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Author Amanda FlinnerAmanda is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a degree in English/Writing from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania). When she's not listening to jazz and pop standards from the '40s and '50s, she's obsessing over classic movies. She has no musical ability whatsoever except for a short stint as a saxophone player in the sixth grade.
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  • Leah NobelLeah NobelThe Nashville-based Leah Nobel talks about her popular song "Beginning Middle End" and her alt-pop alter ego, Hael.
  • Mariah CareyMariah CareyIs "My All" about Derek Jeter? Is "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a cover? Find out in this Fact or Fiction.
  • Spot The Real Fall Out Boy Song TitlesSpot The Real Fall Out Boy Song TitlesFall Out Boy's catalog is filled with bizarre song titles that often have little or nothing to do with the song; see if you can spot the real ones.
  • Why Do They Still Sing About Mistletoe?Why Do They Still Sing About Mistletoe?Why do we still hear lyrics about kissing under the mistletoe in Christmas songs when most of us have never seen the plant in real life?
  • TV Show Episodes Named After SongsTV Show Episodes Named After SongsWhen episode names and song titles collide, great TV happens. We look at our favorite examples from shows like The X-Files, Cobra Kai, and Outlander.
  • HardyHardyThe country hitmaker talks about his debut album, A Rock, and how a nursery rhyme inspired his hit single "One Beer."
  • Betty MoonBetty MoonLA-based singer/songwriter Betty Moon chats about her album Little Miss Hollywood and why she leaves her songs open to interpretation.
  • Here Comes Treble - Greatest Hits Of The OfficeHere Comes Treble - Greatest Hits Of The OfficeA look at the most memorable music scenes from The Office, including Andy's "Rainbow Connection," Creed's farewell song, and the big dance number at Jim and Pam's wedding.
  • Awesome Mixes: Soundtracks That Revived Music GenresAwesome Mixes: Soundtracks That Revived Music GenresGuardians of the Galaxy brought '70s pop back to the top, but it wasn't the first soundtrack to revive a music genre.
  • Literature In Lyrics: Alice In WonderlandLiterature In Lyrics: Alice In WonderlandAlice wasn't the only one to have Adventures In Wonderland. Jefferson Airplane, Taylor Swift and Radiohead wrote tunes inspired by their trips down the rabbit hole.
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