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System of a Down

Serj Tankian(vocals)
Daron Malakian(guitar)
Shavo Odadjian(bass)
John Dolmayan(drums)

Artistfacts for System of a Down

  • Tankian, as a student, had a 4.0 grade-point-average. He hated school.
  • Malakian has said that he would like to see Charles Manson released from prison, because he supports Manson's views on the environment. Their song "A.T.W.A." is about Manson.
  • The band is very opposed to "oppression and aggression." They often take a political stance in their songs.
  • Tankian has his own record label called Serjical Strike. In April 2006 he signed the band Fair To Midland, which gets their name from an old Texas play on the term "fair to middling." (thanks, Angela - Sacramento, CA)
  • Although the band mates met and formed in Southern California (in a recording studio while working on separate projects, no less!), all four members have lineage in the Middle East. Dolmayan is Lebanese-Armenian, Odadjian and Tankian are Armenian, and Malakian is Iraqi-Iranian. They are all of Armenian descent and their families were effected by the Armenian Genocide, which began in 1915 at the beginning of World War I when the Turkish military began deporting and killing about 1.5 million Armenians.
  • The band has no piercings or tattoos.
  • Dolmayan's dad played the saxophone and Tankian's dad was also a musician. (thanks, ali - Dayton, OH)
  • Serj worked as a shoe salesman before joining the band, and also ran a successful software company. (thanks, Rachel - Santa Ana, CA)
  • As a child, Malakian went to Alex Pilibo's Armenian school and has said he still has nightmares from things he endured there. He went to Roosevelt Middle School and Glendale High School, where he frequently cut class. Malakian now lives in Los Angeles and likes to collect candles, Persian rugs, instruments, and skulls. (thanks, Amanda - Carthage, TN)
  • Before Malakian joined the band, Shavo was the guitarist.
  • Malakian's father painted all the artwork that was used on their Hypnotize album. (thanks, Petrified Monkey - South Park, CO)
  • When Dolmayan was a child aged 5, he was lying in his bed when he heard a noise and got scared. He left his room asked his parents if he could sleep with them for the night. A few minutes later, a bullet came through John's bedroom window and hit the bed where Little John would've been sleeping. Soon afterwards, John's father decided that they had to move out of Lebanon. (thanks, Max - Postcombe, England)
  • Tankian published a book of poetry called Cool Gardens. He says the thought of cool gardens relaxes him.
  • In the fall of 2007 Serj Tankian released his debut solo album Elect The Dead. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • As well as album art, Daron's father also painted all of the custom Ibanez Icemen that Daron used in the Toxicity/Steal this Album era. (thanks, Dax - San Diego, CA)
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Comments: 70

