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Maynard James Keenan(vocals)
Adam Jones(guitar)
Paul D'Amour(bass)-1995
Justin Chancellor(bass)1995-
Danny Carey(drums)

Artistfacts for Tool

  • A Tool is a term used at West Point Military Academy to describe someone who follows rules and regulations to the letter, simply because they are rules. Tools do not think for themselves and as a result, are often manipulated into doing the dirty work of others. Keenan spent 2 years at West Point. (thanks, Bob - Tokyo, Japan)
  • Jones has worked on the make-up effects in Jurassic Park (1993) and Men in Black (1997). He has also has worked in special effects on several movies including Terminator. He's applied his talents in this area to their unique music videos, most of which he directed.
  • Chancellor replaced D'Amour after their first full-length album, Undertow (1993). Chancellor had been a member of the British art metal band Peach, which had toured with Tool several times.
  • Carey began taking snare drum lessons when he was 13. He continued to study percussion, among other things, at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. (thanks Joel - Vernon, TX for all above)
  • D'Amour has since gone on to work with bands like the Replicants and Lusk.
  • They gained lots of publicity when they got a spot on the Lollapalooza '93 tour. They co-headlined the tour with Korn in 1997.
  • Keenan formed a side project, A Perfect Circle, which released an album in 2000 to favorable reviews and much commercial success.
  • Jones began studying the violin, then gradually moved to the guitar.
  • Danny Carey has a passion for learning about the occult, and has also written a book.
  • Keenan had a small role in the obscure movie Bikini Bandits Go To Hell, in which he played Satan.
  • Carey was neighbors with Keenan and would often fill in for them on drums because nobody was turning up for their auditions. The rest is history.
  • Jones was good friends with Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine) in High School where they were in a band together. Their band was named Electric Sheep. (thanks, Aimee - Auckland, New Zealand, for above 4)
  • On their Undertow CD, If you detach the black trey which holds the CD from the jewel case, you will find a nice surprise... you have to do it to find out what it is. (thanks, Damon - san jose, CA)
  • Carey is very into occultism and collecting antique synthesizers (www.danneycarey.org).
  • Maynard has a son named Devo.
  • All the stuff that the band says about lachrymology (the study of crying) is false. (thanks, Joel - Vernon, TX, for above 3)
  • The band appears in only 2 of their videos. They are in their first video for "Hush" (very rare) as well as a very fast part in "Sober" near the end. (thanks, Max - Edmonton, Canada)
  • The 2002 motion picture The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002) features an unnamed character who speaks extensively using the titles and lyrics from Van Halen songs. (thanks, Jeff - Haltom City, TX)
  • Maynard is a wine connoisseur. He owns over 2000 bottles and owns a vineyard in Arizona, outside of Sedona called Merkin Vineyards. (thanks, steph - Richmond, VA)
  • In 1994, Danny Carey said the band name stands for how they want their music to be a "tool" to aid in understanding lachrymology. Lachrymology is the art of crying as a type of therapy. However, this was just another rumor they started (as many bands do) to keep us (or them) entertained. Part of Danny's statement is true. They do want their music to be a tool, but a tool to aid in helping others understand an alternative way of thinking. (thanks, Opiate - Tucson, AZ)
  • They never write the lyrics in the CD sleeve (it's the same with Maynard's newer band A Perfect Circle). In an interview with MTV, Maynard said this is "Because I think reading is a thinking process, and I would prefer that people FEEL the album first, and just let it sink in because you might get something out of the music that you might not get from thinking about it, and watching the words go by." Maynard puts the lyrics online a month or so after the release of the album for this reason.
  • In the mid-'90s, Maynard created the FREE FRANCES BEAN T-shirt in response to the numerous requests for Tool to perform benefit shows with such slogans as "Free Tibet." He said in an interview that "Just watching that tornado that is her mother" (Courtney Love) was his inspiration in this case. Courtney, apparently, hates Maynard too, and once called him a "media whore," to which Maynard responded, "Isn't that great? I have the distinction of being called a media whore by Courtney Love!" (thanks, Indre - Wollongong, Australia, for above 2)
  • Danney Carey is an avid basketball fan. He had some offers to play at small colleges before moving to Los Angeles and forming Tool. (thanks, Bob - Tokyo, Japan)
  • In a February 1997 interview with Modern Drummer magazine, Carey said the band got its start when he heard Maynard James Keenan yelling at his neighbors across an alley and thought he would make a good singer. (thanks, Bob - Tokyo, Japan)
  • Maynard James Keenan is an atheist. This reflects in several songs, especially when his mother is concerned: she was paralyzed from a stroke when Maynard was 11 years old and died 27 years later (almost 10,000 Days later, hence the album title 10,000 Days. In "Wings for Marie" he sings: "10,000 Days in the fire is enough, you're going home"). Maynard struggles to understand why his mother stood by her faith after the stroke. In the A Perfect Circle song "Judith," he sings: "F--k your God. He did this to you. Pray for one who left you broken down and paralyzed. He did it all for you."
  • Maynard has at several times launched April's Fools jokes. During the recording of the Lateralus album, the band spread a message on their website stating that "Maynard found jesus" and that the recording of the album had been put on hold and may never be finished. This was a joke of course and referred to the conversion of a former KoRn bandmember. However, some people took it seriously. A journalist (who noticed that the message cited jesus without a capital letter, which is very uncommon for newly converted Christians) got suspicious and emailed Maynard to ask if he indeed become a Christian. Maynard gave an unclear response, so the journalist asked again, and Maynard replied to this email with "heh heh." A few days later the band published on their website, "Good news April Fool's fans! The recording of the album is back underway." Maynard, who clearly never converted to Christianity, was asked about his so-called encounter with Jesus, and answered, "that guy's a punk!" (thanks, Gerrit - Belfast, Northern Ireland, for above 2)
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Comments: 53

