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Pat Monahan(vocals, trumpet, sax, vibes, percussion)1994-
Rob Hotchkiss(guitars, bass, harmonica, vocals)1994-2003
Jimmy Stafford(guitars, mandolin, vocals)1994-
Scott Underwood(drums, keyboards)1994-2014
Charlie Colin(bass, guitar, vocals)1994-2003

Artistfacts for Train

  • Columbia Records rejected them in 1996, but signed them in 1998 after they released their first album on their own.
  • Hotchkiss and Monahan are both married to schoolteachers. Their wives introduced them, and they formed the band.
  • Monahan was in a cover band in Erie, Pennsylvania before moving to San Fransisco and forming the band. He specialized in Led Zeppelin covers.
  • They were not signed to a label when they recorded their first album. They financed it themselves for $25,000.
  • Hotchkiss, Stafford, and Colin were all originally bandmates in a group called the Apostles.
  • After they gained a following, they signed to Aware Records, the same label that gave stardom to Better Than Ezra and Matchbox Twenty.
  • Monahan cites an Aerosmith show he saw at 14 as his influence as a musician. At that show, he caught a drumstick in the chest. Guitarist Robbie Robertson from The Band has also been cited as a major influence.
  • Monahan thinks that The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are the best movies ever.
  • Stafford had cats named Maxwell and Bingo.
  • Colin's favorite musical artists include: Sparkle Horse, Whiskeytown, Rachels, Cocteau Twins, and Ennio Marricone.
  • The Blue Front Cafe on Haight Street in San Francisco was the first coffeehouse to give Train a regular gig.
  • Train's self-titled debut album features Counting Crows keyboardist Charlie Gillingham.
  • Train was managed by Jon Landau, the same man who took care of Bruce Springsteen and Shania Twain.
  • Underwood is originally from Saratoga Springs, New York. (thanks, chet - saratoga springs, NY)
  • Monahan has a scar on his chin from when he was in a car accident at seventeen years old.
  • Pat once accidentally fell off the stage while performing "It's About You". (thanks, Meg - B, Canada, for above 2)
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the new album is pretty good.Patrick - Humboldt, Ia
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