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The Strokes

Julian Casablancas(vocals)
Albert Hammond, Jr.(guitar)
Nick Valensi(guitar)
Nikolai Fraiture(bass)
Fabrizio Moretti(drums)

Artistfacts for The Strokes

  • Fraiture and Casablancas first met when they were six at a French school called Le Lycee. Coincidentally, that's French for "school." They didn't become really good friends until fifth grade.
  • When Casablancas started going to Manhattan's Dwight School, he met Valensi and Moretti. The four of them used to practice together every day after school at Moretti's house.
  • All of them were born to affluent families, which many of their critics use against them, accusing them of slumming it in the dives where they made their name.
  • Casablancas' father, John, founded the Elite Modeling Agency.
  • It was at 15 that Casablancas started writing his first songs, basing them on Nirvana riffs he figured out.
  • Hammond met Casablancas at a Swiss boarding school, La Rosee. After graduation, Hammond came to New York. He had intended to attend the New York University film school, but just fell in with the Strokes.
  • Ryan Gentles booked the band at the Mercury Lounge in New York. After they garnered a huge positive response, he quit his job to become their manager.
  • All the band members were smokers - Moretti managed to quit.
  • The members are all very affectionate with each other, even kissing each other on the lips. They see it as a test of their manhood.
  • Their first United States national tours were first with the Doves, and then with Guided By Voices.
  • Their debut album, Is This It, received several accolades from critics and appeared on several year-end best-of lists.
  • The moment when Hammond fell in love with music was when he went to England and saw a show on the life of Buddy Holly.
  • Hammond, Jr., is the son of songwriter Albert Hammond. He had a hit in 1972 with "It Never Rains In Southern California." (thanks, chase - st. louis, MO)
  • In February 2005, Casablancas married Juliet Joslin, The Strokes' assistant manager. He announced the engagement at several shows including one in Central Park, where prior to playing their song "Hard To Explain," he said, "I'm getting married and it's hard to explain!"
  • Moretti went out with actress Drew Barrymore. Their relationship ended in January 2007. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2)
  • Julian Casablancas filed for a patent in September 2015 for a folding electrical bicycle, which is powered by rechargeable batteries and doesn't have any pedals. Strokes tour manager Richard Priest and video director Warren Fu are also listed among the inventors.
  • Nick Valensi formed a rock band called CRX in 2013, giving him the opportunity to step up front for lead vocals. They released their first album, New Skin, in 2016.
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Comments: 10

The Strokes are amazing! Julian Casablancas is one of the sexiest guys I've ever seen! He's yummy! ;)Kayla - Winnipeg, Mb
OMg the Strokes are so influencial and different sounding to me!!! i love them soooo much and listen like all the time now ever since my awesome friend Megan got me into them=) and aaahhh so hot they kiss each other!?!? ahh! yum!
Anna - Atlanta, Ga
DAMN The Strokes are awesome i like all there songs Fab is a bad ass drummer too Yaaa i wonder when they gonna come back to the lbcc to playSteve - Long Beach , Ca
Nikolai is the sexiest name ever!!!!! and i love the strokes!!!! they rock!Chelsea - Wagga Wagga, Australia
The Strokes are a very sick group, perhaps my favoriate band...But i really wish they didnt kiss eachother. That's yuckAusten - Anchorage, Ak
^yeah, albert hammond, jr. is the son of albert hammond...Chase - St. Louis, Mo
Le Lycee isn't french for school its french for college. i love the strokes. they're off the heezie fo sheezie...sorry bout that...they really rock and there are sooo many rip offs of them but nothing can even begin to compare to their greatness.Katie - Your Mom, Canada
I absolutely love the strokes...
AND I adore their Bassist..Nikaloai...wowhe is totally cool.
I love you guys...
Legacy User - Legacy Location
yup..."affluent family"Nicoletta - Bronx, Ny
Could it be that Albert Hammond, jr is the son of Albert Hammond, who had the monster hit "It never rains in Southern California"?David - Lubbock, Tx
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