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The Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz

After 12 years running the monthly Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz, we are closing it in its current form.

The Quiz was 10 questions with fill-in-the-blank answers. We'd review the entries, determine the winner, then mail a fashionable Songfacts T-shirt to that month's champion.

In began in 2001 during Web 1.0 (Songfacts launched in 1999). Search engines were crude, and modems were slow. If the answers weren't already in your brain, you had to ask around - many entries were teams of family and friends who pooled their musical brainpower.

Here's a question from the very first quiz:
What singer/songwriter was once a member of a heavy metal group called Attila?

These days, you can pull the Internet out of your pocket and have the answer in seconds, but this was a real stumper back in the day.

As search engines got more sophisticated, we made the questions more difficult to look up:
What popular comedian is also a member of a Grammy-nominated band?
What famous rock band's biggest Hot 100 hit has a girl's name for a title?

Often, these were questions our DJ contributors would use on the air for radio contests. (As the Web got more sophisticated, so did radio. The DJ talking live to a local audience was soon replaced with a computer in Dallas.)

Quiz entries went into decline around 2008. We don't know why, exactly, but we understand that answering 10 questions on the Web and waiting weeks for the answers can come across as a tedious research project and not the fun, communal activity it once was.

We ran 144 monthly quizzes, giving us the pleasure of interacting with some of the finest musical minds from around the world (winners came from many different countries - there are Songfacts T-shirts floating around in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates). This was a human endeavor, and in many cases that human was Brad, who was an amazing arbiter, sorting out the vagaries of questions like this one:
What group had 17 U.S. Billboard Top 40 Hot 100 hits in the '70s?

Moving forward, we will bring you new trivia options adapted for changing times. Please peruse the Fact or Fiction entries to see one clever approach. We also do Tuesday Trivia on our Facebook page.

For a look in the archives, check out the Quiz Forum on our message boards.