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The Animals

Eric Burdon(vocals)
Alan Price(keyboards)
Chas Chandler(bass)
John Steel(drums)
Hilton Valentine(guitar)

Artistfacts for The Animals

  • They began as a Jazz group with Burdon on trombone. Partly because Burdon was a lousy player, he switched to vocals and they became a rock group.
  • Early names were The Pagans and The Kansas City 5.
  • Chas Chandler became one of Jimi Hendrix' managers.
  • Andy Summers, who joined the New Animals in 1968, would later join The Police.
  • Price left the group because he suddenly realized that he was afraid of flying. (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL)
  • In the 1990's Burdon made a cameo on the TV show China Beach and worked with David Letterman band leader Paul Shaffer on an album.
  • The Animals appeared in many cheesy 1960's movies, including It's a Bikini World!. After leaving the group, though, Price went on to become a real actor in movies like O Lucky Man!.
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Comments: 8

Yeah I still love The Animals songs & Eric Burdon. Burdon went on to have huge hits with the group War too. This fall (2013) I ran onto a new CD compilation of their earlier hits while they were recording for MGM, but this CD was released by ABKCO Records (they bought out MGM, I think). Some really great hits & well worth it. And from some old Sixties' rock folklore, I recall that Burdon was "the eggman" that John Lennon refers to in The Beatles' hit "I Am The Walrus." Yeah... goo goo ga joob, man. (or as Simon & Garfunkel said, "koo koo ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson!!). Crazy times with Lennon and Burdon "the eggman." Was it because he licked off raw eggs broken on a naked girl's "body?"Elmer H - Westville, Ok
From 1964 to now (2013), I am still a fan. Their hits are still played on the oldies stations in my area of NE Okla. Western Ark., and SW Missouri. Well, they're not a "forgotten band" in these parts, thank goodness. Justa few years ago, Eric Burdon was interviewed on the late night radio talk show "Coast To Coast AM" about his career & it was a great interview. Then, here in the area in early 2013 a blues radio station played some of their early rock-blues songs. One in particular still rocks & reminds me of when I first hear it in 1964 in high school. Back then I didn't know it was originally a blues song. It was "Boom Boom" written & recorded originally in the late Forties by John Lee Hooker (the great blues artist). Many of the Brits from "The British Invasion" of '64 were influenced by American blues. The Animals, I think, did the blues into blues-rock better than their contemporaries from the UK back then. Catch "Boom Boom" by them and you'll see what I mean. "We Gotta Get Outa This Place" is still a favorite of mine because it served as an anthem for so many of our GIs during the Vietnam War of the Sixties & Seventies. Rock on......Rotunda - Tulsa, Ok
Back in the 60s, after buying Cream's "Wheels of Fire," "Animalization" was the second rock LP I bought. Unfortunately my younger brother scratched it up, and I haven't found a CD...yet. They're an almost forgotten band these days, though you hear their version of "House of the Rising Sun" on some rock stations now and then.Pat - Albuquerque, Nm
I can't believe how few comments are on here. The Animals must be the most underrated band ever! I bet most people like their songs but don't even know it's them ("It's My Life", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", "We Gotta Get Outta This Place"). Also, Eric Burdon went on to become the lead singer for the group War, who had hits with "Spill the Wine" and "Low Rider".Roy - Granbania, Ma
this band is so underrated, I lovem' ol and Eric Burdon is my Hero. I wish I could do my vocals like thatKendall - Thomasville, Ga
Here's to hoping the real House of the Rising Sun and the rest of New Orleans is still there.Sean - Pittsburgh, Pa
I played house of the riseing sun for the talent show and it was awesome we got 3rd place and its all to the animals man they rock. And i think that the song is not about a damn whore house its about a man who drank his life away and is warning others not to do what he has done. any way rock on.Corrie - Seaside, Or
Eric Burdon is the eggman! Goo goo ga joob.James - Bransgore, England
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