Don't believe everything you hear from the media! Investigate the truth. Having pity for a plot, that's not enough to accuse people. They're trying to gain benefits of Jewish people. Nothing more. Armenians are armed revolters and true genociders. See the other side of the story. See: factcheckarmenia.comMurat - Istanbul
hey, i am a TURK and i love this band, so i say that because i thought some people would like to hear that ad i agree with the people who wrote the really long paragraphs down there, so i also have no probs woth armenia, go SOAD!Yasin - Marietta, Ga
Everyone should smoke weed then listen to Darts. SeriouslyNone - Ajel;afkejlfaj, Ma
No tattoos? Watch the Chop Suey! music video, Daron has got tattoos! Wtf?
- Airk, Skagway, AK
Actually, Daron was wearing body paint, not tattoos. And also I am in 7th grade, I think that Serj Tankian, and I got really surprised today. I am really smart and have a 4.0 gpa and I hate school, just like Serj! :)
Gavin - Deshler, Oh
system of a down is the most kick ass band and they will be forever even when they're dead! my favorite song is soldier side! im 13 and a girl but they're so awesome u just can't resist! i have like all of their CDs. SOAD FTW!Becky - Portland, Or
Airk and Vince, I think those were drawings that were on Daron, not tattoos.Elsie - San Diego, Ca
Just ask the Turks then where did we armenians all go all 1.5 million of us. Not on vacation. Not anywhere else. We were killed. When this is finally recognized, the restoration can begin.Joshua - Parsons, Ks
I totally agree with Airk.In the Chop Suey! music video Daron has tatoos.Then if you watch a live concert he has no freak'in tatoos anywhere.What the hell!!??Vince - Long Island, Ny
No tattoos? Watch the Chop Suey! music video, Daron has got tattoos! Wtf?Airk - Skagway, Ak
To Dan from Chicago, please do a little research before you start calling people dumb or you will make yourself out to be an even larger fool than the person you are attempting to insult. 4.3 is the highest gpa achievable in most American schools and would require at least a 99% percent in all of your courses (at least where I went to school). A 4.0 is all A's which is still a very impressive feat (says the man who graduated with a 3.98.)Neal - Swanton, Oh
Newsflash read all about it! Uh the armenian genocide did happen dudes. I strongly agree with cueball, It is Bull that the genocide did NOT happen. What evidence do the Turks have that it didn't happen? Everyone whos a hater says Oh what evidence do the ARMENIAN's have? They have phtots, vids and not to mention 3 million dead Armenians. The Turks just keep coming up with worse and worse excuses. And I tell you as an armenian my self, I can't tell you how frustrating it is when in class we are talking about the holocaust, I politley bring up the subject that Hitler was asked how this could be done? He said who remebers the Armenian genocide? And to this day I'll bet if I asked sombody on the street what the armenian genocicde was they would say I don't know

correct me if I am wrong. oh and SOAD rules.
Greg - Philadelphia, Pa
i love old system. serj's solo project isnt too bad either, but i hope they get back together soon.Martin - Thames, New Zealand
I don't care about Armenian genocide cuz this is between Armenia and Turkey. I care about music. Soad music is genious. They have great lyric, riffs, vokals and drums. Their critisizm is not oriented only to turkey. They critisize everybody. They are our shield and sword against hypocrisy, terror, war. They are goverment's conscience.Zuni - Slovenija, Europe
well mehmet, do you really think soad's music would sell half as well if it was about some armenian slaughtering?Pat Man - Waikerie, Australia
m/m/ system of a down. I love how they experimented instead of just repeating the same thing over and over. I consider them a modern day ZeppelinJake - Naperville, Il
Mezmerize and Hypnotize were suppose to be realeased at the same time as a double album, but the band members thought that it would be a good idea to release them seperately so their listeners could listen to the songs in more detail and understand them better.Taylor - A.g., Ca
System Of A Down is a pretty good band I like Sergs voice.Deya - Las Vegas, Nm
hi i am french girl, and i cherch a song: link, if you can help me ...Jeni - France, United States
the members of system of a down are not human. wooooooooo!!!! scary.Delonin - Jacksonville, Fl
system of a down pretty much woops every band/ singers ass. the way the bass and guitairs are played dam after u listen to there music you are not quite the same even if there your favorite band. the drums are the wildest thing i have ever seen and heard. i never new someone could woop ass on that many drums and symbols. and the singer. every band latley is all sounding like girls or like evil demons but serj tankian has a voice no one has. him being lebanesse that helps the great singingAlex - Wamego, Ks
Don't any of you human rights loving System Of A Down fans find it contradictory that SOAD band members are constantly campaigning on behalf of Armenians for a disputed conflict from over 90 years ago, but nothing is mentioned about the illegal military occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh since 1993 by Armenian forces?

UN resolutions 822, 853, and 874 condemn the Armenian military occupation of nearly 1/5th of Azerbaijan's territory and call for the immediate removal of Armenian forces. Approximately 1 million Azeri Turks were rooted from their homeland and live in sub standard conditions as IDPs. Thousands of Azeri civilians were massacred by Armenian forces. Most notably, on February 26, 1992, Armenian forces slaughtered over 800 Azeri civilians, mostly women and children, during the invasion of Khojaly.

