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  • Top 10 Concept Albums of All Time

    Unifying themes can be so pleasing. Here are the Top 10 Concept Albums as selected by The Songfacts community.

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    • Brian Storms from Bothell, WaTo me a concept album is best when it is a story all the way through, not just songs related to a theme like Dark side, Sargent Peppers, Ziggy Stardust, Pet Sounds. I consider the Wall, Quadrophenia, Ogdens Nut Gone Flake true concept albums that actually have a story that is thematically bound through it's entirety. Of these albums, Quadrophenia appeals the most to me and by far has the most outstanding musicianship. The Wall is next although it is pretty dark. Ogdens is a silly story but fun.
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  • Bryan Adams

    What's the deal with "Summer of '69"? Bryan explains what the song is really about, and shares more of his songwriting insights.

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