooker is one of his favorites.
  • Miller uses a fluctuating lineup of musicians. About 30 different members have played in the band.
  • In an interview to promote the Steve Miller Band Live In Chicago DVD, Miller talked about why his songs stand the test of time: "They're fairly simple tunes. There's a lot of harmony singing, and then when you go through the lyrics they have meaning to people. But I think the main thing is that they're positive lyrics that people like to sing."
  • His biggest influences as a guitarist are Les Paul and T-Bone Walker. When Miller was 4 years old, Les Paul taught him his first chords. When Miller was 9, Walker taught him how to play lead guitar. Miller also learned a great deal about songwriting from Walker.
  • Miller stopped touring in the early '80s when his crowds dwindled. In 1988, he resumed touring and found that he was as popular as ever, as his songs found new life on classic rock radio.
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Steve Miller grew up with Boz Scaggs, who was the orignal lead singer for The Steve Miller Band.Brad - Barry, Tx
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