Maynard also has another band based out of Cornville, AZ called Puscifer and they are equally as awesome with great song like "the Mission" featuring Milla Jovovich the star actress from the" Resident Evil" movie series.Lane Huston - Phx,az
Tool's songs are writing in a way to say something that you hear but mean something completely different. Listen to there early stuff. The lyrics are so intelligently written that it takes many hours of listening to get. But its right there for all to hear. The Devil is stronger then God. That the Devil is allowing God to be superior. Only to return to take what is rightfully belonging to the devil.

Sounds absolutely ridiculous. I know. My wife actually pointed it out and she does NOT listen or even like Tool for that matter.
Unknown Artist - Boston, Ma
Alex lifeson of rush has stated in multiple interviews that tool is one of his favorite bands , on the thought of rush/tool the GReatest bands ever and lyrically and in ideology are very similarDavid - Deer Park, Tx
Saying Maynard is an atheist is incorrect if you ask me. He seems to acknowledge, many times, of a higher power and his hatred for it. You could say it's just his hatred of the worship of a higher power, which is also true, but not all of his lyrics seem to fit only that notion.Drew - Somewhere, Az
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my friend just got into a debate about wether or not tool is an american band. someone help please.Nicole - Durango, Co
tool is so amazing and all of those who have never seen him sing are missing out. he is not like a alien at all he is just to educated for some people and he sees things in such a different way. so just back off and respect there music becuase its amazing. NicoleNicole - Durango, Co
There is no band out today that is more talented, ingenious or kick ass than tool By far the best band around since the 90s and some day they will be recognized on the same level as zeppelinHenry - Marion, Mt
Maynard does some vocal in the rage song know your enemyCory - Duluth, Mn
1)Danny Carey from Tool was a member of Green Jellÿ for five years, and played drums on the album Cereal Killer. He is also featured in the video for "Electric Harley House (Of Love)", among others.
2)Maynard James Keenan, vocalist for Tool, was also once a "member" of Green Jellÿ. On the song Three Little Pigs Maynard sang backing vocals (he sings the falsetto "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.") Maynard is also mentioned in the song "Green Jellö Sucks" in the lyric "Maynard, and Poopie - they're both insane!"
3)The song "Message To Harry Manback" on Tool's Ænima album is an actual message left on Gary Helsinger's (Hotsy Menshot) answering machine by a former friend from Italy, who Gary had just kicked out of his apartment for stealing his roommate's belongings. "Harry Manback" is a reference to routine from the late comedian Bill Hicks. Maynard James Keenan and Danny Carey were both roommates of Bill Manspeaker during Green Jello, and Gary was later roommates with Maynard as well as Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle.
4)Tool was signed to the same label as Green Jellÿ, the now-defunct Zoo Entertainment.
5)Tool's first EP had songs recorded live at the Green Jellö loft (which is noted on the cd).

