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The Vines

Craig Nicholls(guitar, vocals)1999-
Patrick Matthews(bass)1999-
David Olliffe(drums)1999-2001
Hamish Rosser(drums)2002-
Ryan Griffiths(guitar)2002-

Artistfacts for The Vines

  • Nicholls and Matthews met while working at a McDonald's in Sydney, Australia during their high school years. They had one thing in common - an obsession with Nirvana.
  • They are named after Nicholls' father's band from the 1960's - the Vynes.
  • Their first gig was at the Hurstville RSL Memorial Bowling Club. Hurstville is a suburb of Sydney.
  • Drummers Joey Waronker and Pete Thomas filled in for Olliffe after he quit during the recording of their debut album, Highly Evolved. Waronker has played with R.E.M. and Beck. Thomas was in the Attractions, Elvis Costello's backing band.
  • Fellow Australian Rosser was in a Kinks tribute band in Nevada when he answered an ad placed by the Vines looking for a new drummer.
  • Griffiths has been a friend of Nicholls' since their childhood.
  • They have been known to cover Outkast's "Ms. Jackson" in concert.
  • Nicholls has frequently shown signs of being a little weird. He'll lock himself in a bathroom for three hours before a show. He openly talks about suicide in interviews, and once kicked Matthews on the set of a UK TV show. He also smokes pot.
  • They don't like touring. Between 1994 and 1998, they played only a handful of shows. Still today, Nicholls wants to record more. He points out that Brian Wilson and the Beatles didn't have to tour, so why should the Vines?
  • Matthews was hoping to be a medical doctor, but chose the Vines instead. Although, he does read medical textbooks while on tour.
  • The Vines started off as a Nirvana cover band, before signing with Rex Records and recording their single "Factory," which was included on Highly Evolved (2002), their debut album. (thanks, Mariah - Monroe, NY)
  • Nicholls worked at a McDonalds to help pay for art school. (thanks, Daize - Pheonix, AZ)
  • In 2004, Nicholls revealed that he has the neurobiologcal disorder Asperger Syndrome, which causes autistic-like episodes and severe communication difficulties. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
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Comments: 17

i'm obsessed with Nirvana too. they were and always will be the greatest band of all time I love Kurt Cobain. I dont know who The Vines are but since they like Nirvana I like them tooKeriah - Naples, Fl
I have been diagnosed with Aspergers, and believe me: I have had nothing but abuse and hostile reactions. It is weird to read people want to marry Craig and see him as a god, while if he weren't famous he'd get lot of abuse and bullying for his 'weirdness'. Many of us 'Aspies' live a very troubled life, and the same people who mock and bully the everyday autist will at the same time adore Nicholls just for his fame. Double standards anyone?? I encourage awareness on autism spectrum disorders and obviously stand up for the rights of the autistic community, but accepting autism goes further than accepting the few celebrities that have it...Gerrit - Belfast
Asperger Syndrome rocks. I know cos I have it. The crap we get from freaks and weirdos who think everyone has to be the same. That is the cause of Asperger rage. Craig rocksJeri - Launceston, Australia
I also feel bad about the Asperger Syndrome thing. it must suck alot. is that why he is constantly rubbing his ears during shows??? i read that people with AS are sensitive to sound. I almost saw them live once! I was SOOOOO excited, they were opening for Incubus But i didnt care because i only went to see them!!! we were walking around before the show and didnt see any merch but i blew it off and figured that we hadnt gotten to their stands yet. we went into the dark, sat at our seats, and waited for the show to start!!! I was so excited, i almst peed my pants!!! then...a man came over the microphone and said that The Vines had cancelled their U.S. tour for the whole summer. I cried. I was very angry with them for a long time afterwards, but ive forgiven them! Do they play local shows at all? Someday i'll see them, someday if they are still together when I move to Australia.
Craig IS GOD
Sex on legs rather
Sara - Moved Too Many Times, Mi
i think that craig nicholls is the hottest guy EVER!!!! and one day we'll get married! haha and i get so pissed off with the ppl that say he's a freak coz he smashes giutars and watever he's not weird or insane he just different and tallanted and gorjuZ!!!!! i love him 4 his so called *weirdness* no one ever says anything about those diks in slipknot who paint their faces like freaks and dont even sing they just sream and yell and hope that it sounds like their actually saying words!!! or about Brittney Spears and those other airhead bibos that have 2 sell their body image and use sex to get fans. at leats craig & the others r themselves and arnt afraid 2 express it!!!! luv u oxoxoxoxox GeLiAngelica - Melbourne, Australia, Australia
My most favourite band.
How I love them and its been for over 2 years :D
CAN NOT WAIT til their new albums out hehe Im very lucky to have experienced everything I have with the band.
xooxoxox Long Live The Vines
Megan - Adelaide, Australia
craig is hot. i feel pretty bad about the whole asperger's syndrome thing. must really suck for him but mostly for hamish the drummer. i really hope they do come back to america soon!-american sheilaMaddie - Katy, Tx
I agree with you all. Hes the hottest guy ever made! My god why hasn't he called me?Andrea - Stockholm, Sweden
the vines are a great garage band. real unclassyMicah - Huntington Beach, Ca
Craig Nicholls is a great guy. I think that pretty much covers it.Lauren - Royal Oak, Mi
I like their second album a lot better than the first one
by:texan grl
Legacy User - Legacy Location
Thats kinda weird openly proclaiming your love to a person that isnt aware of your existance...Legacy User - Legacy Location
Craig Nicholls is awful hot, though the rest of the band is also extremely attractive. I was hoping to rock out to you guys, but you cancelled your North America tour. That's okay though, I still love you guys. Their music is amazing, and very addictive. They're really talented, and I hope they never stop making their brillant music.Kercofa - Providence, Ri
I think The Vines are amazing! Craig Nicholls is the hottest looking guy in the world! This band should get some more credit, because they really know how to play. I know Craig is a monster stoner and he always seems to be getting himself into trouble but he is so adorable. I wish they haden't called off their summer tour with Incubus, this new fight may make or break their career. One day I'll be Mrs. Nicholls, oh I will find a way! Love ya! (and Craig)Alicia - Hamilton, Canada
Craig and the Vines rock! Highly Evolved and Winning Days are the greatest albums I've had the honor to hear, and I hope the Vines will continue to succeed. I <3 Craig Nicholls!!!Mariah - Monroe, Ny
"Highly Evolved" is one of the best debut records ever.
Certainly a great live band too, especially in smaller venues... I've seen them in 2 small clubs in the past 4 years, and they were brilliant both times...
Johnno - Darwin, Australia
Craig Nicholls is one of the biggest pot head rock stars I've ever seen. Great band though.Heather - Manitowoc, Wi
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