If SOAD truly cared about fighting against injustice and oppresion, then they would speak out against the systematic agression committed by their own ethnic brethren. One's humanity should supercede their tribal/ethnic loyalties.

Additional Things To Consider:

-ANCA is the 2nd richest ethnic lobby in Washington after the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby

-Dashnak, Hunchak, and Ramgavar are a few of the many revolutionary organizations that actively attacked Ottoman authorities throughout the late 19th and early 20th century. They received economic and military support from Western Imperialist powers that ultimately sought to take over Ottoman territories and colonize the Middle East. (Iraq/Jordan/Egypt - UK, Syria/Lebanon/Algeria/Tunisia - France, Libya - Italy, Caucasus region - Russia, etc.)

-Czarist Russian forces invaded Ottoman Turkey at the advent of World War 1. This coincided with Armenian rebellions in the adjacent provinces of Turkey.

-The Ottoman Empire was fighting foreign invasion on three major fronts (Arabia, the Caucasus, and the Gallipoli straits).

-The allied powers had a policy of inciting local minorities for their own war effort. T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) persuaded Arab nationalists to take up arms against the Ottoman state with promises of granting them statehood. Greeks on the Aegean coast hoped to attach Western Turkey to Greece. And on the Eastern front in the Caucasus, Armenian nationalists hoped to unite Armenians in Eastern Turkey with their kin across the border in Russian Armenia.

-Turkish state archives document 523, 955 Ottoman Muslim civilian casualties in Eastern Anatolia by armed insurgents between 1914 and 1922. Since the archives only count documented civilian casualties, the number of Muslim civilians killed by armed insurgents is actually probably somewhere between 600,000 and 1 million. Are Muslim lives not as important as Christian lives? Is it ok to ethnically cleanse a region if you're trying to gain independence from a ruling authority?

-The oldest corporation in America is Zildjian, an Armenian drum/percussion company, which was founded in 1623 in Istanbul in Ottoman Turkey. They moved their operations to Boston in 1929. If the Ottoman government had committed genocide, as the NAZIs did during WW2, wouldn't they have sacked Armenian economic holdings? Remember that Jewish civilians lost everything, even at the hands of Swiss banks. How would it be possible for Armenian owned businesses to flourish and survive a racially motivated genocide?

-Lastly, the Armenian Diaspora stretches out from America and Canada to Western Europe, Lebanon, Argentina, and other parts of the Middle East with a population of 4 million. The majority of the Diaspora are descendants of World War 1's Armenian refugee population. Most impartial and reliable sources indicated that the pre-war Ottoman Armenian population was about 1.5 million (which shows that 1.5 million deaths is numerically impossible). Even if the pre-war population was much higher as claimed by Diaspora Armenians, would it be possible for the Armenian refugee population to multiply by 4 in the matter of 90 years?
Mehmet - Paterson, Nj
"Just regarding the comment stating that System have no tattoos or piercings, you obviously haven't seen too many System videoclips considering on Chop Suey, one can see tattoos all over Daron Malakian's body despite it being due to the fact that he has no shirt on."

The tattoos you see on Daron during the Chop Suey! video are a temporary form of skin decoration. They are not tattoos because those are defined as permanent forms of pigment under the skin.
Alex - Slurms, Ca
steal this album and toxicity rock!! new stuff not so muchBrooke - Cedar Park, Co
Just regarding the comment stating that System have no tattoos or piercings, you obviously haven't seen too many System videoclips considering on Chop Suey, one can see tattoos all over Daron Malakian's body despite it being due to the fact that he has no shirt on.Joni - Melbourne, Australia
I would like to say that the reason for The Ottoman moving the Armenians from one place to another was completley for there saftey, do the reseach if you dont believe me but the Ottoman always gave every citizen equal rights. (christian, muslim, jewish etc...)

