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The Police

1977-1985, 2007-
Sting(vocals, bass)
Stewart Copeland(drums)
Andy Summers(guitar)
Henry Padovani(guitar)1977

Artistfacts for The Police

  • They quit at the peak of their popularity, breaking up after five albums. A lot of the hostility that led to their breakup was caused by song selection. Each member wanted more of his songs on the albums, mainly because the writer received the royalties, and unlike bands like U2 and Van Halen, The Police did not share songwriting credits.
  • The Police started as a punk band, originally with guitarist Henry Padovani. They played more complex styles when Andy Summers joined.

    For a short time they had four members, but they fired Padovani once it became clear that Summers would work out.
  • They're from England, but first gained popularity in the US, where they attracted a following after touring small clubs, including CBGBs.
  • Before they hit it big, all three members dyed their hair blond for a Wrigley's Gum commercial in 1978.
  • Copeland's father was a member of the CIA. (thanks, John - Cheshire, England)
  • The Police reunited in 2007, opening the Grammy awards with a performance of "Roxanne" before going on tour. Their previous performance was in 2003 when they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.
  • Their rise coincided with MTV, which went on the air in 1981. With their intriguing videos and photogenic look, they received a great deal of promotion on the channel. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
  • The champion race horse Zenyatta was named after The Police album Zenyatta Mondatta. Jerry Moss, who signed The Police to his label A&M Records (Moss is the "M", his partner Herb Alpert is the "A"), bought the horse when she was a yearling for $60,000 from former PolyGram records CFO Eric Kronfeld, and named her after the album. The investment paid off for Moss - Zenyatta won over $7 million in purses.
  • They won the Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance two years in a row, for "Reggatta de Blanc" and "Behind My Camel."
  • Their first gigs were on tour with the female punk singer Cherry Vanilla; they would perform first, then Sting and Copeland would act as her backup band. Cherry Vanilla released two albums in the '70s but never made it big as a singer. She later became an author.
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Comments: 11

The Police have been my favourite band since I was about 4 years old! My dad got me into them, so as you can tell, my parents taught me at a young age about good and real music! The 80's were real and the BEST music there ever was! The 90's were cool, the 2000's absolutely suck! Too much auto tune and untalented people who write a crappy pop song and people think it's gold, well it's not! Anyway.. I just thank God for 80's music and great bands from that amazing decade, like the Police! :)Kayla - Winnipeg, Mb
They are one of the best bands of the '80s. They showed us White Guys can reggae also! They are huge in my country.Josep - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Usually I don't listen and like '80s music but this is one band that's actually good and has good lyrics from that dreadful time period in music. I'm going to see them in a few weeks in Michigan with my mum. That's as much as I can say for themAllison - Oslo, --
Sting was a big Sex Pistols fan and had a cameo in their film THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL SWINDLE which was filmed mostly in 1977, before the advent of The Poice.Guilliermo - New York, Ny
The first album the police ever recorded and recording of The Police was called "Strontium 90 Police Academy" which resulted into the birth of The Police produced by Mike Howlett who also played bass on the tracks with all three members of the police (sting andy summers stewart copeland) this gave a dynamic sound having both mike and sting playing bass, all tracks were mastered at Chop 'Em Out London England. Mastered by Simon Heyworth.Lewis - Essex, England
Police drummer Stewart Copeland was a member of prog-rock Curved Air (best known for their 1971 hit "Backstreet Luv") between 1975 and 1977Dave - Cardiff, Wales
They look more like 'the Criminals' instead of 'The Police' because they wear too much black.Candice - Vancouver, Canada
This band was pure genius.James - Windsor, Ca
Stewart Copeland's father was a section chief in Beirut for the CIA, and his brother is Miles Copeland, founder of IRS Records. Andy Summers briefly played in a later version of the Animals. Allegedly , Copeland broke two of Sting's ribs at their concert at New York's Shea Stadium.John - Levittown, Ny
the police are the smoothest and 2nd best soft rock band ever
the beatles are the first
sorry guys
Micah - Huntington Beach, Ca
Andy Summers wrote and recorded a very delightful new age album in 1988 entitled "Mysterious Barricades". Sleeve note states: "dedicated to the spirit of Eric Satie"David - Lubbock, Tx
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