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Ted Nugent

Dec. 13, 1948

Artistfacts for Ted Nugent

  • Nugent never did drugs or drank heavily. He says his addiction was women.
  • By the time he was 14, his first band, The Lourds, were playing around Detroit and ended up on bills with The Beau Brummells and The Supremes. When Ted was 15, his family moved to Chicago despite his objections. There, he formed The Amboy Dukes, and when he graduated high school in 1967, he took the band back to Detroit, and in 1968 they had a hit with "Journey To The Center Of The Mind."
  • Nugent went to great lengths to avoid serving in the Army and continue his music career. When he got his draft notice at age 18, he had 30 days before his physical, which was plenty of time for him to deteriorate his condition. He immediately stopped bathing and shaving, and started eating only unhealthy foods. A week before the physical, he stopped using the bathroom and just went in his pants. Never a drug user, he snorted some lines of crystal meth. When he showed up for the physical, he was a complete mess, telling High Times in a 1977 interview, "I was a walking, talking hunk of human s--t. I made gutter swine hippies look like football players."

    The ruse worked, as Nugent passed out when they put the needle in his arm for the blood test, and proved that he was clearly not fit to serve. He was classified 4-F, not acceptable under "physical, mental, or moral standards." Nugent said that he would have been great in the Army, but he had better things to do.
  • He had a relationship with a 17-year old Hawaiian girl when he was 30. He became her legal guardian in order to comply with laws regarding relationships with minors.
  • Nugent is an avid hunter and outspoken supporter of the right to bear arms. He frequently appears on television discussions on these issues, usually making inflammatory comments that rile the other guests.
  • He had two children with his first wife, who died in a car accident after their divorce.
  • His nickname is "The Motor City Madman." The Motor City part is because he's from Detroit, and the Madman comes from his extreme behavior, especially on stage. Nugent takes pride in playing "on the edge," meaning he puts all his energy into his performances. He claims that he passed out on stage on several occasions from hyperventilating and screaming too hard.
  • A relentless live performer, by 2009 he had played over 6000 concerts, spending a great deal of time wearing only a loincloth on stage. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • He is on the board of directors of The National Rifle Association, although he usually goes hunting with a bow and arrow. He eats everything he kills. (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)
  • Ted appeared as a drug dealer on the season two Miami Vice episode "Definitely Miami." Later that season his song "Little Miss Dangerous" was used to open a Vice episode of the same name. (thanks, Matt - Pittsburg, KS)
  • The cat who played Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers movies was actually named Ted Nude-gent.
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Comments: 21