Anthony - Chicago, United States
heyyy!!! tool the best band 4ever!!!Efi - Kalamata, Greece
Maynard does not have acid flashbacks. No, it's much worse. He has sober moments.Dalan - St. George, Ut
Tool is the greatest band ever.Cel - Philadelphia, Pa
For the last time........No members of TOOL were EVER in Green Jelly!!!!!Karen - Mobile, Al
No member of tool was in Green Jelly...Karen - Mobile, Al
What does serj tankian(system of a down) have to do with tool? I was at a tool concert and serj came on and sung during sober. any ideas?Alex - Auckland, New Zealand
Adam Jones was the Bass player of Electric Sheep, Tom Morello was the guitar player (of course), Tom put a guitar in Adams hands and the rest is history.Logan - Saskatoon, Canada
A Perfect Circle is not a side-project of Tool, as written above. They just have the same singer, but they're completely different bands. Tool is darker and more complex, APC is slightly more accessible and more mysterious. Maynard has stated in numerous occasions that he sees APC as a completely different band and not as a side-project. Maynard's the only thing both have in common.Gerrit - Belfast, Europe
It was Maynard that attended Kendall College of Art and Design. I don't believe he met any other band members there.Mark - Grand Rapids, Mi
I've spent the majority of my life trying to bring back to the 10 what I've obtained from the 90. I've managed to achieve my own personal enlightenment, but am at a frustrating dead end when I try to give it away to someone else. Maynard is doing it man, so please listen......Cody - Montrose, Co
What does this artistfact have to do with Tool?: "The 2002 motion picture The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002) features an unnamed character who speaks extensively using the titles and lyrics from Van Halen songs. (thanks, Jeff - Haltom City, TX)"Tyler - Concord, Nh
Maynard and Carey where neibors too.Chris - Eau Claire, Wi
Maynard was never in Green Jelly, he was roomates with the singer, all he contributed to the band was the corus us "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" in 3 litle pigs.Chris - Eau Claire, Wi
hes comin around i showed him that song and the grudge. but just the outro at the end. i dont think he wants to sit through all that heavy stuff.Mike - San Pedro, Ca
its a close call because peart is so lengendary,i love rush but in my personal opinion danny might be just as good or better. not too put down peart, but i dont think hes as strong as careyMike - San Pedro, Ca
Hey Mike - have your dad listen to Ticks and Leeches...not saying that Carey is greater, but that performance near destroys anything a rock drummer can bring to the table.Andrew - St. Louis, Mo
me and my father are arguing over danny carey vs neil peart. what songs should i show him that would bring out dannys best playingMike - San Pedro, Ca
what is under the black tray of undertow?Danny - Sydney, Australia
Track 69 on Undertow originally makes reference to an old children's ryme, I believe to be British? It starts when he talks about rabbit's wearing glasses. I think the poem was titled "The Hare's Spectacles Were His Own Affair".David - Seattle, Wa
The song Eier Von Satan is by far the most hilarious song written by tool, find the exact translation and you will get it. I will give you a hint on one of the lines. The quote he repeats about three otimes is "...und Keine Eier!" meaning "...and NO EGGS!"Kevin - Los Angeles, Ca
When Adam Jones was young, he would ditch church and church class' to go read commic books and then through years of detaching himseft from religeon, he picked up the guitar and the rest is history.Kevin - Los Angeles, Ca
Some one that went to Kendell Art school in Grand Rapids MI told me that some of the members of Tool went there and thats how they metEric - Detroit, Mi
tool is a great band. Lateralus is by far their best album. and parabol/parabola is a great syncBrandon - Oshawa, Canada
Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and Tool drummer Danny Carey were both members of Green Jelly. That's where they met, before they broke off to form Tool.Monkey - The Jungle, India
I believe the Members of Tool compose songs on the 4bandmates own Personal intrests, experiences and ideas. Using music to 'share' what 4 other people in the world are doing. Keeping the fans to our own interpretation of each song is very humble of the band. The band gives the listen'er total control of the song -never asking us to Follow or give devotion to a song. When a song has 1-total meaning to everyone it becomes tired and sometimes takes away from the once powerful responce it once triggered. I can listen to every-song, intermission and sound on Every CD and never say to my-self "skip that one, I'm tired of it". I believe Tool is a band that lets the listener Choose for ourselves how much We will use of the music.Chadwick - Houston, Tx
Maynard wasnt a Marine he went to Westpoint, thats the Army. I think he joined in 1982.Hayley - Denver, Co
If you don't know the facts then don't submit information. Tool is, more than anything a kick ass band, it's not a religion, it's not a cult and to treat it that way is ignorant.Jordan Bass - Dallas , Tx
First of all, I think Tool is possibly the greatest band of our generation...and Adam is hot!
Another interesting morsel of information you may have picked up on...Maynard and the rest of Tool never write the lyrics in the CD sleeve (it's the same with A Perfect Circle- the other band Maynard fronts in case you are unaware). In an interview with MTV Maynard says that this is "because I think reading is a thinking process, and I would prefer that people FEEL the album first, and just let it sink in, because you might get something out of the music that you might not get from thinking about it, and watching the words go by." Maynard puts the lyrics online a month or so after the release of the album for this reason. There you go, a good reason not to read into the lyrics too much. Just feel the music dudes...sheer brilliance.
Indre - Wollongong, Australia
maynard's birth name is James Herbert Keenan...not maynard james keenanMike - Virginia Beach, Va
Disgustipated is not so much creepy as it is hilarious. If you want something creepy, listen to the end of Lateralus, in which a man claiming to be a man who has run away from Area 51 speaks of the true nature of aliens.

