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Jeff Keith(vocals)
Tommy Skeoch(guitar)
Frank Hannon(guitar, keyboards)
Brian Wheat(bass)
Troy Luccketta(drums)

Artistfacts for Tesla

  • They are named after scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. The band tried to raise the profile of Tesla by giving the Smithsonian Institute a bust of the scientist, which they rejected.
  • A Tesla is a unit of magnetic flux. Many of us learn this in Physics class but none of us remembers it.
  • The band broke up in 1995, they got back together in 2000.
  • They formed in Sacramento, California. A disk jockey there helped get them back together to tour after they broke up.
  • Skeoch had drug problems and was the first to leave the band. The other members broke up shortly after.
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Comments: 10

Awesome band!!! I cant Belive they aren't famousIly - Wellington, New Zealand
'Psychotic Supper' and 'The Great Radio Controversy' are two GREAT rock albums.Lester - New York City, Ny
i love tesla they have such a good band and great song!Samantha - Missouri, Mo
Tommy Skeoch was born on Feb. 5, 1962, in Santa Monica, CA. He is not from Yugoslavia.Coverqueen - Schuyler, United States
Was the introduction to Love Song (by Tesla) based on or actually a classical piece? Bueller? Bueller?Greg - Okc, Ok
Nikola Tesla is of Yugoslav decent... and it seems that Tommy Skeoch is from that region...Bubba - Perth, Australia
No, they were not Navu Seals. Also, Tesla is not a horrible band, obviously you just have absolutely no taste.Shari - Whittier, Ca
Great scientist, horrible band. Heavy metal crap.Mike - Baltimore, Md
Tesla..One of the greatest/underrated True Rock and Roll bands of all time. Great lyrics Awesome guitar licks and kick ass vocals. What happend to rock and roll like this..Rick - Austin, Tx
When I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I heard the band members were former "Navy Seabees". Is this true?James - Anaheim, Ca
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