I may not condone the fact that he'd avoided serving in Vietnam, given his patriotism, but I do admire his anti-drug, anti-alcohol stance. Nugent has seen firsthand the destruction of drug abuse. He's seen incredible musicians fumble, drool and not be able to tune their instruments. He's had to fire many bandmates throughout the Amboy Dukes' existence due to substance abuse, particularly heroin. Some of them couldn't get from Point A to Point B. He's seen fellow musicians DIE right in front of him.Dana - Woodbury, Mn, Mn
Jimmy, London, ON can you please provide a link? And Joseph from Tulsa, OK, those adoption papers would be worth gold. If what you are saying is true, you should retrieve that document. Or obtain a copy...I am sure that's possible.Caroline - Toronto, On
Sorry but anyone who has anything to say positive about a guy how can only perform sexually with underage girls either secretly hates women, is seriously sexually insecure, is socially retarded, or/and an idiot. I often wondered why Ted never really appealed to me must have been his lack of any real sincerely in the music he preformed, no meat in that hunt.Stan Parker - Oak Hill, Fl
My best friend ran the biggest nightclub in Indianapolis in the early 80's and one night Ted called up and asked if he could come to the bar with his 16 year old girlfriend. (You had to be 21 to even enter a bar then). My friend said if you are really Nugent we will set up a special room for you and your party to do whatever you want. They did...Tim - Nashville, Tn
I distinctly remember one occasion in the mid 1970's when Nugent played the old London Arena, in downtown London, Ontario Canada. As was his habit at the time, after the show he and his crew recruited a fairly substantial number of seriously under-aged girls to accompany them for "entertainment purposes" back to their motel on the strip on Wellington Road South. We're not talking 15 years old and up here folks; we're talking 15 years old and younger. When some of the parents of these girls got wind of what was going on, they called the police, who raided the rooms the band had rented. In the wee hours of the morning, after the discovery of several of the minors in various states of undress and intoxication on the premises, Mr. Nugent was given two choices; stay in town and face criminal charges for his "activities", or hit the road immediately. Needless to say, Nugent regained a little sanity and shortly thereafter his tour buses were making their way out of town on Highway 401, without female juvenile accompaniment. Keep this all in mind the next time you hear "Uncle Ted" launch one of his "shoot the pedophiles" speeches. How do I know these things? I was one of the police officers on duty that night. Any one willing to do a little digging through old newspaper files can confirm the details, the local paper "The London Free Press" covered the story at the time.Jimmy - London, On
Ted was a great father to his children I can remember sitting on his lap when I was n 2nd grade reading him stories.John - Chesapeake, Va
I am from a town called "Hippy Town" and normaly i would hate someone withs Ted Nugent's bleifes however he is Ted Nugent and I think he awsome.Iain - Ithaca, Ny
Nothing was wrong with Damn Yankees's first album, but their second album was a flop. Actually, Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades were a great combination. I thought their album 'Hallucination' was pretty decent. But of course that was without Ted. I had first seen Ted Nugent in concert in the mid 1980's, and then again opening for KISS in 2000, as well as with Damn Yankees in the early 90's. Unfortunately, none of the latter shows had featured Ted shooting flaming arrows at 'cut-outs' of Saddam, because the City of Cincinnati prohibits such acts involving open flames. My favorite song that I liked watching him perform was 'Stranglehold'. The bass playing of that song is just as awsome as Ted's guitar work.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
Basically, he's a complete and utter psychotic madman, which is why he's so awesome. Plus, he can play guitar like a god!Jonathon - Clermont, Fl
The Nuge was a guest on the "Gee Whiz" episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In the episode, there was a billboard advertising a pawn/gun shop, with an image of a gun. There was thought to be an image of Jesus on the butt of the gun, but it turned out it was Ted Nugent's image. The episode mainly intended to poke fun at those who claim to see the face of Jesus in everyday objects. Ted finally showed up at the Aqua Teens' house at the end of the episode, greeting them with "Hey how you guys doin' anybody without a gun and a knife and a handkerchief and a chapstick get the f*** outta here!" Ted was "dressed" in a loincloth made out of a badger and carried a bow with which he shot flaming arrows (a reference to Ted's old stage getup and his love for hunting).Aaron - Amelia, Ne
ted is great i would vot that guy president he is a real michigan hero and is a hell of a guitarist and model amercan. everyone should be more like ted nugentJared - Chippewa Lake, Mi
He definitely had/has a thing for girls, not women. My ex-wife was 14 when he got her pregnant. She put the child up for adoption. He even signed the adoption papers admitting it was his.Joseph - Tulsa, Ok
This guy is such an American. He is a member of the NRA and he has his own brand of beef jerky. Damn good guitarist.Danny - Sydney, Australia
His second album "Free For All" features Meatloaf on lead vocals, before "Meat" was a solo artist.Lee - Phoenix, Az
I thought this was Artist Facts baout Ted Nugent, not a place to rant about the president! Get a freaking life leftie and spred your propaganda in the proper forum. Let's stay on topic here.David - San Antonio, Tx
OBVIOUSLY you missed TED on the KISS fairwell tour
and the riot Ted's fingers worked on the fretboard
of the guitar neck.
Floyd - Syracuse, Ny
I realize its difficult for any of you to understand why Ted is a conservative. In your world everyone has to be a democrat or face severe derision. Thinking is certainly verboten, so is dissent or even discussion. I guess Ted has thought enough to have conviction in his values and beliefs such that he is willing to face whatever ugly epithets the left so loves to dish out. Worth considering, n'est ce pas?Mike - Pittsburgh, Pa
Interesting parallels between Nugent's apparent mental decline and George W's ...

I wonder if the people who have brain-washed W and the neo-cons, and who are apparently behind the rise in cultism and vigilante gangs in the US, used Nugent as a test subject for their behavioral control research before deploying the technology to take over our country?

Who are these people? The American eugenics movement? Stange connections between eugenics and the Bush dynasty.

Learn about research by the US military and CIA into behavioral control:
Foo - Stuttgart, Germany
OH poor Ted. I grew up on his music, it kicked serious ass. I saw him open up for Deep Purple in 2000? The old geezers blow him off stage. He used to be a great player and a great song writer.
I enjoy many of the things Ted enjoys, Fishing , Hunting, Women. One thing we don't share is his support for the Neocon/Neofacist who is currently residing in our White House. You know the guy who went to the Supreme Court in order to STOP the counting of votes for the presidential election. The guy who was apponted President by the Supreme Court. The guy who lied to the entire world about his reasons for invading a country. The guy who took the LARGEST surplus whe EVER HAD and turned it into the LARGEST DEFICIT we have ever had. The guy who gave the 88 BILLION dollar tax cut to the richest 1 percent of our population. The guy who took the good will of the world that was pouring out to us after the Sept 11'th attacks and pushed away allies and isolated the US. The guy that under his watch did NOTHING to combat terrorism even when the former administration warned him of our biggest threat...Osama Bin Laden. The guy that Ignored the intelligence that could have prevented the attacks of Sept 11'th. Yeah that guy, I can't stand that guy.
Brian - New London, Ct
Neoconism is a real sickness, too. It can cause ya to catch a draft. If Teddi is such a right-winger he-man, why wasn't he in the 'Nam? That gy is about as sharp as a bowling ball...Michael J Fowler - Mesa, Az
True fact: Theo used to regularly say, about women:

"Get 'em before they learn to dial more than 7-digit phone numbers"

I guess that puberty was just a vague concept for Ol' Theo.
T_scheisskopf - Northwest, Nj