The Ottoman are even know for sending ships to Europe to save Jewish from Htiler, they transported thousands of Jewish, why would someone who send ships to save Jewish kill Armenians?

Furthermore the only Armenians that were killed by the Ottoman were the ones cauing riots, Ottoman would never kill woman and children, they transfered Armenians to different pats of Turkey because they were in danger from the riots that were caused by there own people.

And about the telegraphs that were mentioned, the telegraphs that accept genocide are comletley false, the signatures on those telegraphs are complete fake to make it seem like the Ottoman gave the order, I myself have seen photocopies of these telegraphs and anyone could tell the difference easily.

And also as mentioned many times, we were being attacked from all sides, we had lost control in the East, the Ottoman Empire back was trying to save Istanbul and Istanbul only, why would they even bother killing armenians?

And furthermore, 1.5 million Armenians couldnt have been killed, let me tell you this, most of the Armenians were in Turkey, and there population was around 600 thousand. (research the numbers if you dont believe me) How could 1.5 million be killed when there population consisted of only 600 thousand?

When genocide was first accused, they said 200 thousand Armenians were kileed because Armenians knew there true population, but when they saw Europe siding them, they kept increasing the death toll until 1.5 million. Whats next? 2 million? 3 million?

And for U.S not acusing us of genocide is because they have the documents that prove we didnt, so does England. Just a month back alot of well known French Historians said that the genocide wasnt true.

Learn your History before you talk.
Mehmet - Istanbul, Turkey
4.0 isn't the highest GPA you can get, whoever thinks that is dumb. I'm pretty sure that the highest is 4.9 or 5.0. I didn't know that Serj was that smart, but now that i know, i think this is why i like all the music (especially the old stuff). I think A.D.D. and ATWA are two of the best songs that they have written, not because of what they are saying, but because of how awesome the songs really are. SOAD, your awesome, keep doing your thing.Dan - Chicago, Il
daron actually lives in glendale, not los angeles. and he does vocals, too. not only guitar.Callan - Slymar, Ca
Listening to System is like trying to solve a rubix cube. Just when you think you got it figured out it changes up on you.Paul - Castalia, Nc
The new album, Mezmorise, i noticed it has a lot of meaning to their songs.
Dreaming : the lyrics are anti-war which i believe should be linked to the lebanese civil war.
Hypnotise: contains lyrics about propaganda. again i think can be linked with the lebanese civil war, where the two christian armies (the lebanese army, and the lebanese forces) split up, each side trying to get as many men to support them.
could be
Tentative: relates again to the civil war, "we are rotting, do toy hear us, we are goin to the bottom, and that is what indeed happened, lebanon has seen a drastic change, from a touristic properouse country, into one wrecked by war. " where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall." ie: the syran artilary, falling on beirut, killing both civilians and soldiers.
Holy mountains: "we're free, Freedom," from the palastenian, israli and syrian invaders.
John - Cork / Beirut, United States
Apparently, the little bit you hear right in the beginning of Chop Suey is "Rolling Suicide"820 - Buffalo, Ny
Has anyone got the new hypnotize album? I have to say that it was kind of a disapointment to me. Im not saying that it ist a great album the songs I didnt get probably had some hidden meaning. but the best songs on there to me were1.hypnotize2.Vicenaty of obcesity3.Lonely Day4.Soldeirside.Paul - Castalia, Nc
I was reading through these comments and I couldn't resist. Some people can be ignorant. I praise Orhan Pamuk for speaking against his own Turkish government. To say that Armenians made up this whole massacre story is bullsh*t. You're telling me that all the Armenians made up this story that they are being deported and got massacred? Yea right... why were they being deported anyway? There are a lot of hidden truths to this. No government will go out of its way to do something good for another race or government unless at the end it is going to benefit from it. So deporting is an "excuse" Turkey wanted either land, resource, etc. that Armenians had. It could've been that the Armenian religion of Christianity was a threat, the list goes on. I have come across elderly people who have seen and have gone through the genocide. The stories and experiences they tell cannot be made up. You can tell from the way a person speaks of it, it is terrifying.

