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The Jets

Leroy Wolfgramm(guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion)
Eddie Wolfgramm(conga, drums, tenor saxophone, vocals, keyboards)
Eugene Wolfgramm(percussion, vocals, alto saxophone, conga)
Rudy Wolfgramm(percussion, vocals, choreographer, drums)
Haini Wolfgramm(percussion, bass, vocals, keyboards)
Elizabeth Wolfgramm(percussion, vocals, keyboards)
Mona Wolfgramm(percussion, vocals, keyboards)
Kathi Wolfgramm(percussion, vocals, keyboards)

Artistfacts for The Jets

  • The group was formed by guitarist Leroy Wolfgramm with 7 of his brothers and sisters. They are natives of the Pacific island nation of Tonga who are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • In 1989, they played several free concerts that were attended by the entire population of Tonga. (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL, for above 2)
  • There are 17 kids total in the Wolfgramm family. There have been 3 bands to come out of that family, The Jets being the original, followed by Jett17 and Against The Season. (thanks, Jamie - Los Angeles, CA)
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