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Sum 41

Deryck Whibley (Bizzy D)(vocals, guitar)1996-
Dave Baksh(guitar, vocals)1996-2006, 2015-
Steve Jocz(drums)1996-2013
Cone McCaslin(bass)1996-
Tom Thacker(guitar)2007-
Frank Zummo(drums)2015-

Artistfacts for Sum 41

  • Sum 41 started out as a NOFX cover band called Kaspir, formed by singer-songwriter Deryck Whibley and drummer Steve Jocz in Ajax, Ontario in Canada. 41 days into the summer of 1996, the duo changed their name to Sum 41 (as in "summer 41"). Lead guitarist Dave Baksh and bassist Jason "Cone" McCaslin were soon added to the line up.
  • The first song Sum 41 wrote together was called "Five-O Grind." It was inspired by a security guard who kept hassling the band while they were trying to skateboard.
  • In 1999, Sum 41 signed a deal with Island Records after sending the label a video tape of the band engaging in water gun fights while their music played in the background.
  • Sum 41 released their debut studio album All Killer No Filler on May 8th 2001. "Fat Lip," the album's first single, was a commercial success, topping Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. All Killer No Filler has since certified platinum in the United States, Canada and UK.
  • In May 2004, Sum 41 traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with the charity, War Child, in order to film Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo, a documentary about the war-torn African country. A few days into their visit, fighting broke out in Bukavu, near to the hotel where the band were staying. A UN peacekeeper, Charles "Chuck" Pelletier, helped Sum 41 and forty other civilians to safety. Sum 41 would go on to name their third album Chuck in honor of Pelletier.
  • Lead guitarist, Dave Baksh, left Sum 41 in May 2006 in order to focus on his Heavy Metal/Reggae side project, Brown Brigade. Baksh was replaced by Tom Thacker, who joined Sum 41 as a touring lead guitarist in 2007 before going on to become an official band member.
  • Up until the departure of Dave Baksh in 2006, Sum 41 would regularly appear on stage dressed as their alter-ego: 1980s Heavy Metal band, Pain for Pleasure. The faux-band appear in two Sum 41 music videos, "Fat Lip" and "We're All the Blame."
  • Front man Deryck Whibley tied the knot with Avril Lavigne on July 15, 2006 in Montecito, California. Just over three years later, on 9th October 9, 2009, Lavigne filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized on November 16, 2010, bringing to a close Whibley and Lavigne's union.
  • On March 29, 2011, Sum 41 released their first studio album in four years, Screaming Bloody Murder.
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Comments: 15

they also didn't mention that cone does some vocals as well and cone is not his real first name..........i don't thinkJoe - Chicago, Ar
yay sum 41 are coming out with a new concert dvd called "go chuck yourself" lol they always think of such good titles anyway i might buy it or borrow it from somebody that sucks that they don't have AFI song facts on this siteJoe - Chicago, Ar
why the hell did it post my other comment twice lolJoe - Chicago, Ar
by the way the sum 41 dvd that came with "does this look infected" is halerious! be sure to watch it if you can it is so funny those guys are halerious togetherJoe - Chicago, Ar
i think sum 41 are really kool and people say they suck and people say there sell outs but there really no different then any other punk/pop band and i like them i think they have come along way and though their first 3 albums are better then chuck i still think chuck is a good album and that was nice of them to name the album after him scince he saved them and that's pretty kool that deryck is engaged to punk/pop hottie avril lavinge it was a good idea to leave paris hilton i hate paris well anyway i hope sum 41 come out with a new cd soon and that was really clever how they made their name from the 41st day i the summer lol i thought that was awesome well anyway their a good band and i wouldn't mind seeing them in concertJoe - Chicago, Ar
Sum 41 is a really good band. I have their two latest CDs. They rock!Jeevan - Brampton, Canada
Deryck is the best!Paige - Plainfeild, Il
i love their song piecesNobody - None Of Your Buisness, Ny
Deryck is now an engaged to Avril Lagvine!
Way to go Deyrck!
Will - Omaha, Ne
Sum 41 went into the congo to shoot a documentary called "War Child Canada." It was to raise the awarness of what goes on in third world countries. They were in there hotel room when a bomb went off about a mile away. A fight broke out and they just barely made it thanks to a man named Chuck. That is what inspired there new album, titled, "Chuck"Will - Omaha, Ne
After Deryck dated Paris Hilton, he was seen with Avril Lavigne.A.j. - Chicago, Il
Not a bad band as far as pop-punk goes. They didn't mention that the drummer does vocals on some songs too.Luke - Martin, Tn
How can you actually care about what happens to this atrocious disaster that you call music?Legacy User - Legacy Location
Dave is married. Steve goes by stevo 32 and Cone's real name is Jay.Amber - Citrus Heights, Ca
Whibley denied dating Paris Hilton until after he dumped her. he was seen with her on some California tour dates, like Sacramento, in July 2003 and Sum 41 gear can be spotted on several Simple Life episodes.Amber - Citrus Heights, Ca
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