So why do Armenians hold this grudge besides the fact or 1.5 million killed? Because to this day, Turkish goverment has denied that it ever happened and if they do admit it, they need to payback the Armenians. The mountains where Noah's ark were claimed to have settled belonged to the Armenians before the genocide. That would just be one of the things that they would need to give back. There is proof that this event took place. There are pictures of Turkish soldiers posing with beheaded Armenian civilians, bodies, and more. There were telegraphs that were transmitted to carry out this mission.

Alsmo everyone in the world has recognized that this event took place and Hitler did say that he can get away with the Holocaust because no one remembers the Armenians.

USA will not recognize it because Turkey is an ally. If US admits, then Turkey will force US troops out of its country and shut down military bases along with huge US companies. The US knows that he needs his military there to be close to Israel and the middle east. And I bet that's just the start.

I hope EU is smart enough to not let Turkey in unless it admits to the genocide.

I didn't mean this to be political post on a band site, but I'm sorry I needed to say this. People only believe what they are told, but they have open their minds and look at things in a different perspective. Get their views from different places and not limit to one source for things.
Cueball - Los Angeles, Ca
i just registered, but i have a response to buster frmo NY. there are tons of songs about the Holocaust, but none are in english. being jewish and listening to alot of underground bands, i have 3 hebrew metasl cd's and a decent ammount of the songs are about the Holocaust or mention it they were translated into english.Ben - Lawrenceville, Ga
Derrick from Cross Junction, Va... Serj was most definitely born in Lebanon.Katie - Mahtomedi, Mn
Is SOAD a fundamentalist bad?Kolan - Kabul, Iraq
Justin is right. When the band only had Serj, Daron, and Odadjian they were called soil. Then when they got the drummer, Dolmayan, then changed their name to Victim of a Down. Then they became System of a down.Paul - Castalia, Nc
I have just one thing 2 say:
SYSTEM OF A DOWN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And if anyone says they don't, they might aswell choke on the brilliant lyrics SOAD write!
Kayley - London, England
Did you know System Of A Down abreviates to SOAD which (for you 'The Simpsons' fans) is also the abbreviation for Son Of A Diddly. (as said by Ned Flanders if you really want to know)Kayley - London, England
"People who want to use the church for its primary
purpose of prayer have a right
to do so undisturbed by unnecessary chattering."
or so says the cotholic church. Its all about the concept of silence being holy and closer to God and all that.
Amanda - Carthage, Tn
I was wondering if any of you could explain the concept of 'Sacred Silence', and why it is used through-out many of SOAD's songs, and Serj's poems. All I currently know about it is that it was a book about the Catholic Church [IIRC].Alex - Burbank, Ca
To Iluvsystem98,
You are a complete and total nimrod for thinking that you are more ANYTHING than ANYONE!! You are a mere human trying to get by in life by bottomfeeding off of the inspirations that other great people try to provide for people like you. I am telling you now, that you are NOT the biggest system of a down fan, nor will you ever be. Accept the fact that many people grow mentally and spiritually by listening and feeling the words of S.O.A.D. That is all the words I want to waste on you. If you would like to email me: songwriterlol@yahoo.com should cover that basis.
Amanda - Carthage, Tn
To Iluvsystem98,Amanda - Carthage, Tn
SOAD's name was originally SoilJustin - Beresford, Sd
First I am from lebanon but itz not a choice in this website...second the countries that were mensioned about the members' birthplaces are all true ( a interview with malakian)
and finally the IAN at the end of their family names is bcoz they are armenian and 90% of the families in armenia ends wih ian (malakian, takanian..etc..)
Ran - Awkar, Other
to add to the discussion about the armenian genocide, (and perhaps clear up some confusion without giving a lecture). one thing no one here seems to realize (and that i think adds a lot of depth) is that the genocide was not carried out directly by the government, but by an organization set up by the government (often called the special organization) that was comprised largely of violent convicts taken from prisons for the purposes of the organization. This says a lot about the intent of the government.Nat - Eindhoven, Netherlands
In response to Buster of NY:

