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Talking Heads

David Byrne(vocals, guitar)
Jerry Harrison(guitar, keyboards)
Tina Weymouth(bass)
Chris Frantz(drums)

Artistfacts for Talking Heads

  • Byrne, Frantz, and Weymouth all attended the Rhode Island School Of Design, which is where they met. When they graduated in 1974, they moved to New York City, where they formed the band.
  • Frantz and Weymouth started dating in 1972 and got married in 1977.
  • In 1981, the band members took on outside projects: Byrne scored the Twyla Tharp musical The Catherine Wheel, Harrison released a solo album called The Red and the Black, and Weymouth and Frantz formed a group called the Tom Tom Club, which had hits with "Genius Of Love" and "Wordy Rappinghood."

    In our interview with Chris Frantz, he explained that they weren't planning to start a new band, but were encouraged to do so by their accountant, who told them they were low on cash.
  • "Talking Head" is a television term for a person, usually a newscaster, speaking on camera; a friend suggested it after seeing it in an issue of TV Guide magazine.

    The name has another meaning as well: carnivals and other oddities events sometimes set up displays where a person's head appears to be placed on top of a box. These heads would sometimes tell fortunes, and were known as "Talking Heads."
  • There is no "The" in the name of the band. It is simply Talking Heads.
  • The famous Oxford band Radiohead got their name from a Talking Heads' song. They were previously called On A Friday. (thanks, Sebastian - Mt. Vernon, NY)
  • Harrison graduated from Harvard, where he studied architecture.
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Comments: 7

Ted, the band split, according to Tina, because David wanted to do it all himself and get all the glory, so to speak. Talented and visionary as Byrne is he still fell victim to the same problem that Eddie Van Halen attributed the breakup of the original Van Halen lineup to, a galloping case of LSD - Lead Singer's Disease.

Chris, Jerry may've been late to the dance but he was the one who produced the band's albums and tours. The backup singers and musicians you see in "Stop Making Sense" were uncredited members of the band, meaning they played on the band's albums and toured with them - but were credited as accompanying musicians despite being such a big part of the band's success.
Shell - Riverdale, Ga
I don't care what anyone says, PSYCHO KILLER is the best song by Talking Heads. The rest of their music is good too, but nothing beats PSYCHO KILLER.Naioka - Sptsyltuckey, Va
"And She Was" is an awesome tune.K - Toronto, Canada
These guys are just awesome.Jonathon - Clermont, Fl
I was flying first class to Lndon one time in 1992, and found myself sitting next to Symore Stein, the founder of Sire records. I asked him about all the Sire stable of artists, including the Heads. He said, "I was going downtown one Thursday nite, and decided to stop by CBGB's before heading to another club, and I get out of the cab, and the only thing I hear coming out of the front door of CBGB's is this guy screatching "I got two loves, and they go tweet tweet tweet like little birds" and I say, what is that? I go inside and I see these preppy kids on stage playing away. They were unique and very talented, so I approached them after the set, and by the next morning we were under contract""

I also asked him about the Smiths, said what one would expect, Morrissey was very talented, but a bummer.

I asked him (in 1992) who was the smartest person he had met in the music industry? Without hesitating one second, he said, "thats easy....Madonna" "She knows where every cent goes, and always did. Very smart, and a very astute manager. Obviously talented. I signed her and we put out her first single on Sire....Holiday"
Jay - Scottsdale, Az
I thought Jerry was just there, like Chester and Daryl w/ Genesis, never actually a memeber but toured and appeared in videos.Chris - Frederick, Md
Talking Heads all got started with David and Chris forming the band 'The Artistics'. Tina joined the band slightly later, and before they actually went to stage they changed their name to Talking Heads. Jerry Harrison joined the band after the first single was released. None of the former band members ever gave a clear explanation for the band's split, in public, but it had to do with a lot of arguing during the last tours and different musical ideas.Ted - Loveland, Co
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