It's been said that Maynard has no particular problem with Christianity itself, but more with blind faith in ANYTHING. Christianity is just a convenient example.
Luke - Martin, Tn
Maynard James Keenan was never in the United States Marine Corps. He enlisted in the United States Army and then was accepted to the United States Military Academy(West Point). He later dropped out to pursue art school.Ken - Lemoore, Ca
To Brad, that song is called "Disgustipated".

BTW: Maynard has made his religious choices pretty clear. Unfortunately, a major reason for this is that he grew up in a Babtist home and was (reportedly) beaten by his stepfather.
A Demon Hunter - Away From You :)
Tool are the greatest band of all time#Jao - L.a>, La
Maynard could probably walk on water if he chose to do so.Bob - Boca Raton, Fl
When listening to the Undertow CD, skip to track number 69. This particular track is weird and kind of spooky. After about seven or eight minutes (give or take a minute or two) of a sound like chirping crickets, some crazy stuff starts to happen. For example, there seems to be a guest appearance by "Reverand Maynard" who gives a sermon on the slaughter of the carrots and "letting the rabbits wear glasses". After that it really gets creepy and kind of scary as you hear a man discuss things such as "blood on the knife" and even more frightening stuff such as "if God is our father, then Satan must be our cousin". Overall, it's pretty creepy stuff and worth listening to. Check it out.Brad - Wendell, Nc
Tool's playing style can be put in four words: Dark and extremely technical. The members of Tool have been refereed to sometimes as "the technicians of metal".Joe - Lawrenceville, Ga
MJK also front lines for an rodeo swing bandEdward Stanley - Mississauga, Canada
adam jones (tool) and tom morello (rage against the machine, audioslave) were in a high school band together!!! how cool is that??!!Lindsey Goad - Toler, Ky
Maynard James Keenan has also found a cure for cancer as a side projectConrad - Los Angeles, Ca
#1 maynard was in the HBO series Mr. Show
#2 Alex grey did the artwork for tool with adam jones but also contributed to the artwork for Nirvana
#3 The occult relations of the band play a very significant role in the playing and writing of the band . . .
Ben - Clemmons, Nd
Billy Howerdell, of APC, was once a guitar tech for Tool.Shane - San Diego, Ca
Their are parts where the band is in the video for Prison Sex too. And what's Van Halen lyrics gotta do with Tool?Brian - Paoli, In
It has been by a radio dj that an interview with Keenan is like talking to an alien.Nick - Paramus, Nj
Maynard James Keenan is also one of the top comedians in the LA standup circuitsRichard - Hamilton, New Zealand
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