Although the Holocaust was one of the most destructive and bloody massacres in the known history of mankind, the Boston Massacre was just the confused killing of 'only' five riotous Americans. These five whimper in comparison to the millions and millions of Jews and Non-Jews in the Holocaust. Comparing the Boston Massacre to the Holocaust is like comparing me sticking a fork into the ground to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
Greg - Bellaire, Tx
Even tho the band all got weird names and the last names all end with an (a weird coincidence), they still are the BESTSonny - Elmhurst, Ny
Anyone that has feelings for so many people killed at one time and cannot see the error of views into the people that came one warm night in august to do thier master's bidding and where all mercilessly murdered without any mercy at all should re-think his views that Charles Manson and the 'Family' have ANYTHING worthwhile to contribute to anyone but other murderers. Any views on ecology that this bastard in prison and his followers as well, who should be roasted in thier own juices daily, is supercillious at best. This manipulator will of course attempt to justifie his actions until the end, he is racist and a zenophobic monster, he used other people throughout his life and had any killed that did not agree with him.
Now how in the bloody hell can anyone have kind feelings for this bastard. At least all the monsters in history that murdered thousands had an objective to benifit someone, Manson had no reason except to teach someone a lesson for rejecting him!
As for the music of the band, it is very good, has great range and diversity, though not akin to Eloy,(Ger.) or Monster Planet,(Aus.) this band has a simular style.
Marcus - Detroit, Mi
Well, actually, you can get higher than a 4.0 GPA... But it's still really good.Kim - Rochester, Mn
A 4.0 is the highest you can get in school. It is a very good thing.Nate - Columbus, Oh
Being English, can someone enlighten me as to whether a 4.0 grade point average is good or bad?Tom - Trowbridge, England
I do not believe that a systematic killing of a race would be possible by any of the parts taken place in WW1 since both the the physical state of both parts was torn. However, it must be noted that Armenian people once lived near the russian border were supposed to be deported away from the border as they openly supported rivals by shooting Turkish republican forces from behind (does it mean that they had rather live in a communist than a republican society?).As many as million people were killed in both frank warfare and during the deportation. Nevertheless, these people did not go all the way alone and were accompanied by far less Turkish soldiers which, too, extinguished with the deported Armenians mainly due to harsh physical conditions (I visited the geography myself two years ago; and the geography is called as the roof of Euroasia-temperatures reach below -30 centigrades during daytime in a mere 6 months of the year!!!) In wartime conditions when your homeland is invaded by many countries thousands of miles away, I believe, such a deportation is justifiable.If I had been a Turkish commander planning a genocide back then, I would have killed the Armenians right away in their warm homes (like we see now in Iraq) rather than taken the trouble to move them during wintertime. Plus, hundered thousands of Armenians have continued to live on peacefully in the warmest and the richest (like the Princess Islands in Istanbul) parts of Turkey for years after the war. If I were a member of a community that has experienced a genocide, I would not ever live in the blamed country. Back to real life ladies and gentlemen!!!Lowell - Manhattan, Ny
All the news about them are fine but I heard something is it true? I heard that they hate Turkey and Turkish people but I couldn't find a word about it in their web site. Is it true? If so they will kill me for writing these. And I'll be sad to death if I love them if they hate me!!Aysim - Istanbul, Turkey
Uhhhhh, Serj was born in america, dude.Derrick - Cross Junction, Va
How can you say that there was no armenian genocide? How IGNORANT DO YOU HAVE TO BE? So where did the 1.5 million armenians go if they WEREN'T deported and murdered by the turkish government? Why would they kill innocent children and women if some armenians 'began to riot'? Adolf Hitler said that he would get away with the Holocaust because as he said, "who remebers the extermination of the armenians?"Bob - Trinity, Other
The song is pretty cool but I don't really understand why any problemless person should even think of having that kind of physical appereance. I mean being marginal is attractive but to an extent ofcourse... And I don't really understand the obsession with the armenian genocide; even if it had happened, how many songs have you heard about the Boston Massacre, -or even the Holocaust, which can be said to be the greatest massacres of all- I'm sure not quite as many. As far as I know, there are still plenty of Armenians living in Turkey, then either the "genocide was not completely done, and the Armenians were stupid enough to stay in the country" or there was more on it... Another thing i heard: there really was an expelsion, but the armenians died because of bad conditions in places that they were expelled to...Buster - New York, Ny
About the thing of Charles Manson, they say he has been proven guilty but no one is 100% sure of that and no one will ever be unless it was witnessed by a good number of people. People will always lie so the absolute truth will never be seen. Malakian simply has a different opinion on this matter than most. As for the armenian genocide, there are two points of view, nearly equally arguable. Obviously even if the numbers of the armenian deaths weren't even close to an alledged 1.5 million, the fact of so many murders is outrageous. However the turkish government must have had some sort of reason, regardless of the importance of this reason, to kill armenians, unless the entire government was corrupt. However, System of a Down does have a right to be very angry after the death of so many kin.Robert - Nogales, Az
OK, I like SOAD and their songs. However, I am not happy with their political bull about history. As a Turk I am glad that there are many people outside the Turkey who are supporting our work against the so called "genocide". I am calling this as so called because it has no scientific basement at all. Think an environment where you are in a chaotic place, a war is being started. Your lands are invaded by different nations from everywhere. Thousands of people are dying everywhere from Syria to Arabia, From Galia to Balkans. Where the East Anatolia was invaded by Russia in 1915. One of the he most challenging battle of the history is taking place in the Canakkale where more than 500.000 people died from Turks, Australians, Indians, Zealanders and partly Englishmen. Then some Armenians also thought that they can benefit from this chaos while Kurdish people, Circassian, Lazish people and many other national who established modern Turkey followed their honor to save this country. These dishonored Armenians started fought against civilians without nothing to do with the war. Then as a logical response Ottomans decided to stop these riots and killed people involved. Then the rest of the people were died in displacement due to inconvenient air conditions, lack of medical supplies and raids by local Turkish people who were wishing to revenge of the rioatal applications. Hence about 500.000 or more Armenians have died. I am not saying that Ottomans were innocent at all since they could make this displacement in good conditions and prepared the devastation of people. Also think that Turks have killed 90.000 of their military due to bad air conditions later on in the east. Of course, this is not a complete excuse for the dead people but in the war environment every nation has such bad experiences. Don't forget what Germans, Englismen, and finally US have done on many different nations. You cannot become a great country withur vasting people here and there though we thought this was arule of past. Still we see the same rule is ruling our lifes in the "modern" world. If Armenians were in our place they would do the same thing...Osman - Istanbul, Turkey
How dare people try to trick us with false genocide storys?.During WW1 East Turkey was invaded by Russians,now did the Armenians get together with ther christian brothers and kill Turks or did Turks who were waring with England,Italy,France and Russia at the same time leave everything asside and start killing Armenians?There wasn't even Turkish othority in East Turkey at the time,it was under Russian invasion.General Harbourds report(American Goverments official document)shows that more Turks were killed by Russians and Armenians then the number of Armenians that were killed.Armenians should be gratefull that the Turks don't talk about the Turkish massacre which has evidence.I have a degree in history,if i did not research the truth by myself i guess i was going to believe the Armenians false propoganda,so the Armenians owe the Ottoman Turks an apology.I always hated the Turks for killing innocent people but when i researched the truth i felt ashamed for framing them.
If Armenians were truelly against genocide they would not have killed over 2 million Azeris in Karabakh,there were more Azeri killed in Karabakh then the number of Armenians that were ''claimed'' to be killed by Turks.Why are'nt the Armenians all across the world standing against th massacre in Karabakh?Armenian forces are still invaders in Karabakh,why are'nt Armenians pressuring the illegal troops to leave Azerbeyjan?Why isn't System of a Down writing a song for the massacre in Karabakh which happened less then 20 years ago???
Logic - London, England
Is the Holocost Jewish people's fault for being richer then the average German...those bastards

(please note this is a touge in cheek comment, I am not actually saying anything about Jewish people)
Neil - London, England
What is this sh*t about the genocide being a lie?! It's a fact that can't be denied and anyone saying otherwise should really get their head examinined! On a lighter note I can't wait until the newest System album comes out.Ian - New York, Ny
following comment Re:- kaka, vienna, AustriaMegane - Thunder Bay, Canada
Ok, so even if your story about the amenian genoside being 'there own fault' is true, how do you justify takeing a whole race out of a country becuase of what a few of its people did? I'm sure the little children who were deported didn't have anything to do with killing turks did they? People wouldnt start to riot for no good reason, look in history, riots are caused by oppression. have you ever heard of the term 'racisum' before? you know, the policy taken by an ignorant person who beleves that race defines the individual? The kind of person who would justify a mass slaughter of people by saying 'they did it to themselves'. say you killed one of my family members, do you think it would be justifyed for me to kill all your cousigns and relitives then say "the brought it on themselves" even though they had nothing to do with what you did. Maybe you shouldn't think if races, maybe you should think of people. Its never justifyed to get rid of an entire race in any situation. I'ts imposible to defend what you just said with anything other than "I'm a moron". you should learn to have knoledge and insight before you go shooting your mouth off.Megane - Thunder Bay, Canada
First off, S.O.A.D. definetly rock; and it is very refreshing to see a socially aware rock band like them.
Secondly, and more importantly; the Armenian genonicide most definetly DID happen, and their are numerous pictures of victims severed heads and countless testimonials to the horrors which occured. Yet, Armenians are denied any aknowledgement of the pain their people suffered. It's a horrible thing, and something must be done. The U.S. government does not honor the victims the way so many Jewish holocaust victims have been throughout the year; in fear that Turkey will not supply us with oil and air space. It's sickening.
Lastly, it's a bit disturbing to hear that members of System apparently relate with some of the sentiments of Charles Manson; a man who commited numerous acts of horrible violence... Anyone know what thats all about?
Glenn - Kingston, Nh
I just want to say that first system Rules! well that goes without saying really!. Serj is oh so talented it is unbelieveable. Everytime I hear a system record my heart is kindled. love them. I get to a weird spiritual high when I listen to them. Something about Serj's voice. Well he does like kinda really jewish, you have to admit? Actually any person know what religion Serj is?. Whatever I love him!!!Helen - Liverpool, England
Serj was recently photographed at their Souls Benefit Concert, and it seems that he shaved atleast part of his beard (now its just on the chin). Malakian also shaved his "double-beard".
You can see their pictures at www.systemofadown.com

btw, System is a living legend... they are sooooooo good....
Zeev - R, Israel
there's picture and forensic, paper and video evidence of the armenian genocide happening, and papers saying that 1.5 million died. however the turks deny it still.Greg - Nyc, Ny
The little bit you hear right in the beginning of "Chop Suey" was supposed to be the original title for the songChrissy - Miami, Fl
The song A.T.W.A. was written about Charles Manson and the song P.L.U.C.K. was written about the genocide.Nick - Paramus, Nj
System Of A Down is the best band on Earth and no body, no matter how much you think you love them, loves them as much as me.They understand the world and all the problems with it, so they write about it in their songs. Their sound is so amazing and it fits together so perfectly-perfect lyrics mixed with perfect sound makes a perfect band and thats exactly what they are. A very talented and aware group of people that are in love with music, like me.They are and always will be my heroes and all my love goes out to them.
~Ali (kitt)
Iluvsystem98 - Dayton, Oh
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